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  1. Hehe, I love everyone’s dreams on here. If we make a book out of them, we could probably make the bestseller’s list. My (dragcave) dream: I was in my school’s cafeteria, and I was holding a plastic bag. I looked in the bag and saw a bunch of dino eggs. (This was back when I had no dinos, and treated them like super-duper-ultra-rares) I was confused for a moment, because the colors were switched, like red dots on a white egg. But I remember I spent most of the dream going “Ha! Look at me suckers! I have dino eggs!” to my classmates. There were these really awesome suckers in the plastic bag too. Cherry flavored, I think. I turn my back for a second, and WHAM! Almost all of the dino eggs were gone. I was so sad! I started to look for them, and I knew someone had taken them. I spent the remainder of the dream looking in other people’s plastic bags, searching for the thief. And just as the dream was about to end, I spotted someone licking a lollipop. It was cherry-flavored. Dun-Dun-DUNNNNN! “You there! You stole my dragons!” I shouted, and ran after them as they sprinted out the door. I leaped over a table and was just about to grab them when… I woke up. I loved the dream, why did it have to end? You know, if someone made a machine that could record my dreams, I would never watch a movie again. Dreams are ten times more realistic-feeling!
  2. I love it! Perhaps it will cut down on all of the repeated topics in the help section?
  3. T8XN = Tox HycH = Hycynth bUIb = Biuber tm34 = Shock Wave Dragon <-- Figure THAT one out! mOzZ = Mozzle klaJ = Klajo euih = Euihic MRet = Mareti eTLz = Etlez And all my splits are names after their code. I used to have so much trouble finding a name that would fit the dragon, but since I started naming based on code, it's great!