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  1. Have: CB Desipis Want: CB Witchlight, Omen Wyrm, or Arcana https://dragcave.net/teleport/e4045da979abab888bbbd37e90e98db2
  2. Have: CB Bronze Lunar Herald Want: CB Silver Lunar Herald https://dragcave.net/teleport/45e942e6f0a40d098b9f04f680a91efa
  3. Have: CB Copper (Sulfur) Want: At least 2 from CB Black Truffle, Zyumorph, Silver Lunar Herald, Siyat, Floret, or Baikala Or, best offer Traded!
  4. tried trading these off to no avail so i'm just giving away all three now ^-^;;; CB Ice CB Green Fire Gem CB Red Fire Gem leave a dummy egg, thank you~
  5. Would a 2G purebred Frill be worth anything? Are bred Frills worth anything at all? How about CB Frills? What generation of Prize would you no longer consider worth trading for? ie a 5G stairstep? I've been giving away all of my Prizes that are 7G or higher but I dunno if that's a bad idea or not. How rare are Aeons?
  6. 7G stairstep Gold Tinsel from Epica w/ Sunsongs. z code with "Doc" in it. =] 5G stairstep Silver Tinsel from Patxaran w/ Storms. code has "nuns"
  7. 7G stairstep Silver Shimmer from Dazzling Girl w/ Purples 6G stairstep Silver Shimmer from Prowl w/ Blusangs Long time no see dragcave
  8. good god these are gorgeous. i'm super glad i managed to snag one of each!! i think the pyros is maybe the least impressive to me, but it still looks super awesome. i'm caught between chronos and thalassas being my favorites. i wonder what kind of lineages i can build with these!!
  9. In the past I was never really able to catch anything, in fact even if I was around on some dates of CB holidays I never ... managed to catch them haha. (All the Valentines up until Arsani...) I believe it was because I had such a terrible internet connection, as ever since I've moved to my new home I've actually managed to net some pretty rare catches, like a CB Gold I netted at the Coast (when I wasn't even lurking there in the first place, I was trying to get something else at the Alpine lol). I normally lurk on the Coast or the Alpine (one at a time), and a few seconds before the five minute mark, I hit refresh once so I can see what eggs are on the page. Then the second the minute changes, I spam F5 (refresh) repeatedly until I see the eggs change. The moment they change, I quickly look for keywords like beautiful glow, metallic, etc, and if I see nothing, there's then a hierarchy of pages I'll click afterwards: Coast/Alpine -> Volcano -> Desert -> Jungle -> Forest. Even if I got nothing from the Coast or Alpine, sometimes I can still get myself a Magma in the Volcano or a Thunder in the Desert. I think it's a pretty sound method, as I've gotten some fairly nice things out of it. One thing I've yet to see, though... a Pyralspite Almandine or Spessartine. ):
  10. Have: 3G Silver Tinsel stairstep with Rosebuds Want: / 3G Prize swap Offer here, please! I will decline any offers I'm not interested in. Note that I greatly prefer named parents.
  11. Have: CB Thunder egg Want: -Multiple CB common hatchlings. The more the merrier. -Other offers? Offer here, please! :') I'll decline any offers I'm not interested in. Thanks!
  12. Antarean VS Assassino Blossom Angels VS Calligraphy Charred VS Coral Dazzeltail Dragon VS Black Ray Lindwurm Duality VS Fantasy Flame Quetzal VS Frill-Gill Dwarf Bok Choy VS Goldwing Harptail VS Indigo Fire Lepidoptera Dragons VS Mercury Pygmy Mithril VS Opal Phantasm Dragon VS Porcelain Rain VS Sea Spear Lindwurm Silk-tailed VS Skymaster Ampipthere Regal Diamonds VS Stratos Tanglewyrm VS Utopia/Dystopia Willowherb VS Tailwing
  13. I would prefer not to have the extra weeks for the next rounds. Okay, here's my vote!! I hope I'm doing this right. ;; Frill-Gill VS Carrots Null Dwarf Bok Choy VS Glacier Dragon Glorious Maned VS Goldwing Harptail VS Humming Indigo Fire VS Jade Lacewing VS Lepidoptera Dragons Both Lupine Drake VS Mercury Pygmy Mithril VS Ne'Enden Easterns Both Lotus VS Opal Paradise VS Phantasm Dragon Null I really love Opal very much. ;_;
  14. Wow, that's just plain rude, though. ,___, Also, I just refreshed past a Silver egg in the AP THREE TIMES while staring at it but not consciously processing it... by the time I had the sense to click it, someone else had taken it. It had a really pretty lineage, too - a checkered even gen with Ices. D: I also was unfortunately almost scroll-locked when I saw the Desert biome had three Nebulas in it! Three! I managed to snag myself one but couldn't make room for the other two in time. ):
  15. Voted! This was a slightly easier round for me to choose things on. 0:
  16. I love the adult sprites. Facial anatomy makes me a little confused but it's actually quite an attractive dragon once you get past the jarring nature of its gargantuan head. I love how powerful and brutish these guys look. Probably my favorite Halloween thus far!
