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  1. Athena- Companion- dining room At the sound of slight cautious footsteps she tilted her head as Xiao came into view. Athena took a moment to watch the doctors features and although she was one to have her emotions on check it was the slightest differences that made the companion think that Xiao was stressed over the whole situation. But hell, who wouldn't be? "Yes." She replied in an even voice, "I'll help you move her. Poor thing, she must have had a nasty fall to get knocked out cold like this." She said as she stood and gently moved Suren from under the table before crouching back
  2. Athena- Stoubborn Companion "I'm sure the Captain is fine." Athena said as she watched Jakes features and saw him look at the unconscious man and almost say something but stopped when he looked back at her. She was almost concerned that she had something on her face by the way he looked at her. "Oh," she said as she too looked down at her bloody handkerchief and the couple of small lines of deep red trailing down her neck and chest now staining the top of her shirt. "I'm sure I'm fine Jake." She said as he reached out to the cut, allowing him to look at it if it made him feel bett
  3. Athena- Companion- cargo bay With squinted blue eyes Athena stayed where she was, crouching to search the pockets of the knocked out man. She pulled out a small wallet that held pictures of who she assumed where his loved ones. He was just a man after all, a twisted one none the less but he too had a family that most likely depended on his endeavors to help them survive. A small blonde smiling girl looked up at Athena with wide green eyes, she couldn't help but touch the tattered picture with her fingertip. But just as the companion began to smile, she grimaced at the feelings tha
  4. Athena barely had time to react when she heard the clang of metal against metal and then the brick wall of muscle known as Jake tackled her, Bertha slipping of her hands as she covered her ears against the horrid noise. Another large weight landed on them and she groaned, her corset digging into her sides. Coughing and closeing her eyes against the smoke she nodded to Jake, not that he could see her but she did anyways. Taking a handkerchief from her pocket she covered her mouth and nose, breathing a bit easier, but just as she did so a blade came to her neck and a harsh breathing from the
  5. The companion sat with her back against the metal crates, preferring not to look at the chaos that was going to unfold before them. "We shall have to do that." Athena couldn't help but roll her eyes at the orders, though she would follow them and she could tell that he was completely serious, she knew that he only said it because when all was said and done Jake was a decent man. Athena double checked Bertha, keeping her ready in her hands, as Jake started to fire at the creaking doors of the ship. Her pale lips turned down at the corners as she heard the yelling and painful moans from the
  6. Athena-Companion- cargo bay next to Jake. The Companions attention snapped back to where Jake was now behind cover. She quickly moved to his side, her mind absorbing the information with efficiency. She knew a little something about large weapons since one of her clients did have extensive knowledge about guns and found it attractive when a woman knew a little something about guns, so needless to say she has done her research. Most men would never have thought to talk to her like she was an equal in this situation, it made her respect Jake more so than before. "Got it, reload, give
  7. Athena- Companion- Loading Dock Athena turned when the Catain spoke, quickly noting the lack of shoes but knew that now was not the time to comment as she, "Well Jake-" she began to reply but was also shaken as the ship moved suddenly and she lost her footing a bit on the stairs on her way to her shuttle to grab her only gun. When she recovered she started back up the stairs, "Jake is going to be well covered in his little fort." She told the captain before tuning and entering her shuttle. She quickly when to a hidden drawer below her bed and pulled out a slightly scuffed revolver a
  8. Eini, meni, mini, boarding party. Seems more inclusive for everyone.
  9. Athena nodded as she walked to the nearest crate and got a good hold before using her legs to help her push the crate into position. The sudden movements of the ship caused her to be off balance but helped her in the long run as the crate slid into position in front of the gun, the barrel of the large machine just above the crate. "Hm, good job, Harmony." She said as she knew Jay must just be kicking the ship into high gear and trying to get away from the raiders. Athena continued with the endeavor of moving the crates infront of the large gun, she had moved five so far and hoped that at
  10. Athena decided to keep to herself as the rest spoke around her, thinking about the fact that hey were most likely going to have hostile people aboard their ship weather they maneuvered their way out of it or not. Her thoughts went back to her training to be a companion, of course some of that taught her how to fight with numerous weapons and how to protect herself with hand to hand combat. But guns? Sure she could shoot one and most likely hit her target. But she preferred not to touch them. Her mind came back to the current situation as she heard Jake ask for anyone to help move c
  11. "Good morning Xiao, it was a night like any other I hope yours was better than mine." Athena replied to the doctor as she watched her sit down, noting the clothing on her back was more of something one would find on a picnic outing rather than a space ship. It suited the doctor well either way, she couldn't imagine her in anything less. "Stow away Suren dear, we wouldn't want it to get bullet holes in it." She said the last part slightly sarcastically but in a light tone, taking another bite of her apple. She was just about to reply to Suren when she couldn't help but smile at Nelson t
  12. Athena nodded and smiled politely to Nelson, "Good morning Nelson." She couldn't help but chuckle under her breath and wave at the kind hearted man as he headed up the stairs to the cockpit. Just as she pushed her chair out, not able to stay seated any longer, the Companion looked up to see Jake walking into the dining room with a rifle over his broad shoulder. She arched a delicate brow, "When am I not ready Jake?" Purposefully saying his name as she could practically read his mind knowing that he forgot her name yet again, but she didn't let it faze her as she smiled coyly before turni
  13. The companion had been brushing her hair when she heard the captains overcom announcement, it immediately made her ill at ease with the situation. She had been with Harmony for a couple weeks now and she could already tell that this was not a normal announcement by the under tones of Captain Teela's voice. So with that thought she moved into action getting herself dressed in one of the only pair of pants that she owned, most likely no one on the ship has seen a companion in actual, functional, pants. As well as a simple corset and modest shirt underneath, yet even though her modest attire o
  14. ((Yay another player. )) Athena's eyes simply creased at the edges as she heard his simple response to her inquiry about the crew, most men would bend their back for her, but this one had honor. She was impressed to say the least. The companion watched as Jay walked her through everything, it was east enough she had flown and managed larger ships than this before. "It's perfect Jay." She told him as she leaned on the back of the cockpit chair and looked the screen over, memories coming back to her on how to work the shuttle. "I'll take good case of this little shuttle don't you wor
  15. ((That's true. Wouldn't want to mess up Mousia's RP plot. And we could create characters when needed. I think if we were to make a new thread we would have to make it a little more open... But I don't know how we'd do that with a Firefly RP. It'll be interesting if we have a larger kind of tourist crew, or maybe it a rally long space trip from one side to the next. But for a while we could continue just in case.))
