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  1. yes right to state an opinion i'm not arguing with. it's people who are getting so butt-hurt about one thing that annoy me. threataning to leave the site? bit extreme.
  2. Who cares what the limits are? We have no right to dictate what TJ does or does not do with HIS game. We don't own him nor the site. It is his to do with as he chooses. We are getting to play this game for free. So everybody just grow up. Quit whining and move on.
  3. *swipes The One Who Edits The Dictonary* a fine name. Mine now.
  4. I don't wanna be a chicken I don't wanna be a duck So I shake my butt Na Na Na Na lol i love it
  5. banned because there is a pokemon in your signature
  6. banned for having a name made up of numbers.
  7. By the power of the Green men and the almighty trumpet god. I WIN!!
  8. *Summons Chee with a new chapter* I've been loving it so far. Please don't stop.
  9. ((Ok it looks like my internet is not going to be dodgy for as long as i thought but still not going to be on really till at least te middle of december. I will try to think up some excuse for est not being around in the meantime))
  10. ((dear all. my connection is going to be really dodgy for the next few weeks and possibly over a month. Because of this i may not be able to get on to post for long periods of time. If this is going to be a problem please find some way of moving est out of the story for the forseeable future.))
  11. ((sorry guys stupid phone company accidentally cut our connection and only just managed to get on.)) ""Right ok. I'll find out and if i can't deal with it i'll let you know." Est hung up and then noticed Adriana standing there. "We have a problem." he explained "Somebody reported the breakin and the fake fire from last night. There's an investigation being mounted but i'm not on it. Need to find out who's in charge of it and try and lead them away from finding about what's going on." He sighed "If that stupid idiot of Delucins hadn't been so sloppy with their entry we wouldn't need to panic so much."
  12. "We have a problem," Est said as soon as he heard Vayne awnser. "somebody reported what happened last night to the police. including the someone broke in. I'm willing to bet anything that they found the broken lock that Delucins idiot left." Est sat down and sighed. "I'm not assigned to the case myself. I don't know if i will be. If i'm not any detective worth their salt is going to get descriptions from the workers of the people they saw, in other words us, and they will also find the broken lock. If they do their jobs right they will find out about what is going on between us and delucin."
  13. Est arrived at the police station the next morning. "Morning chief" said the Young woman behind the main desk "You need to stop calling me that." Est smiled "I am not a poliece chief i am just a detective." "Meh." Said the woman. "Hear about what happened last night at the power station?" "No not yet." Est lied. "What did happen?" "Supposed break in. Then some idiot set of the fire alarms falsely. Don't know if you're assigned to it yet but thought i'd give you a heads up." "thanks." said est and then headed to his office. DAMN est thought to himself as he got into his office. That idiot of delucins had probably left evidence behind when he destroyed the lock. If anybody worth their position was investigating they'd follow up that evidence which would lead them to knowing about what was happening. i need to tell vayne he thought and pulled out his mobile and started to dial vaynes mobile.
  14. Thought (deep thought is the super computer in hitchikers guide to the galaxy for those of you who for some reason havent read it.)
  15. *snatches CB gold and runs off* mine now MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  16. Just updated my minecraft on Xbox. loving that we now have creative mode. I can finally get to work on some of my designs. Though my world only seems to spawn endermen now a night.