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  1. Ooh, a January release! Haven’t seen one of these in ages ^^
  2. Yes! It was snowing all day! Not very much, looks like less than 2 inches, but just constant, light snow. So pretty 🌨❄️🌔
  3. Silence of the Lambs. Such a great movie 🍷🦋👗📞
  4. I bred a few 2nd gens and a couple 3rd gens, several “no interest” though. Will breed some more pairs tomorrow ^^
  5. You’ll Be Back (from “Hamilton”) ~ Ramin Karimloo
  6. I was waiting to post my two Glysteres until they were both decorated yellow, and here they are: https://dragcave.net/lineage/fCrBI (yellow) https://dragcave.net/lineage/3kFLY (Yellow) They will probably stay yellow for at least a couple weeks ^^ eta: Thank you! I was able to unlock the Glysteres with help from this thread, the red/yellow one was the hardest.
  7. @HeatherMarie that’s awful! I hope it’s getting better. I am so glad your bathroom didn’t flood, that is a nightmare. Today was pretty un-eventful: slept in, did laundry, hung up the new calendar, etc. And then tried to fix lunch, adding an egg to last night’s dinner (beans and rice), I cracked the first egg and it got me, my shirt, pants, the counter and the floor. What the heck? I finished cracking the second egg put it all in the oven and washed the kitchen and my clothes and decided taking a shower would be best. Good grief For supper we decided to go with something easy, so we had miso soup. Yummy. and I’m still trying to come with a name for my new phone …
  8. I bred mine to a Pharos Xeno ^^ They look really sharp with the Silver Shimmer, Elux, Umbra and Omens. I’m going to try them with Lihnseyres next because of the antlers
  9. Welcome to the party, pal! (rip, Hans and Karl) we watched Doctor Who Christmas specials all day, then It’s a Wonderful Life. We also “opened” our presents! I did make the chex mix! I decided to add olive brine to it, very yummy! And half of the lemon sugar cookie are baked, those also turned out well! I was surprised ^^
  10. yes! I just bred my … Wrappingwing? The 2012 Holiday for the first time with an Equinox cause it looks so amazing! I had never found a pairing before ^^ and Equinox now drop in Alpine instead of Forest? I grabbed two on the equinox from there.
  11. I cooked Christmas Dinner and Breakfast! Christmas (and eve) Dinner: Scalloped potatoes/rutabaga, Balsamic green beans and chicken. It was very yummy ^^ Christmas breakfast: Pancakes! Now, tomorrow we can just toss a couple in the oven, I might make eggs in the morning. We will see. also, I got the powder ingredients mixed up so I can just add eggs and butter tomorrow for Christmas cookies 🎄 and gonna try to make chex mix tomorrow. and I got the garbage out before everyone fills it up over the holiday/weekend, did not get our hair cut, however. Maybe this weekend? Now, we are going to watch Die Hard. Again 🎄💚❤️
  12. Die Hard Best Christmas/Winter Holiday movie. Hands down. ^^
  13. Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Today is it’s 17th anniversary ^^ 💚
  14. Does Among Us count? I’ve been playing that on my iPad since October. It’s been pretty fun ^^
  15. A spider just walked over to me and sat by my arm. I looked up to grab my phone to take a picture and he had vanished! I looked everywhere, took my sweatshirt off checked it, checked my shirt, hair, etc. I cannot find the little guy >_> I laid my sweatshirt up because I am pretty sure he is hiding in it and I don’t want to squish him. But I am getting chilly now. Little stinker 🕷
  16. One day late! geez anyway I did breed this little guy on the 10th: The Line gets longer! Proof: https://dragcave.net/lineage/vLsTU What gen. are you on now?: 11th gen! congrats everyone! Even though I messed up a bit, I still had fun and am planning on continuing this lineage. And will probably join next year as well ^^
  17. Have: CB Galvanic Wyvern egg Want: Offers? Pillow BSA Fun lineages? Gone! Thanks ^^
  18. Something odd, I got a PM today and when I went to reply it had this message: You cannot reply to this conversation because all other participants have left. What happened?
  19. I got 3 of each … and also managed to catch a Red Dino can’t wait to see these as adults, the hatchies are adorable ^^
  20. Anyone need a Red Dino egg to click? I managed to catch one last night ^^
  21. The Lineage gets longer! Proof: https://dragcave.net/lineage/pfbEH What gen. Are you on now?: 6th
  22. @syasa I took the 2nd amalthean. Thank you ^^