  16. ((I absolutely adore Firefly. So I'd be willing if we had a plot and maybe a couple more people we could start a whole new thread. I'd be committed just as long as it didn't go too fast because at maximum I can reply like once a day. And the only way I could see us continuing in here is if we landed and either your character got into a little bit of trouble and dragged our characters along into Persephone.))
  17. Athena nodded when he mentioned that they would be landing in a meager couple of hours onto Persephone. She thought a moment about the largely populated planet, there were wealthy people located on the planet, but there was also a lower society that dwelled there. An unfamiliar emotion of fear filled her when the thought came across her mind of what might happen if she came across a fellow companion... But she smiled and cleared he throat, enjoying Jays ramblings, "But so far you have enjoyed yourself on the ship? Nothing too crazy happened I hope." Sure, she was trying to scope out the
  18. The companion gratefully took Jays arm and held tight, she didn't fancy falling again. Her head felt light so she tried to focus on something, anything would do. She watched Jay out of the corner of her eye, he reminded her of home. Warn clothing, dust everywhere, hardened features, and unkept blonde hair. He had a charm about him that she rarely saw in people she associated with. He was real. Realizing that he spoke Athena drifted from her thoughts and smiled softly, "Well I don't know yet." She told him, "You can surprise me Jay." She gave his arm a pat and couldn't help but laugh at hers
  19. "No no no. No need to fuss with me Doctor. I'm quite alright really. I just have lost all manor of keeping myself upright today." The companion laughed at herself and noticed the proximity between her and Jay, although she didn't mind. "But I might need a little more help this time getting back to my room, not that lovely Luna isn't a wonderful guide I just wouldn't want to collapse and bring her down with me." She said rubbing her temples. By the gods she needed a strong drink of tea. "Jay if you'd be so kind as to help me to my room?" She asked, "it'd be greatly appreciated." She felt s
  20. "Athena. Wonderful to meet you Jay." She stated slipping off her gloves before clasping his calloused hand with her soft one and giving it a firm shake. A genuine smile parted her red lips as Jay introduced himself to her in such a simplistic way, most men when meeting her tended to puff themselves up in a most unpleasant manner. "You do have a way with this ol lady, I could barely feel the take off." She said with genuine praise as she started to tuck her gloves into her bag but as she did so one brown glove fell onto the floor, thinking nothing of it she swiftly crouched and plucked it fr
  21. Athena felt slightly concerned for Luna as she listened to the small details that she was willing to share with her. The companion took a step away from Luna , careful to make sure she had a railing to hold onto, and looked at her with almost a motherly care in her eyes. "Luna I'm not trying to be anything that I am not just for the sake of being your friend. All I as is that if you ever... Well if you ever need anything don't be afraid to ask." She admired the brave choice of hair color that the girl had chosen, "You have a good soul Luna." She told her before she felt slightly uncomfortab
  22. ((I will not let this RP die!!! But I can't post at the moment but I shall be back. Someone post. You boys aren't helpful at all making all the girls save my poor companion. Lol yay firefly. ))
  23. The companion looked up at hearing Luna's voice and arched a delicate blonde brow, but she did not question and figured she did truly need the help to find the first mate. "Thank you Luna." She placed a light hand incased in brow gloves on Luna's upper arm as they started to walk. Blue eyes watched the green haired women beside her intently as she could almost taste her unease radiating from her. "I am." She said as she turned her eyes towards her feet feeling like she did not want to make a fool of herself a second time by falling again, and as for the clothes she looked down at them and s
  24. Glacier felt at home in the tower as he looked out at the extensive view practically ignoring the others as he took a moment to soak all of this in. He was actually here, somewhere where he could make a difference and help others with all of these amazing people. He could get used to the flying, he thought, and he could get used to the view. Glacier cracked a smile when the pizza was out and reached over everyone to grab a slice. He chewed slowly as she continued to look over the ocean and city, his thoughts wondering.
  25. Athena watched as the captain was carried out of the cargo bay with a small polite smile, she wanted to draw as little attention to herself as possible as she again attempted to stand seeing as her previous attempt to ask for help failed. The companion slowly got onto her knees and paused before continuing looking around and behind her for a stable place for her to hold onto. She found a railing just to her right and clasped it with both hands just to be safe as she slowly hoisted herself up. She straightened her dress as she leaned against the railing of the ship as she felt it lift off and m