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  1. Keep trying everyone! I saw one about a half hour ago, they're still dropping. Good luck to you all.
  2. I love all of them, but magma is my absolute favorite. I think that's because it looks like a glowing evil alligator happily plotting to use its head to smash you to bits.
  3. I caught four eggs, two for me, and two for my little brother. Both sets are well on their way to hatching. I managed to avoid the softshell problem so many have had by neglecting them for about a day. Love the tree and the ornaments! (My favorite so far is the little bird one) Crossed fingers for luck in the contest, though my chances are about equal to zero. Anyway, if anyone needs help catching any new holiday eggs just drop me a PM, I'd be glad to help.
  4. My first kiss was when I was 16 in my house sitting in front of my fish tank with my boyfriend. It was our third or fourth “date” and I kept getting pushed aside anytime I tried to do anything more than hold his hand. Of course, being the person that I am, I wasn’t going to stand for that and went in for the kill when he wasn’t paying attention. And of course, being the person that I am, I also missed the majority of his lips and ended up falling over awkwardly. Yes. Very awkward. My first “kiss-kiss” was after a school dance near in a dark area by the bathrooms, with the same boy. I had resigned myself to a “no-touchy” relationship with him (we had dated for months but I still could only manage to hold his hand for a short while or give him a peck before he ran away) when he suddenly grabbed me and stuck his tongue in my mouth. I was very surprised at this very unexpected turn of events, so much so that I leapt away and asked concernedly what was wrong. We tried again, and had managed maybe 3 seconds of really sloppy kiss before my best friend showed up and he scuttled away, embarrassed. Yes. Also very awkward. He never really did anything after that… O.o He was so shy! I always had this strange feeling I corrupting or taking advantage of him, never mind that he was older and way bigger than me. But I liked him. He’s my ex-boyfriend now, but I will always remember with great fondness our awkward first kisses together. <3
  5. I can't express how excited I am right now! All of these ideas will be very useful and hopefully make playing this game more enjoyable. New hatchling/egg limit? This is -brilliant-! There's always a time when I need just one more space and this will certainly cure my tendency to rip my hair out in frustration during those times! Fertility? Yes. Just yes. This is so perfect. I'm making a huge geode lineage right now, and it's incredibly irritating when two dragons get the "no egg" message over and over, stalling the whole project. Biomes? I'm curious to see how this turns out. Hopefully this will solve many of the issues people have been complaining about and I'm glad the location of the rares won't be an issue. Refusals and RarexRare? The former will help so much with breeding, and while the latter has never really interested me, I'm happy for those that wanted it! Renaming? Time to finally rename those pesky spelling errors! I'm pleased that this was finally resolved, BSA or not. S1 freezing? YES. I need this so much, since my scroll goal includes two S1 hatchlings for each breed. I can't tell you how many times I've had to freeze yet another hatchling because a previous one grew wings! This was especially frustrating when my two ungendered frozen pumpkins grew wings after I had painstakingly watched the view count to make sure it didn't get too high. Scroll Pages? Fantastic! Hopefully with a little sorting my scroll won't be as lengthy, making it so much easier to load the page. My computer is getting on years and my scroll is rather long, which makes this a big problem for me! Teleport? I'm a bit divided over this one, but I'm glad that there won't be any more sad faces after a failed trade. Vampire Lineages? Sounds like a nice addition! It might motivate me to bite more eggs, too. All in all, a great bunch of ideas TJ! Thank you so much!
  6. I'm still here for catching, if anyone needs help. PM me if you're having trouble. Good luck to everyone!
  7. I've got four new Halloween eggs, thanks to Kwiggy! Now that I'm done hunting for myself, I'd love to help anyone out there who's having trouble. PM me if you need some assistance. Those hatchlings are looking absolutely adorable/terrifying, I can't wait for them to grow up.
  8. I've been at it for hours, no luck! Maybe this is just an unlucky day for me, since both my available kills for zombies turned out to be failures. If anyone has some free time and a faster computer than me, I would love any help I can get!
  9. I'm definitely a cat person. My family has always had one or two indoor cats and several barn cats throughout my life, and I couldn't imagine living without one! Something tells me I'll turn out to be the crazy cat lady of the neighborhood, but I have no problem with that. Currently, I have Buddy, the chubby and loving American shorthair. He's adorable and loves rolling over to have his tummy rubbed. He's also very pushy and really doesn't like it when I show the other cat (or anyone else, for that matter) any attention. I remember when my now-ex boyfriend came over; Buddy attacked him when he got too close to me and we had to lock the cat in the bathroom. -.- I love that cat. My brother has Angel, a skinny little thing who will happily steal any food left unattended for more than three seconds. She has some seriously impressive acrobatic tricks up her sleeve, which she just loves showing off to guests and the dog. But what baffles me the most is the story of Squiggy. He was my mom's cat and she had him for years, even before my brother and I were born. She loved that cat and my brother and I tormented that poor creature as soon as we could sit up. At one point my little brother even dumped him in the pool! Squiggy became an outdoor cat and disappeared soon after. We assumed he ran off or had died, since he was a very old cat by that time. Years later, while visiting a feed store at lease ten miles from our house, we saw a very familiar old and frail cat. It was Squiggy! And here's the part that always gets me: instead of taking Squiggy back to our now cat-friendly home, my mom let the lady running the feed store keep him. I don't know if it's just me, but if I had found my long-lost cat that I adored, I would most certainly take him home. Story makes me sad, but maybe that's because I can’t even imagine giving my cat away.
