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  1. On 2/16/2019 at 4:32 AM, purplehaze said:

    Have you tried a hard refresh?

    No, Fiona said in the news thread that there is just the one badge.



    Thank you! For me though, I only got the badge using the google chrome browser. Bit odd, really.

  2. I haven’t gotten the event badge yet? Even though I have played the game 3-4 time now. I haven’t seen anyone else mention this bug/problem yet, so I don’t know?


    any ideas?

  3. Same problem here. Also Safari on an iPad. 


    Last week (maybe early this week?) I was able to breed without a problem and this week it took a ridiculously long time for the page to respond (or safari actually. I couldn't close or switch tabs). It also happened twice in a row with two different pairs. 



  4. I caught this Little one, obviously likes … bees? I don't think I have any others with 4 of the same letters.


    Also (not posting it) I had to grab one recently because it spelled out the city I currently live in. :o seriously. It was only missing one letter!


    I know I have some others I'll have to post later. 

  5. I keep getting an error code EX8 in the trading forum and it won't let me post?

    It happened at least three times, in two different threads and I kept getting the same error.


    ETA: I was finally able to post in the trading forum, an hour later. I don't know what it was doing?

  6. What is a trophy level? -puzzled- I like the changes, but that confused me.

    The trophy level has to do with how many dragons you have:



    Bronze is 50 (I think) or more dragons, Silver is 200 (or 250) and Gold is 500+ dragons




  7. Just about the entire "Tangled" OST. Especially "Something That I Want" and "I've Got a Dream" xd.png


    E.T.A.: And the song from Jaws is stuck too. You know the one … "I had a little drink about an hour agooo … and it's gone right to my head~~"


    yeah, that one laugh.gif




    @bloodred-dragonfly, that song is *always* getting stuck in my head. And it's alll that movie's fault.

  8. @TTIOT: You can now breed black stripes. Successful pairings have been stripe x black marrow, stripe x nebula, stripe x black (but likelier to result in black egg, hence the blacks flooding the AP), stripe x ember, and ugh my brain blanked. Please tell me what I missed~

    Thanks! I will have to try to breed some later, after I catch the other kinds and get a green egg for St. Patty's day ^^

  9. ooh! new eggs! ^^ I think I know the first one … if it is, I know I'll be hoarding them wub.gif


    And what's this I hear about black Stripes?


    E.T.A.: just saw a black stripe … it's pretty wub.gif



    Thanks TJ and Spriters ^^