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  1. Vi only nodded to her fellow Purple color when she thanked her, and let go of the human boy as she stood and glanced around them at the gawking humans and colored. She didn't like the attention that they were getting, one wrong move and they could have a fight on their hands. And then Arystal whispered to her asking about how she used her powers. "I'd rather answer that question when we aren't in the presence of humans Arystal..." Even though she did not know Arystal well, she knew that she also worked in the palace with her and was a much darker shade of purple than she was, that always ma
  2. Violetta was just about to answer Talla when she heard yelling, she slightly recognized the voice. That's when she saw the human boy running through the crowd and being perused by a purple women, Arystal, she knew the purple women because there were very little purple colors in the colored community. And without a second thought Vi materialized her only purple physical magic that she knew of, and this time it was a staff, strong and thick. As she moved into the path of the boy she used the staff to quickly sweep his running feet from under him. He never knew what hit him, because in a blink
  3. ((Hey guys I'm sorry I haven't been on I haven't had internet. But keep doing what ur doing and have some major fun with ur characters! ))
  4. ((Accepted! )) Violetta looked after the strange human and sighed, returning her dark gaze to the new colored person that was asking her if she was okay. He was a green color, and just the fact that he was a colored person helped her relax slightly with all the tension going around. "Yes. I'm fine. Thank you." she told him and dusted herself off. "Do I know you?" she asked as she looked up again to him, she knew she had seen him somewhere. ~~~ Jane nodded and followed Kornith's directions, taking the newbies shoulder and steering him in that direction. She hated this god forsaken
  5. Violetta was just about to help herself up when she heard the voice of who she must have tripped over, looking up through the strands of hair that had fallen in her face she blew them out of the way and almost nervously took the humans hand and stood with the help of him. "Y-Yes..." she cleared her throat, "It's my fault, I wasn't looking out where I was going with... Well with them here. I'm sorry." she said glancing over her shoulder before kneeling down again to pick up the broken glass and staining her fingers an even darker color than her natural coloring. She straightened up and rub
  6. ((They do And since everyone has pretty much posted and I'm impatient everyone can post.)) Jane sighed as she heard the stranger and then Kornith's words. She was only even here to get what they were told to get and go back home. She hated when the newbies always wanted to hurt someone. Then, leaning into Kornith, she spoke in a low voice so that only he could hear, "I knew we should have never brought him with us... He's going to spill unwanted blood if we don't watch him closely." The blonde haired women then turned to the sales man and bought everything that they were sent her
  7. ((And we are off! )) The golden sun was in the middle of the sky and so far on the, so called, Neutral Island there were no fights breaking out between the humans and Colored. She rarely took the short boat ride to this island, preferring to be around only her own kind, and not these humans that thought they were better than her in any way. Vi's purple colored skin gave her away as a colored artist, which is why she was only there to get supplies for her paintings of the royal family. And sometimes there were just things that the humans had that her people did not. Like the fine bru
  8. Both are Accepted. And once I make the beginning post I would like everyone to post an intro post, one for each character, telling where they are and what they are doing and a little bit of an intro for everyone. Thank you.
  9. Thank you everyone. No more chit chat, unless it is a character form. Thank you And this RP will be starting my tomorrow afternoon.
  10. @Qoso Thank you for your input. And your character is accepted.
  11. @Kitty137 You're charrie is accepted! And Welcome to DC ! @colourcodedchaos. Well. Yes I've thought of it but there is no racism that goes with what is happening in the real world. yes there is racism in my RP but it is ment to me because there is racism in the real world against different people. But I personally know that I'm not trying to be a racist against any culture. I don't know if that was what you were asking about my role play but I'm not changing the title.
  12. Accepted And by tomorrow afternoon we will be starting.
  13. YAY! Its finally approved and accepting character forums!
  14. I'm kinda getting tired of fixing every little detail... Cause i know it will never be perfect... but its done... @coralkiki 1- like semi-lit/ lit somewhere inbetween 2- And 3. Glad you are going to join
  15. The Colored Civilization This is the symbol of the Colored Civilization, only the blue triangle in the center is pointing up. Intro The small child sat in his grandfather's lap with wide eyes. "Papa, could you tell me the story again?" "What story, my child?" the old wrinkled man asked, looking down at you youth in his lap. He knew perfectly well what the child was asking him to tell. "The one about the Colored People, Papa." the young boy said as he smiled with excitement. "Ahhh yes, my child. I guess I could tell it one last time for you. But you must promise me o
  16. Well i'm an Aquarius and i love the water. And an Aquarius is kinda like a guardian of water. (yes i know i spelt guardian wrong but oh well) So that is how i came up with my name