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  1. I really should have just joined this when it started seeing as I went two months without breeding any blacks Can I still join if I have 1-2 blacks I'm breeding for a lineage project? They haven't even produced a single egg yet And congrats to everyone who has caught CBs! ^^
  2. I never did get a CB male Frill (mine all gendered female), and now I really have to change the one project … Though does this mean the Frill I have from a Frill/Silver pairing is now from a Rare/Rare pairing? Buuuut that's all I'm saying, I'm not touching teh drama with a ten-foot pole …
  3. I have a Silver trophy and I have 350 dragons
  4. I just found out about this and my comp is broke I am trying to get them on my ipod but they only show up when an error page pops up. Kinda weird. Any ideas on this? Oh, and the time limit between finding eggs, is it 10 minutes from when you find an egg or is it like the egg drops?
  5. Pliskin

    04/01/10 - MAYHEM

    ugghhh I'm locked for another hour or two
  6. I just through naming my two yesterday: Zuiichi Kyuuketsuki Zmeesc Satsubatsu-Hime Zmeesc
  7. It could be down at the bottom with the Terms & Conditions and the donate button. Or it could be where the forum link used to be like FireAngel73 suggested. Make it some thing like "You see a scroll that looks much older than the others." Or "You see a very old tome near the scrolls." And those probably suck, but just an example
  8. okaaay, I have a few questions here First, I voted "Default on, can be disabled, public." although I'm thinking maybe more of a personal/public option that we could use. Just make the whole thing customizable? And second, does this replace the soft shell/sick hatchling thing? Or is it in addition to it? < tired and sick
  9. *takes oath* I've done all that to begin with Except the one time I forgot that when you choose your egg the rest auto-abandon immediately … and I did that when the AP was full. ::facepalm:: I felt so bad.
  10. Seconded I'll probably try to start grabbing some more when I can (and not scroll-locking myself with black eggs ) and I'll end up snagging some hatchies when they pop up. I would help with you're evil plan but I don't do well with abandoning eggs. The one time I did it I decided to check on it, and it had died
  11. So far only two: WjlL: Wyjil Marie Zmeesc - Because as soon as I saw the code that's all I could refer to her by DmxB: Demyx Benzaiten Zmeesc - I knew I wanted to name a dragon Demyx and then I saw that code and I just couldn't pass it up I also had one with the code "LucP" and I wanted to use it, but I forgot and named her … Orihime Inoue Zmeesc I have a couple more codes I need to turn into names … but haven't figured out how yet.