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  1. ((We shall say it works. )) With a quick jerk she was back on the ground with her knees folded awkwardly and her rear firmly on the ground. Embarrassment flooded her as the black around her vision retreated, she skillfully hid how she was truly feeling with a small laugh. "I should have a asked for assistance before I stood." She said with a small smile before looking down at her now disheveled dress. The modest neck line was now shoving far more cleavage then she felt like showing at this moment in time and quickly pulling it up. She watched as the captin was moved by Xiao and the
  2. The companion smiled at Xiao's jest as she did find it funny, since she had studied war strategies and memorized countless things that she felt was unnecessary to share at the moment as she pushed her previous thoughts aside. "You are the wise one dear," she gave the complement honestly as she had seen the doctors hands and voice was steady the whole time, she quite liked this women she had a certain calm about herself that she often mimicked, "I'm fairly skilled in the war of love though." She watched as Xiao removed the needle and bandaged, slowly bending her arm back and forth when she was
  3. ((Sounds good. And as for what you missed Narath my character, Athena, arrived with money for the shuttle. Coincidentally she is O+. So she is helping the captain with a blood transfusion and taking with Luna who doesn't like her job and Xiao. )) Athena was about to suggest that they should all have some tea to calm their nerves after this ordeal seeing that it wasn't every day that the captain got shot in the chest. But she might as well mention it later after she had a chance to settle in. She raised a brow at her name being used and questioned "Yes, I'd like to think so, I'
  4. Glacier managed to smile with tight lips at Luna kneeling on the chair in front of him, "Hey Luna." He got slightly nervous by the ways she was sitting but didn't mention it, "You a good flyer I'm guessing?" He asked and laughed at himself slightly before saying, "I'm not." He watched as Phe sat at the window a seat away from him and noticed the similar tense looking I her body that he felt. He could practically feel the heat coming off of the girl in waves but he tried no to make the girl more nervous by fiddling with the seat arm rests. He almost groaned out loud at the words he heard
  5. Glacier walked onto the air craft as told figuring he would,have a chance to talk with the people sitting next to him and get to know more of them. This was so different compared to the small town that he was from just outside of the city. Even though the ship was a great looking craft he had never actually flown before and his nerves were buzzing. He sighed when he sat into the chair on the back of the ship away from the windows and waited for the others to sit to see who he'd be sitting by.
  6. ((Ah!! Why didn't I think about that!! Should have called him Frost... Oh well Glacier Will will have to do.)) Glacier smiled at he two closest girls in front of him playfully bowing like a true gentleman to the ladies, "it is very nice to meet you Luna and Phe." Wondering what they along with the others could do before straightening at the word pizza. He didn't cover his ears but eyes widened with surprise at the preteen craft, "Woah.." He said, "Just... Woah." He smiled, "Hey Robin! Can I drive?" He asked, jokingly of course, knowing that it wasn't a craft that he would easily be let
  7. Athena watched as her blood was drawn and into the captain, she was slightly glad that she now had a favor from the captain in return for giving her the blood she had previously lost. It would come in handy one of these rainy days. Although Luna seemed to instantly dislike her she felt that she could win her over if she showed her that she was just a person like herself with hardships in her past. But that would be saved for a different day as she knew that the bright green haired girl had her mind set for today. Athena's blue eyes met hers again when she spoke again, "Its alright Luna I ca
  8. Like always Glacier was running late, but at least this time it wasn't his fault it was the trains. He pulled the crumpled invitation out of his pocket and looked at the address yet again before grumbling a curse onto the late train. "Chance of a life time! And I'm going to miss it!" He exclaimed in the middle of the sidewalk as he ran full speed. But with a smirk he summoned his ice and aimed it in front of himself to create a ramp of ice to propel him further and faster. He dodged pedestrians as they felt a cold chill and suddenly ice beside them. He laughed and crouched to make himself
  9. "No. Although it is fairly unusual to be on a ship such as this it is not unheard of. We pick our partners as well as where and when." She glanced at the very pale, green haired, judgmental girl and knew from a glance exactly what she was thinking about her. Although Companions were respected by mostly all there were a few that completely disagreed with the way that they made a living. Sure, Companions were encouraged to enjoy their work but also stay emotionally detached. But her blue eyes stayed soft seeing how tense she was in front of the captain in her current state, "it is nice to mee
  10. She only nodded to the explanation of why the captain was lying before them as Athena gathered up her royal blue skirt and gracefully sat on her knees with a straight back in a respectful manor. Even though they were on a ship in the middle of nowhere she felt that she should treat the brown haired women before her with the utmost respect for working in such conditions as these. "Xiao is a beautiful name," she stated as she watched her work with precision and a steady hand, she had a different sort of feel about her that made her want to dig deeper into the calm visage that she held so well
  11. She was not surprised by the inqueary of her being a companion for she knew that people could spot her from a mile away with the way she acted, dressed, looked and so on. As for her blood type she knew hers by heart, "Yes, to both of your questions Doctor," she said assuming that she was in fact the doctor of this ship, "I was just at my check up recently in fact." With that she started to roll up the sleeve of her left arm and setting her purse aside while she walked forward with her heels clicking sharply. "Where would you like me?" She asked, more then wiling to help the deathly pale cap
