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  1. I'm moving in on the 26th and starting classes as a college freshman on the 29th. I'm nervous, but so excited! I'm majoring in Biology. I managed to buy half of my books used, so I ended up having to pay only around $500 for all of my books. Woot!


    I'm seconding what Princess Artemis said. Get a good SAT score! That's one of the first things colleges look at, and all of the colleges I looked at had minimums scores if they were going to accept you. But don't freak out if you get a bad score- there are other options, including re-taking the test.


    If you aren't happy with your SAT score and/or are better in the math/science field than English and writing, take the ACT! Seriously, take it. I received a good (but not great) score on the SAT, which was smack in the middle of the range that that my college wanted. I'm better in the math and science department, so I took the ACT and scored way above the level required, which my college loved- I got accepted!


    Another thing you should do if you want to look good is to join clubs/organizations and do community service. On the common application there's a whole section where you put community service and the clubs you are involved in; it's very important! Join a drama club, a library club, a cultural club, just make sure to join in!

  2. When I bring food to the chickens, and they run out with their wings flapping wildly to greet me...that makes me laugh.

    That never failed to bring a smile to my face! When my hens came dashing from all corners of the lawn to gather around me it seemed like nothing would ever go wrong for a few minutes. I miss them so much now, it's a shame that most pets have a shorter lifespan than their owners. But I still have my memories. <3


    Like many of you guys, thunderstorms make me feel happy! The more intense the storm, the better I feel. I feel so safe and cozy but so thrilled inside my house; no matter how the wind shrieks and tears at our old house and no matter how loud the thunder, I feel so protected, even if the rattling of the walls and wobbling floor has me anxious. It's a paradox of emotions!


    Good music, my cat, and getting a good grade for something you worked hard on! I floated a foot above the ground after I found out that I got a 33 on the ACT and felt the warm fuzzies for days after I got my letter saying I got a perfect 5 on the AP English exam! It may seem conceited to some people, but I keep essays that have a good grade or praise written on them, just to read over in the future. After I have a bad day and need some love, I take out my box of "feelgood notes" and read them all. Like a list of compliments my classmates wrote about me in the 7th grade, my college acceptance letter, and other such papers.


    Getting compliments gives me a warm feeling too. Only certain compliments though. Someone I know telling me I'm pretty doesn't give me that warm feeling, but when a total stranger does it, I feel totally happy! It doesn't make any sense at all- you would think it would be the other way around. Emotions are weird!

  3. I hang out mostly in the desert and was surprised to see so many papers, thunders, nebulas, and cheeses go by. Since the addition of biomes I've had the chance to finally catch up on finishing my nebula collection, and did so with ease.


    I have seen a few CB blacks, a CB silver, and even caught a CB gold! (yes I almost had a heart attack!) I think that everyone is seeing more rares in the biomes because people are spread out over a bigger area, so less demand and attention on the same three eggs like in the old cave. It may just be me, but I know which dragons are common and available in the biome I'm searching, so a rare egg description stands out like a beacon in a crowd of the same few commons.

  4. It was a long time ago, but I -think- it was the frill and skywing geode (silly me!) release. I wasn't very involved with the forums back then, if at all, so I only glanced at the news and went 'meh'. Now that I've been here for a few (a lot!) more releases, I'm much more excited about them and make sure to get enough of the new releases asap to complete my collection.

  5. In the past I hadn't really put much thought into getting a tattoo, for various reasons, but then my dad got two tattoos, my mom got one fairly large one, and my friends started getting small but fashionable and meaningful tattoos. All of these people I would have never thought the "tattoo type", but hey, things change!


    Now that I've been more exposed to how to get a tattoo, why to choose a design, and how to take care of it, I'm slightly more open to getting one in the future. I'm thinking something small, maybe accenting or somehow hiding my birthmark above my bottom that I'm slight embarrassed of. One thing I'm cautious about is getting it infected somehow, since even with top care my past piercings have become infected or otherwise painful, despite the piercers reassuring me that if I followed the instructions, nothing would go wrong.

  6. When I was new to DC, I used to check up on all of my dragons' offspring- every week, every new egg, which was a feat because I used to breed ALL of my dragons. Soon I had too many dragons to spend the time breeding all of them and then became aware of such things as "ratios", "cave blocking", and "inbreeding" and felt slightly guilty. Plus, there definitely wasn't enough time in the day to track down every single egg with my increasing scroll size!


    These days, I'll occasionally look at a favorite dragon's page and scan over the offsprings' names, but I never stalk them like in the past. Seeing how new owners name the offspring is one of the best parts of breeding, imo, so I'm always disappointed when offspring is left without a name! Oh well, different strokes for different folks.

