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  1. I'm relieved too. This is fun. And I found these. Apparently the Goblin King isn't the only fantasy role Bowie's played!






    I am so glad I'm not the only one who thinks Sephiroth looks like him ^^

    And I found another character that isn't on that list xd.png




    @Thorn I like the Prestige too *makes a note to watch later*

  2. see? I said it had been a long time xd.png I'll still do a couple little missions to get used to it.


    I tried to find more info or a video, but I couldn't. Basically he gets your HP down to 1 point >_< and the problem I have is it distracts me because after the video plays Zack falls from the ceiling(?) and bounces on the floor making "ga-aaacckk" sound and it makes laugh every single time, and then I don't use cure or potions fast enough >_<

  3. ah, so the post did go through! The forums wouldn't load and I got 503 error …


    I think I have Fire (could be Firaga) equipped, and I definitely have Curaga ^^ Never?! He pulls it at least once a minute on me blink.gif

    gahh, I didn't know it had been that long since I played, but I forgot there was a magic button u_u; I've been using materia from the corner menu.




    Next time I play I'm going to do a couple easy missions to get used to the controls again xd.png


  4. It was easy as heck the first time I did it, when I beat the game in the mid 40s so far as levels are concerned and without any impressive materia. I don't think I'd broken the top limit of hp, either.


    Just button-mash the heck outta the attack button and block/dodge. I've done it with Zack having minimal materia and equipment (play-through straight for story with no missions save as required to move the story forward and equipment as brought forward from last game, so not enough slots to really buff him out). Just surge forward every time you get knocked back, Curaga and smash him in the face as many times as possible before you get knocked back again.

    I don't remember what level I'm at, but I am around there somewhere, but I think I have a couple mastered materia. And I can't remember what equipment he's got, I'll have to check once I reach a save point in FFVII.



    That's what I've been forgetting! To block! ::facepalm::

    I've mostly been button mashing, but I also use the Assault Twister materia. And popping potions and curing myself constantly xd.png




    @Kaini I'm always falling off that edge >_<

  5. ah, nsadly no, it was actually FFVII fanart. I just meant I get distracted easily and have a hard time finding movies/music I can have playing while I draw and apparently Labyrinth is one that works ^^

  6. xd.png I spent yesterday …


    … watching Advent Children (three times)

    … Drawing Cloud (shh)

    … Playing FFVII (I got to where Cloud falls into the Church)

    … Reading Various FF fanfics




    Oh! and I also figured why I keep losing to Sephiroth in Crisis Core; I keep getting distracted by his Heartless Angel move u_u;

  7. Yay! I just got FFVII!


    … on PSN and after THREE DAYS of it losing the connection and thus the download >_> … but it still FFVII ^^



    I played up to the Guard Scorpion and Cloud and Barret died u_u; I think I need to get used to turn-based battles xd.png

  8. Congrats to the winners! I don't think I won, as I haven't gotten an e-mail (yet) but I can't wait to see the winning trees ^^


    If someone doesn't claim their prize, does it go to someone else in the 200 finalists?



    (and if anyone who won is going to have a breeding list, I would love to be on it ^^)

  9. LOL I beat him on the first try ^^ /brags xd.png It was fun. I will never get tired of Sephy's theme x3

    The main problem was I kept getting pushed off the platform >_< haha, I *adore* his theme! My favourite version is the AC one wub.gif



    < has fun getting lost in games xd.png

  10. I haven't gotten to play FF in … over a year blink.gif


    The last place I left off was during the Sephiroth fight and I remember he kept killing me off to the point I was *growling* at my PSP >_>



    I am hoping to by a PSN gift card so I can buy some of the older FF games (FF7!) and hopefully I can play them soon rolleyes.gif

  11. I have a question, do you just have to click on the tree once a day to get all of your ornaments or do I have to keep visiting it throughout the day?


    The reason I'm asking is because I had clicked on it a few hours ago and got a few ornaments, and the I clicked it again a couple minutes ago, and there was one more ornament … huh.gif

  12. I almost forgot to do that! Thanks for the reminder smile.gif

    I just hope I still remember later tongue.gif



    Now just to decide if I should just influence two and let the others do whatever and maybe freeze one, or influence all four and let them all grow up …



  13. No Zombies for me this year …


    Daydream (female, adult) ~ Disintegrated

    Summer (female, adult ~ Disintegrated

    Flamingo ~ (female, adult) ~ Dodged. TWICE xd.png


    I have a male from last year, So I think I'll call it quits and just start catching Zombie fodder earlier this year and breeding them sooner. The daydream really made me sad because I managed to get five eggs out of her sad.gif