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Wishlist: CB spring egg, CB blacks, Cb gold/silver2vlmko3.pngI will gladly take breeding requests for trading/gifting! Just PM me and I'll see what I can do for you.

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    ~I'm Kanga on IRC~

    Hey all! To start things off, I just want to say that I would be glad to breed/bite for anyone, but just bear in mind that there are waiting lists and breeding projects so nothing's a sure thing.

    CB Wish List:
    F Spring

    I do take IOUs! If I give you an IOU, I will keep breeding until I get the egg you want.

    My scroll goal is to get a 3 CB Males, 3 CB Females, 1 frozen male, 1 frozen female, 2 ungendered of each breed. I'm actually very close to completing my scroll, and have taken to breeding and making lineages to fill up all that extra scroll space.

    Holly (you know it!)
    CB Black
    2nd gen black egg from CB black parents (trying for an alt)
    CB Gold/Silver (of course!)
    Any 2nd gen geode or even gen PB geode with stone starters
    Offers are always considered too!


    I'm working on a giant geode lineage, and any help is greatly appreciated! If you have any spare 2nd gen geodes with CB stone parents lying around, I'll be glad to take them off your hands or trade for them! Any PB geode with CB stone ancestors is fine by me too! I hope to one day get 12 generations of geodes with all stone ancestors.


    And for non-dragon related things...
    I'm a huge Star Trek fan and like to consider myself a geek (though I know I'm nowhere cool as a geek XD), I love chatting on the internet, even with a complete stranger (so drop me a PM!), am very lactose-intolerant (FML), adore 70s and 80s music (classic rock FTW), and I am generally a very relaxed and happy person. Life can't get me down whatwhat.