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  1. Got mine. I think I will go to bed again and play later Happy Valtentine's Day to all!
  2. At least I got my share aver over 2 1/2 hours. At least it is not so laggy anymore
  3. Happy Valentine. Just got my two! Thank ypu to TJ and the spriters!
  4. I got the mentioned eggs noch three times, and another twice, so I think, the will be just in another color scheme, when the day is over.
  5. Thank you! and Happy Birthday to DC!
  6. Got all 56 eggs - I hope it stays at 56! Thank you all for the nice event and congratulation to the spriters for the wonderful eggs!
  7. No chance to get any of the diamonds wioth my dying computer und my slow internet connection. I am feeling like an dumb idiot now.
  8. How do you manage to snatch your eggs? I am trying hardly, but got none so far. Seems, my slow connection and my computer are really against me. Or I am just to dumb and to slow. These are the Days I hate DC, because I am feeling like an idiot.
  9. I am not sure what I should think, but tomorrow morning we will see, if they were only an joke or real. Took my lot and now I am watching what will happen.
  10. I am down, hunting for two hours now and only got three Blues. No chance to get the orange with my bad connection and clicking reflexes. And as always I will have no chances in trading, because I have no good trading material (the 2nd gen prizes or CB metals, everyone wants). Maybe I should quit the game - getting to old for the hunting stress.
  11. Right, after revisiting Day 6 (the kids in the Village), I got my missing five (the Doll ...)
  12. Tired by now but happy. Snatched my seven in the hourly drops all other was useless. Good luck to everyone who has to hunt yet!
  13. No Luck yet. Slow Computer, slow internet connection - NO FUN by now, only STRESS!
  14. No Chance for me with the brown eggs with this slow internet connection and computer. So only frustrating hunting hours by now. *hopes desperatly, that they will be breedable* *sighs*
  15. No luck yet. I am crying because I am such a looser.
  16. In the moment, there are not many Mana eggs in the biomes - it seems to be like last time - after the flood comes the time, when they are nearly impossible to get. I hope, that that will change again in the next days. In the moment the cave is full with eggs from the May and April release, but only few Manas appear.
  17. The eggs are nice, but hard to get. I managed to get seven eggs, but still missing the one from Alpine. But I completed a pair from the Forest and Desert. Like many others, I hope the eggs will be common enough and not so hard to get, especially from the Alpine and Volcano. So by now I will go to sleep and wish anyone who is still awake a good hunt!
  18. I agree, I missed the realease because of illness, and now I have spent the whole day, with even a chance to snatch one. One Pygmy was gifted to me (so much thank you). But for now it is more than frustrating, sitting in the cave, waiting for the 5-min-drops, and alway see older eggs when changes happens, especially in Forest and Desert. This is no more fun, it feels, as if these eggs are super-ultra-rare! No nice gesture to celebrate a birthday.
  19. The way you describe is really the way I handle it, but in the last two hours, every chance always brought only the known eggs, never any new. That is the reason, why I am so frustrated now. Same happens in the hourly drops. It seems as if they are ultra rare!
  20. It's my last hope, because in the moment I am more than desperate now. And that only because I was really ill on thursday and went not online
  21. I am hunting for 1 1/2 hrs now, and I do not see any of the new breed. Seems, that I will never get them.
  22. Gifting: Get some Avatar prettiness
  23. Cool, thats a wonderful Idea! Just like that! Got two of the three. Summon was not sucessful, but I think there is a plenty of time, and something more to do in the next time Thanks to TJ and the spriters!
  24. Sigh, got my bunch of seven. 4 Alpine and 3 Volcano. And yes, the Volcano-Eggs are really hard to snatch! Good luck to anyone who is still hunting and thank you to TJ and the spriters! I think, I go to bed now - its about 11.00 pm here in Germany.