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  1. Athena half heatedly smiled when she saw that he was truly upset for not waking up in time to play a proper game of pool, she really did find him to be a good man even if he was a little obsessive sometimes. She sat with board straight posture next to Atlanta, using her drink to take a look around the room with every sip she took from the cracked glass and noted that the two figures were no longer hooded and surprisingly enough one of them was female. "I have a feeling our game is going to get cut short today." She said to no one in particular as she kept the two in her peripheral vision
  2. Lol, here's my thought process of reading your post Bio: Oh great another J name, might have to change that.... oh wait.... jack and jill... ha! That's perfect! Totally laughed real hard.
  3. Great and if anyone has any reason for there character to be worried can be included too.
  4. If anyone has seen the episod Objects in Space with the bounty hunter I think that would be fun if the two figures were bounty hunters. Male and female maybe? Athena does have a price on her, alive under a different name, but they still might cause trouble, and there is no way that they could prove that she was the right person because she has all the right paper work, yay black market. And if someone else wanted to play the hunters so I'm not doing both sides that'd be good too. Unless someone else has an idea?
  5. Athena-stumped companion Athena pursed her lips at the board, "By the gods Nelson..." He had left her in a predicament, so she would have to see if she... Her thoughts were distracted as the two hooded figured moved casually down the bar to lean against it and aim their hooded faces in ther direction. She felt nerves shoot down her spine but she kept her eyes on the game as she lined up her stick and jabbed at the que ball, it bounced, unlike her last smooth hits and hit a couple corners before stopping when hitting the solid blue ball. She had a horrible feeling that things might get in
  6. Athena- Actually having a bit of fun The companion laughed along with the boys, they were all so different. But she guessed that this would make for a good game if Nelson did not wipe them all out in one swoop. She smiled noting Jake's enthusiasm as she walked up to the table, chalking the tip of her cue stick, "Good shots boys." She walked around the table to get into a good position, taking her lace shawl off to reveal her bare shoulders, "Xiao could you hold this as I hang the boys out to dry?" She asked teasing the men before she leaned over and, biting her bottom lip she aimed, an
  7. "I think I'll play for a game." She said with a smile to Xiao, "I haven't played in a couple of years, but we shall see." She wasn't must for competition or focusing on something like pool but she had to keep herself busy as to ignore the people around them. Noting that no one had taken her advise to break the triangular set before them she rolled the que ball in to place and leaned over the table, taking aim and a slow breath before letting her stick hit the battered white ball. The balls broke fairly well, only the red solid one going into the far left pocket. As she straightened back u
  8. Athena smiled at the assortment of drinks taking one of the smaller glasses and taking a sip of what she had no clue. But she placed it on the table and sat back waiting for the boys to play. She was feeling slightly uneasy from all the sly looks that she was getting but made sure not to let it show. She had simply aquired the two tables because she had wanted to show the rest of the crowd that she wasn't afraid to be here or get what she wanted. Either way she didn't know what to do with herself in this sort of situation, it had been a long time since she had simply gone to a bar even long
  9. Satisfied companion- Athena Athena truly wasn't a master at pool, that just wasn't a hard shot, anyone with half a brain could have made that shot but she was glad that Jay had noticed. The companions eyes widened in surprise when he complemented her a second time but he didn't seem to notice. She couldn't help but chuckle when he didn't know what he said until a few seconds later. "I know what you ment Jay, and for a round I'll play." She smiled again at Nelson's comment, "I would set up but I don't recall how the beginning set up goes. Besides I think Jay or Xiao are buying rounds."
  10. Companion- Athena Athena was trained to do anything and be the perfect companion that everyone expected her to be. She walked in behind everyone eyeing the shadows in the corners and the scantily clad women practically throwing themselves at the men. Then there was the silence, it was strange to hear the clang of beer mugs over the people for a moment. But then again it is what happened when a companion like her entered a place like this. Looking around at the awe in the men's faces, she was dressed simply but that made no difference, they knew. It only lasted for a moment until th
  11. Athena watched as Rose, who was anything but the flower, stomped towards them like a beast of a woman and said a few standard things. The companions visage remained the same even at the mention of if she or Xiao were a companion to come see her. Her skin almost crawled at that thought, she was a companion not a common w hore. She listened to the others plans, "Or at least a bar," She added, "besides Jake, if I do recall you owe me a drink." She had not plan of actually drinking but she would not be wondering off too far from the men in the group, she could take on a single person but if she
  12. Athena- uneasy Companion The companion watched as the scene unfolded before her with tight lips, the whole situation made her feel uncomfortable but as long as another woman was coming she would go as well just simply to get out of the ship. "I'll come along." Athena said with a slight voice mainly to Xiao but to the boys as well. She hoped that she didn't cause too much of a stir with the locals. ((Sorry for the late response.))