  17. Caught my first CB!! ;w; Even though I've been on DC since like '08 I've never actually managed to get a CB Halloween l0l. Now to get a few more! ^^ [Edit] Finally scroll-locked! I'm quite happy right now hehe. I love the hatchies so far btw. 0:
  18. Was anyone else unable to find the Telsas on the completed list? o_o; Voted.
  19. Uhm, so I normally don't post outside of generic trade posts and stuff, but I'm with olympe here. I was a user of the original TAE/LAE thread and liked it very much. I am currently using TJ's page sporadically, but it really doesn't feel the same at all, especially when I see people leaving messy commons and stuff on there. Not to mention the fact that it can be cheated, but that doesn't concern me quite as much as the quality of the eggs do. The main thing about TJ's page is its impersonal nature. It's functional, but I also still feel a little hesitant about leaving nice eggs on there. There's also the fact that there's no "leave now, take later" clause that I took advantage of on the original TAE/LAE thread (within reason). And sometimes when I go to take an egg, the teleport link I'm given mysteriously has gone to someone else...? As far as I can tell, the original TAE/LAE thread was shut down simply because of semantics and technicalities. Mods claimed it was being used for "trading", something I personally have not seen outside of literally maybe one or two people. When most people were asked to leave a dummy egg, they left dummy eggs. I used two-ways quite often on my more rare eggs, and I can guarantee with certainty that I was given dummies on them, like messy commons from the AP. One or two people abusing the rules does not mean that everyone else needs to suffer for it. And the argument that "two-way trades are by definition trades" is just a semantic argument. Sure, by name, they're used for "trades". But functionally, in this case, they weren't. Calling two-ways "trades" simply for that reason is a shallow, semantic understanding of their functionality, and ultimately limits their potential. Besides, two-ways are being used on the departures thread and I don't see that one getting slammed for it - not that I think it should. I see absolutely no problem in leaving two-ways for gifting. What semantics and technicalities do is limit the potential of the tools we're given to increase enjoyment on the site. And isn't that the point of sites like this to begin with - for people to have a good time? So far, most of the arguments that have been offered against TAE/LAE thus far have been centered around these aforementioned technicalities. The other argument is that there were too many abuses of rules and call-outs, which became a hindrance for the mods. I can understand that. But as olympe said, I don't think that the thread itself should suffer just because members happen to be breaking its rules. The members who break the rules should be penalized for breaking the rules, not the thread. The new TAE/LAE thread, I can safely say, is absolutely nothing like the old one. This is coming from someone who avidly used the old TAE/LAE one and was only able to use the new one once. Why was I only able to use the new one once? Because as has been mentioned here before, people snipe nice eggs from the new TAE/LAE the moment eggs are put up, so when time comes that I have something nice to leave, there's nothing nice for me to take. On the old TAE/LAE thread, because of the two-ways, randoms weren't just sniping stuff from the thread. I actually had the chance to take eggs from there too, instead of only leaving. The new TAE/LAE is just a glorified Departures thread with a clause that isn't even a rule, just an encouragement, to "maybe leave an egg". As many other people have said, I firmly believe that the only way to have an actual TAE/LAE back is to allow two-ways. Arguments against usage of the two-ways are primarily semantic in nature, at least as far as I can see. Honestly, I used the TAE/LAE for quite a while and I can only name a few times where I saw the rules being abused. The vast majority of people using that thread were just trying to have a good time and followed the rules that were on the thread. Some folks are saying it's only a small handful who are "complaining", but I'm sure there are others who feel the same way - it's just a rather nerve-wracking experience to get involved in all this. (At least it was for me, since I don't really post much.) TAE/LAE meant a lot to a lot of people; it's just that not all of them are willing to post about it in this environment.
  20. I meant to use a Fertility BSA on one of my Tinsels and accidentally bred the purple to the Tinsel. D:
  21. Picked up a very pretty 4G even seasonal x magi. Not quite checker? Not sure what the name of this type of even is: http://dragcave.net/lineage/PLusT Has a neat URL too. 0:
  22. Voted! I'm quite picky on sprite quality though so I was a little surprised at some of the results. I'm a big fan of the opal concept though. 0:
  23. Offered on this. Left a Gold Shimmer on page 78 that was taken by AngelicSabyne.