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  1. Mirisia x Sakuhana https://dragcave.net/lineage/NZJ0U 💗 Really liking Cloudplume, Mistra, Umbra and Black Truffle pairings too ^^
  2. I think it’s 4000, maybe 5000. But I don’t believe Pink can be turned yellow.
  3. It was actually being quiet! I came out of the grocery store and it was sitting on the curb by our car, I was afraid it would get stepped on so I put my hand near it and it climbed on 💖 It’s legs felt like little sticks or an un-wound paperclip! I had trouble keeping in my hand with how windy it was out and the cicada also kept going up my arm xD — ———— Yesterday we went to look at a travel trailer we had called about. After we looked at and said we had to think on it, we stopped at a gas station about a block away, got something to drink and got back in the car to find a missed call that the trailer had sold sight unseen to someone who had just called. … W.T.F. !?! Seriously?!? Today I made edible cookie dough and am now eating cookie dough Ice cream ^^ @HeatherMarie days like that are very … oof. Lol, But I am very glad you were that successful today ^^
  4. I don’t know if this is really the right thread for this, but … I held a Cicada ^^
  5. Yayy! I already caught 3 eggs and I managed to post on the first page. ^^ Thank you, TJ and Spriters! This is egg-citing ^^
  6. I have a Chicken Egg if anyone needs it ^^ and thank you so much! I was able to get the magenta floret unlocked thanks to this thread 💖
  7. I have 3rd gen. Pink Sapphire. I would be interested in a pillow hatchie or other hatchies. Nothing from the 28th, please Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! or if you do not have a Pink Sapphire, I would be happy to gift it ^^
  8. Yesss, my eggs all hatched an hour ago ^^
  9. Really laggy for me also (I thought it was my internet too!) … and now it won’t let me unfog hatchies. ??? eta: oh! They unfogged now! That was really weird.
  10. So far I haven’t! xD Oooh, I am intrigued ^^ Well, I just tried Earthquake for the first time, I had bought two Canto eggs from the market; both were at 4d2h with big holes in them; one said it was unaffected (I think that means it still worked, colour-wise.) and the other died >__> I also had bought 3* Sapphire eggs to abandon and they have been adopted and hatched, yay ^^ *had actually bought 4 eggs, but the one had a cool code so I kept it.
  11. I will never be able to think of “Cerulean Blue”, without thinking “gentle breeze” xD and really late, but I can confirm that Sapphire take 4k views to turn yellow *and* that can turn after hatching. I am seriously loving the new Floret pose! Just gorgeous! And the new pinky-orange colour is fabulous ^^
  12. It is really the most soothing shade of blue. I'm not kidding you. I notice those things. It's a sky blue. Very calming. Very tranquil. I think the word for that particular shade is cerulean, actually. Cerulean blue. Cerulean blue. Cerulean makes me think of a breeze. A gentle breeze. ~~ ooh! I managed to catch a Canto yesterday (after I bought one) that had “42” in the code ^^ And now just waiting for the Sapphire egg I bought to turn yellow, its at 1891/564/9 and still blue …
  13. I actually was not egg-locked! In fact, my scroll was completely free, only two hatchies! Now I have 3 new Florets and will be keep an eye out for the hybrids and anything else ^^ Happy Birthday Dragcave 🎂🍻✨
  14. Hope is this isn’t considered necro’ing … But I love tea! Currently drinking Stash’s “Christmas in Paris” tea, it is so yummy ^^ I used to really not like tea, until I started learning how to brew it better and started getter better tea. Horrid memories of Lipton tea, blech.
  15. I got the ffvii egg! I love it and the Catbus eggs, and the static television egg ^^
  16. Aaahh! I love the Kiwi-bird egg! It’s so cute ^^ and we can collect old eggs? Yess, thank you! First “Festival of Eggs” I only got 2 eggs because my computer died over that weekend, so I was trying to collect on my iPod touch, but the eggs weren’t showing up on the tiny screen (I think the adverts were covering them up?). Haha, memorable to be sure, but I am very glad for the opportunity to collect the rest.
  17. Hmm, Lagmonster anniversary? xD I was getting tombstones the other day also
  18. Upon rewatching “Interview with the Vampire”, I have come to the conclusion that Louis just likes setting things on fire …
  19. Just doing stuff around the house, cooking, laundry, getting stuff ready for tomorrow. we had bought some storage boxes last week and have been organising over the weekend. Also unpacked a box of books and found some books of a series (Sneaky Pie Brown), one of which I noticed I must never have read (it’s spine had no creases or breaks), and I looked inside it and it still had it’s receipt from when I bought it. In June of 2000 ^^ and then I read that Parker from ‘Alien’ just died. The actor’s name was Yaphet Kotto, he was 81. That’s sad ;_; … and then when I told my mum, before I said his age, she said “but he wasn’t that old!” and I replied “well, ‘Alien’ was 40 years ago …” “……” ”Sorry, Mum :eek:”
  20. Have: 3rd gen. Radiant Angel/Fever Wyvern (stunned) ~ Teleport Want: offers? CB Pillow 2nd gen. Pillow from any Valentine (or any Holiday) other fun lineage? Thank you ^^
  21. Have: 2nd gen. Erador hatchie from an Erador/Valentine pair ~ Teleport 3rd gen. Radiant Angel/Fever Wyvern hatchie with a code that has 4 of the same letter ~ Teleport Want: 2nd gen. Erador 2nd gen. Sakuhana 2nd gen. anything from a Black Sweetling 2nd gen. any Valentines from a Pillow Fun offers? Cool lineages? Thank you ^^