  10. I made three last time. The first was a male stone adult, the second was a frozen female water walker hatchling, and the last was an ungendered frill hatchling. My other two tries were failures. One of the failures was an adult male mint, I believe. I also had a few dragons dodge the blade, so lots of extras are a good thing! My adult male sunset "Ungrateful Undead" was my first dragon to dodge, even though I had caught and named him for the sole purpose of becoming a zombie. >.> They have their own agenda, I guess.
  11. Accept: Accept: Accept: Accept: Accept: Love your story! =) I enjoy all of my descriptions, but I've always held the descriptions for my chickens in a special regard becase all of them are based on my now-deceased pet chickens from when I was little. So when someone comments on them, no matter how small, I get the warm fuzzies. <3
  12. What? MICKYMACK is evolving! Congratulations! Your MICKYMACK evolved into MAGIKARP BADGE! YEEESSSSS. At last!
  13. Congrats to everyone who has their badges and good luck to those that are trying! Myself, I have eight shallow waters and another on the way. I've been splashing for about a week now, but I have absolutely no idea how many total times I've splashed since I've done some random ones before I really got into this. When I get it, I get it, I suppose.
  14. Wow, that was fast. Thanks for the update!
  15. Thanks for the update, TJ! Good luck in your search, too.
  16. Milk. In fact, anything with lactose in it. Milk, ice cream, cheese (oh god, the horror), yogurt, most chocolates, pretty much all of the stuff that makes eating worth it. Being lactose intolerant sucks. Besides that, pollen. And poison ivy to the max. One can not appreciate clear and healthy skin until they've had a severe case of poison ivy.
  17. The story of the albino dragon starts far back in history of dragons, when the cave was roomy and only a few species of the giant lizards roamed the earth. Of these few, one was the green, or pebble, dragon. The pebble dragons prided themselves on being a strong and fierce breed, and all pebble parents raised their offspring to be bold and brash. Sparring, roaring contests, and wrestling were common games among pebble hatchlings; the winners would be respects by their peers while losers were isolated and looked down upon. Of course, that's not to say that all pebble dragons fit in the stereotype of feral, ferocious beasts of the earth. One very unspectacular pebble dragon hatched ages ago, and he just happened to be the wimpy runt of the litter. The little pebble hatchling was always picked on by his siblings and nest mates. He couldn't run as fast as them, he couldn't dig tunnels or throw rocks as good as them, and his roar was pitiful at best. He wanted to be a good pebble dragon, he really did! But the he just couldn't. To make matters worse, after hitting the equivalent of dragon puberty, he developed over productive glands and became greasy and slimy, no matter what he did and how much he washed. His nest mates were cruel, as hatchlings tend to be, and after years of enduring name-calling and scale-plucking, the little greasy pebble hatchling retreated to the safety of the caves. The caves were a perfect haven for him. Sure, there was no sunlight and companions were few and far between, but that was just how he liked it. The pebble dragon settled into his new home. He was here to stay. Eons passed and much changed, inside the cave and out. New dragon species popped up left and right, and while the pebble species as a whole were wary of the newcomers at first, they eventually warmed to the strange new dragons. Unaware of the more welcoming attitude of his kin, the little pebble continued his underground exile. With time brings changes, though the changes occuring in the cave happened at a glacial speed. Slowly, so slowly the even he himself did not realize it, the little pebble began to change. Without any sort of exposure to the sun, the pebble's coloring paled shade by shade until it was a strange off-white (if you looked close though, there was a slight remaining tinge of green). Without his siblings constantly beating him up and bruising him, his scales fell away and his skin became smooth and soft. Without talking to anyone for years and without practicing his roar, his voice became hoarse and screechy. Two things about the little pebble dragon stayed completely the same, however. His eyes remained a piercing red and his oily skin condition never got any better, though the pimples did clear up as he matured. When a unusually powerful earthquake finally forced him from his refuge, he was amazed. Sunlight! The sky! Social interaction! No one recognized him as the little pebble dragon from their past, since he was believed to be long dead, but he was joyfully received by everyone as a new breed of dragon. He was quickly dubbed 'the albino' because of his coloring. He quickly gained popularity since his traits, once undesirable, were now considered completely endearing. He finally got himself a lady-friend (or two!) and had many, many children. His traits seemed to be genetic, because almost all of his children look exactly like him. And that, my friends, is the story of how the albino dragon came to be. (Oh my that was long… I think I got too into it. Oh well. Enjoy!)
  18. I have 5 adults and 3 frozen hatchlings, with a naming theme and descriptions and everything. Only one of the adults is caveborn, and she is one of my favorite dragons on my scroll. I wish I had gotten another caveborn and froze a hatchling without wings, just to complete the collection. I'm thankful for what I have though! I just adore the old pink's feline pose. <3
  19. Kangaroowings

    04/01/10 - MAYHEM

    Mwhahaha! So the chaos begins!
  20. Thanks for the info! I was wondering what was going on...
  21. I don't really have a theme, but here are some of my favorites: Male: Svai Sampiro Morroi Female: Striggoi T'key'la Moon Moth iMew
  22. I support this idea. I also breed rare/uncommon dragons so I can send them out to some lucky person in the AP, and if any clicks were taken off the routine it would be much easier.
  23. I have 5 adult old pinks and 3 gendered frozens. Out of all of those, only one is caveborn and she is my absolute favorite. I wish I could have gotten another CB and perhaps a frozen ungendered, but I have no right to complain. I'm happy with my Azucana.
  24. My first earthquake was completely successful, so I thought that it would always hatch everything perfectly. My other five attempts or so just failed spectacularly changed my mind, everything was killed. For making eggs hatch early I think I'll stick to Incubate.
  25. I have a frozen magi with my username, just in case I want to use it someday. There is a Bright Pink with my real name though, with several children. And she's owned by none other than Pa Tone!