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    Final Fantasy

    I spent yesterday … … watching Advent Children (three times) … Drawing Cloud (shh) … Playing FFVII (I got to where Cloud falls into the Church) … Reading Various FF fanfics Oh! and I also figured why I keep losing to Sephiroth in Crisis Core; I keep getting distracted by his Heartless Angel move u_u;
  2. Pliskin

    Final Fantasy

    Yay! I just got FFVII! … on PSN and after THREE DAYS of it losing the connection and thus the download >_> … but it still FFVII ^^ I played up to the Guard Scorpion and Cloud and Barret died u_u; I think I need to get used to turn-based battles
  3. The hatchies are cute but the adults are downright gorgeous Thanks Nakase and Dolphinsong ^^ And I hope you get your alts soon Dolphinsong I can't wait for mine to grow up so I can breed them for pretty lineages!
  4. I caught one right after they started dropping, now I need to wait to unlock. only five more hours! oh! is there or is there going to be a badge for this?
  5. Congrats to the winners! I don't think I won, as I haven't gotten an e-mail (yet) but I can't wait to see the winning trees ^^ If someone doesn't claim their prize, does it go to someone else in the 200 finalists? (and if anyone who won is going to have a breeding list, I would love to be on it ^^)
  6. Pliskin

    Final Fantasy

    The main problem was I kept getting pushed off the platform >_< haha, I *adore* his theme! My favourite version is the AC one < has fun getting lost in games
  7. Congrats to everyone who has got one and good luck to those still hunting ^__^
  8. Pliskin

    Final Fantasy

    I haven't gotten to play FF in … over a year The last place I left off was during the Sephiroth fight and I remember he kept killing me off to the point I was *growling* at my PSP >_> I am hoping to by a PSN gift card so I can buy some of the older FF games (FF7!) and hopefully I can play them soon
  9. But that's the thing, I had hit "reset" so my tree was empty. I'll just check it again later …
  10. I have a question, do you just have to click on the tree once a day to get all of your ornaments or do I have to keep visiting it throughout the day? The reason I'm asking is because I had clicked on it a few hours ago and got a few ornaments, and the I clicked it again a couple minutes ago, and there was one more ornament …
  11. This is going to be so much fun! I've already started playing with the tree but I waiting to see what new ornaments we get ^^ I'm glad the prize dragons are going to be breedable Thanks TJ!
  12. I just hope I still remember later Now just to decide if I should just influence two and let the others do whatever and maybe freeze one, or influence all four and let them all grow up … hmmm…
  13. Only took me … 3 hours but I caught four eggs! ^^ I'll influence once the lag calms down. Good luck to everyone still hunting ^^
  14. No Zombies for me this year … Daydream (female, adult) ~ Disintegrated Summer (female, adult ~ Disintegrated Flamingo ~ (female, adult) ~ Dodged. TWICE I have a male from last year, So I think I'll call it quits and just start catching Zombie fodder earlier this year and breeding them sooner. The daydream really made me sad because I managed to get five eggs out of her
  15. I'm pretty sure I got all 92 now! This was so much fun! ^^ Thanks TJ and to all the spriters n_n
  16. Yayy! I now have 56! ^^ Only 36 left to get, it should only take me about 8 hours if I keep at it every 12 minutes ^^
  17. 12 now! And I love those green eyes, hope I get that one too!
  18. I have … 11 so far u_u Apparently I also got very sick after my last post >_< So I'm really glad this is going on, its not as rushy as an egg drop ^^
  19. I found my first treat while trying to check if my zombie fodder was ready to breed again ^^ and that was before I knew anything was going on! I just tried breeding my first Pumpkin pair and didn't get an egg. And I have gotten eggs from that pair before … I'll try my other two pairs later
  20. Pliskin

    10 on 10-10-10

    Not on the computer for ONE DAY and look what happens Even with just finding out I was able to catch two of each in under two hours. and that was with cave lag ^^ … now just to gender them.
  21. I just saw a CB Black! But I stared at it to long and didn't click fast enough and I haven't bred my blacks in a very long time, except for my CBs and a couple for lineages ^^
  22. Keep forgetting to post here … I got my Magikarp Badge! … back in August >_o haha … I'm soo slow. Congrats to everyone who has gotten theirs ^^
  23. Pliskin

    2010-08-28 - 55 Days

    Yay! They're so close to hatching!!
  24. Pliskin

    2010-08-28 - 55 Days

    ahahaha, new release and I'm locked Well, I should be unlocked by later today or some time tomorrow. Hopefully they are still dropping regularly. Thanks TJ ^^
  25. From last year: Balloon (male, adult, CB): Success! Mint (male, frozen hatchie, bred): Success! Water Walker (female, frozen hatchie, CB): Fail! I am going to try again this (with all adults) year. I just picked up my first fodder egg this week, and I plan on on picking up a few more. I also plan on breeding them more than I did my one last year (I was a slacker and waited to breed him until the week before halloween >_<) E.T.A.: About the time when to kill it, it doesn't have to be midnight. Last year I was catching the Harvest eggs at midnight, and then I went on my killing spree () at about 1-3 AM EST. But that was only because I couldn't wait any longer ^^