  13. Athena-Companion- Catwalk Athena had been in the middle of getting dressed in a simple black floor length dress (basically a maxi dress, not very formal) as well as a matching black lace shall over her head, covering her stark white blonde hair when Jays voice came over the intercom. She paused for a moment as she began apply red lipstick, adding to how truly pale and perfect her skin was. She glanced down at the healing mark on her neck and frowned slightly. It would heal. She hoped. Exiting her shuttle she noted Xiao sitting on the catwalk along with Nelson below. She wasn't sure wha
  14. Hey guys I'll be able to post on the 21st. And if anyone gets into serious trouble Athena can help by being a companion. If anyone has seen the show they know she could.
  15. ((I'd suggest reading it because ther are some parts where Mistress moved Jake along. Xiao and Athena moved Suren to the medical bay, and if I recall correctly she is still there other than that last post for the time skip. But basically Jay and Atlanta stayed in the cockpit, Atlanta helping him get out of the asteroid feild and around the other ship. The captain cleared the ship making sure that all the bodies were back on the ship, Jake, Nelson, and Athena helped with that. Nelson also made a creepy remark. Aaaaannnnnddd yeah. We have done a time skip now so I think you got back a
  16. Athena felt slightly off balance by the comments made by Nelson, did he expect her to be a manipulative temptress to all men that she met? She had simply been wanting to lighten the mood but that ship crashed with no survivors. Just as she had been trained to do her true emotions were hidden so all Nelson would see a was the prefect face of a companion looking back at him with one slightly raised brow. Thankfully before she replied the captain intervened and she couldn't have agreed more with her. She was just about to go back to her shuttle, she wanted to get dressed to go outside of th
  17. Athena gave one last groan and shoved the unconscious man into the shuttle with the rest of them, dusting off her hands on her pants and closing the ships door behind her as she was the last one out but not closing their shuttle doors as she wanted to leave that for the captain to do. Nelson's almost obnoxious whistling made her glance at the floors hull as she started up the stairs the slowly fading crimson color was only slightly disturbing. In almost a teasing voice she said, "You missed a spot." She pointed behind the engineer with a slight smile only wishing to add to Nelson's, slightl
  18. Athena nodded, she liked to keep herself busy in any way possible and wasn't surprised when the dull clang of a body landed on the floor below the catwalk. She slightly grimaced but tried not to let it show as Nelson passed. She game him a slight nod back as she too started towards the raider that she had knocked out. "Nelson, there is a dead raider that Jake took care of. I think he's just behind those crates." She said motioning her chin to the other side of the cargo bay just as she took hold of both the mans arms and dragged him towards the other ship, moving slow but steady. "By the
  19. Athena- catwalk towards loading dock It didn't take long for the companions pulse to slow to its normal rythmic pace and she opened her blue eyes to see that her tea wasn't even ready yet. So she sighed and stood, maybe the excitement hadn't unnerved her as much as she had thought. After all this is what she wanted right? Before exiting the shuttle she slipped of the over skirt she had used to hide the revolver and stepped out just in time to see the captain hulling a man over her shoulder down to what she assumed was the intruding ship. Athena admired Teela, she was a head strong w
  20. Thank you alright guys don't have too much fun without me.
  21. Athena- Cmpanion- her shuttle Athena gave the doctor a small smile, "Always welcome Xiao." And with that she swiftly left the uncomfortably lit room and headed to her shuttle wanting nothing more than to meditate and have a cup of tea to calm her nerves. She door opened with a shifting sound and she closed and locked the door. If anyone wanted to find her they all knew where she would be. The shuttle was her scantuary and she was always thankful for that fact. She started to brew some tea and quickly stow away the revolver after the lack of use she was happy to know it had not been
  22. Athena- Companion- Infirmary Athena let out a small groan as Xiao paused from a brief moment. Although the companion was physically fit she was not one to lift such heavy objects on a daily basis. But her complaint stopped before it could even leave her lips as she looked up to see Xiao paler than before as they passed through the cargo bay. She should say something... But what was there to say? She could not sooth the doctor at the moment. "Come on Doc. Almost there." She said in a slightly strained voice watching her face with hawk like blue eyes, with the weight of Suren getting h
  23. Hey guys! I'm gonna be chaperoning small camp children from the 1st of June to the 6th. So needless to say I won't have wifi for those days. I'm gonna get Athena out of the way before I leave. So no worries just wanted to tell everyone.