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  1. I just caught “AJAck”! But then I also have “J0hnn”, “ENvy2”, “XBOBw”, “dooFy”, “NEo2” and “kArl”.


    also: “golD” (who is not a gold as they want you to believe), “Date” and “POST”


    I actually have tons that I have picked up because of the codes xD including a Holiday that has “JOY” in it’s code ^^

  2. Congrats, @Kaini! 


    I am so happy we can discuss this now, also good to know I was pretty much on the right track when I did attempt neglecteds ( before 2012, they all hatched normal)


    Hopefully I can remember to try again at a decent time, I only seem to think of it close to bed-time xD and I am totally trying with zyus!

  3. On 2/16/2019 at 4:32 AM, purplehaze said:

    Have you tried a hard refresh?

    No, Fiona said in the news thread that there is just the one badge.



    Thank you! For me though, I only got the badge using the google chrome browser. Bit odd, really.

  4. I haven’t gotten the event badge yet? Even though I have played the game 3-4 time now. I haven’t seen anyone else mention this bug/problem yet, so I don’t know?


    any ideas?