  12. As Athena got closer to the ships entrance she noticed that there was a women lying on the ground in a pool of blood that was now staining the hull along with a couple other women beside her. Painted red lips gasped at the sight as she was instantly worried for the women and wondered what happened. But her jaw snapped back into place when the women one the ground spoke to her in a barely audible voice but she heard it. Removing the silk scarf for her hair she dug into her purse to retrieve the large amount of cash tied with a string, "Yes ma'am." She replied assuming that she was the captai
  13. Athena paid a man in the town to help her bring all of her bags to the grounded firefly class ship on a small, old, and rusted hover craft that made more noise then she thought was possible as she sat in the front seat and tied a silk scarf around her wispy blonde almost white hair. When she saw the ship she tired to hurry the older gentleman towards the ship. They stopped ten feet from the ship knowing that they must have heard her arrival as she hurried and grabbed her purse and in her brown boots she started towards the open bay doors in her simple but embroidered blue dress with brown c
  14. ((Hey guys! I figured I might as well plop my charrie into the mix .)) Athena Rochella woke up, her eyelids heavy with sleep, head pounding with groggy thoughts floating though her head. "What..." she groaned and tried to remember the last thing that she remembered, she had been on the dance floor but the man that she was with asked if they could go somewhere more private, of course, she smiled and said yes dear. The companion sat up, she was laying on the ground and something warm and sticky was on her cheek, when she sat up it started to drip down. She ignored it for a moment as sh
  15. Elegra sighed as she dusted off some of her glass vials on a shelf, hair falling out of her messy bun and making her even more frustrated. It was a mundane task, cleaning, why else did she need a slave. But she would do it any ways until hers got here. The healer hummed to herself as she places the perspective bottles where the belonged before heading outside to tend to her garden to tend to it. It was a small garden that was only filled with certain flowers and herbs to help her in her practice. Lifting up her red skirt to her knees she knelt down on the grass and started to pull the smal
  16. ((Can I just have a dragon come and swoop down and burn the wagons? Because I'm tempted to do it.)) With scared but elegant fingers she gripped the frame of the window and pulled herself out of it, an annoyed squeak from Sky later, she swung her legs up and over with ease onto the top of the wagon. Her blonde hair flew in the wind in front of her face as she stood, glancing to the head of the wagon to see her father humming to himself and steering. Her little drake flew in front of her face with translucent wings glittering in the sun, "You hate being cramped up too huh?" she mumbled,
  17. ((Well I'm gonna just plop her in there.)) Elegra and her family had been traveling on and off performing here and there with little success when it came to some small towns. She lounged in the comfort of a hammock she made herself. Her father disapproved but she liked it better then the hard bed. Sky flew in fast circles above her head, a streak of white against the dark wood, the little drake calmed and landed on her exposed stomach. The petite drake circled, talons slightly scrapping her skin, and laid down in a tight ball in the crook between her hip and stomach. She sighed and l
  18. "My goal in this life time? I've never really thought about it," she said as she looked into the distance at the fading sunset, "I want to know where I come from... I know I was ment to do something, something bigger." Name: Elegra (Ele for short) Swan Age: 20 Occupation: She is part of a traveling side show, her talents varying greatly because she grew up in it. From breathing fire, swallowing swords, walking on glass, tight rope, acrobats, and dance. She's a women of many talents. Or some might call her a gypsy, but don'
  19. ((Thank you coralkiki for telling us and helping out ND! )) Violetta opened her eyes and without a second thought conjured up a ball of what looked like a purple flame in her hands, it hovered over her hands. She could have grasped it and thrown it like a ball but instead she lightly placed it in Arystal's hands. "Okay Arystal, open your eyes. Keep that image in your mind." she told her and smiled as she conjured her own purple flame in her cupped hands. ~~~ The Elders sat down at the five places in the front of the ballroom, they were scared and every single one was rugged
  20. Violetta only smiled as she led the girl to her small little place on the edge of the kingdom just outside of the palace walls, it was practically part of it. Her small little cottage was built from stone and large glass windows on each side. She lead the younger purple girl around to the small patch of grass that lead right up to the castle wall. When Arystal blurted out about being excited she laughed. "No worries, I was too. Its quite useful when you get the hang of it." she told her as she took two stools from her house and placing them facing each other in the the middle of the green g
  21. Jane smiled to the women waving to her and patting a seat for her to sit at. Even though she wasn't much of a girly girl she did like the other women in the Iron soldiers because they all were strong and there was no lies and talking behind ones back. Because if you didn't like someone you told them to their face, maybe punching them along with it. But there was never much of that. "Hey Ladies!" she smiled, "Miss me?" She looked around the table and noticed that Nicoline wasn't present, that girl was gonna miss the meeting. But her thoughts about the missing women halted as the elders emerg
  22. "What's wrong?" Vi started but quickly shut her mouth because she also saw the green women walking down the small ally. She never liked people that treated others lower, especially another purple like her. But rather than spitting in the green woman's face she smiled as sweetly as possible. "Why thank you. I'm Violetta and you must be the owner of these wonderful vegetables that I helped Arystal get for you, what a wonderful green color you are as well." she said all of it through her teeth, she did not like this women very much. "I hope you didn't need Arystal because I was just asking her
  23. Violetta didn't get a chance to say anything to Arystal before Talla interrupted her. "Well-" she started but he was already walking away. And then she heard Arystal's voice in her ear, and she smiled back at the purple girl beside her, "He owns a flower shop near the palace apparently. Handsome for a green color don't you think?" she asked with a mischievous grin before it faded from her next question. "Bruises? Oh, yeah. It's nothing really just from a but of weaponry practice with a red color. They can be brutal at times when it comes to fighting." Vi told her rubbing her arm, "Anyways,