  7. You can PM Rockin' on to see if they're willing to sit your scroll. If not, please tell me, because I will sit it.

    I PMed Rockin' On not long ago and I have not received a response. I will check again in a few hours, then get back to you.

  8. Scroll Name: Kangaroowings

    Forum Name: Kangaroowings

    What Eggs/Hatchlings would you like to be sitted: All of them please! Before I leave, my scroll will have a few more additions as well.

    How Long will you be gone: from June 27th to July 7th

    Long Term or Short Term: Short term

    What Sitter's list do you want to be on: I would prefer Rockin' On as my sitter! However, I have not seen her online in a bit. If she is not available, I would love for any other available sitter to look after my scroll! I'll be gone a total of ten days, starting tomorrow, so I would love to have a scroll sitter. smile.gif

  9. Recently bred my first PB 2nd gen thunder for trading fodder. It auto-abandoned and I was like 'wtf I only have 5 eggs'. I went back and counted my hatchlings...turns out I had hit the 21 limit, which I had previously ignored because I thought it would never affect me because of my playing style. :|

  10. I'm almost always in the desert, both to snag oodles of CB stones and to try to catch the last CB nebula I need to finish my nebula collection (I just did!).


    It always surprises me how fast the desert empties out. If you want something from the desert, you have to be there at the very beginning of the drop or you're out of luck.

  11. I've been "bothered" by breeding requests, though I wouldn't really call it that most of the time. While I am usually more than happy to help out anyone who asks, my participation ultimately depends on how the person asks/what they ask for.


    I've had random people ("noobs" usually) demand rares from me. For instance, I've received a PM that was along the lines of "i want gold & silver & CB whatever, you breed for me now". Those don't work out too well. I don't expect anyone to lick my shoes, but if they had asked politely I would have done my best to get them what they wanted, free of charge. Instead, I send them a PM saying no, I'm sorry, I don't breed those all the time, can I see what you have to offer? :/


    On the other hand, I've had random people PM me with polite requests for certain lineages/breeds, with offers to give something in return if it's too much just to give away. Depending on what they're asking, I either say "yes, of course!", put them on a waiting list, or take a peek at their scroll to see what they can exchange. I've meet some really nice people this way and we have a continuing exchange. ^.^

  12. I'll join! Whenever I'm unlocked I go to the AP to vamp some black eggs anyway, so might as well join the group. ^.^


    It's very discouraging to see the so many long-lineaged blacks in the AP, especially when I can count on one hand the number of times I've seen a black in the cave, but hopefully it will get better with time! I went on a biting spree about a week ago with only one space open on my scroll- I got a streak of 14 successful bites before I killed one and locked myself. One thing I have noticed, like Ayelldee mentioned, a lot of the eggs have the same ancestors and the parents have the same scroll name/similar names. It's such a shame that someone would mass breed like that.

  13. I know that first one! I can't wait~. The black stripes were a cool idea- wasn't there some talk a while ago about making the black stripe the stripes' ascended color?


    Guess my CB stripes are going to be hard at work for the next couple of months. ^.^

  14. Category: Dragon Breeds

    Title of Record:Breeder with the most Geode Dragons

    Name of Submitant(forumname): Kangaroowings

    Scroll Name (link): Kangaroowings

    Proof for Record: My scroll- there should be about 147 adult geodes there


    I used the legacy sort tool for easy counting, so I might be a bit off. Almost all of my geodes are part of my monster geode lineage.

  15. Stones! I'm working on a lineage that needs oodles of them so I'm always trying to get them from the cave/find a CB in the AP. Other than that, blacks. If I see a black in the AP I dash for it, hoping it will be CB/have a short lineage or will hatch into an alt.

  16. I stayed up for the first drop and got my two, then two for my brother. This is the first I've been able to get on the forums though, and I'm glad that everyone is having an okay time catching eggs.


    The hatchlings are gorgeous! The kind of remind me of a pink Pegasus.

  17. I'm pretty neutral about horses, with a small hint of dislike. I grew up with two of them in my backyard, but they belonged to my grandfather. That meant while I couldn't ride them, I was responsible for the dirty work. My main interaction with them when I was shoveling their leavings or some other equally nasty job. It would always baffle me when my cousin from the city (who had only seen horses in those heartwarming animal-love movies, you know the kind) would wax poetic about their beauty and gracefulness and OMG ~MAJESTIC MAGIK!!11! I was like, "Pffftttt!!" to that.


    She changed her tune after I gave her the "enchanting responsibility of caring after the ~equines of magic~" for a weekend when she visited. >D


    Of course, it didn't help that the horse loved nibbling on my behind. dry.gif