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  1. Athena~Hating to be woken up The companion gasped as the sudden surge of serum surged through her veins. Causing her heart to pound quickly and a quick cough to remind her of her injury. But the hand upon her chest caused her body only to jolt slightly. She looked up and gave Xiao a small smile before sitting up on the bed and looking at her disheveled and torn apparel that was hanging off of her form. She wrapped one arm around her injured side and the other moved her blonde hair from her face. Her eyes took in the situation, Jake must have been up, seeing as he was no longer in the bed across from her, that was good seeing as he wasn't dead because of her... "When do you think I can take off the bandages?" she asked as she stood already thinking about the remedies that she was going to have to apply to make sure the mark was never to show, "Actually never mind that, I want to get out of these rags." Athena said with a bite of her lip as she stood, the slight pull on her side was bearable but noticed as she started for the door. There was a general murmuring in the ship, as if everyone was on their toes. They had every right to be, she had just brought something down on the ship that was not to be forgotten anytime soon.
  2. Awesome, I'll go have her get a glass of water actually scratch that she would probably want to get out of the diseviled clothes knowing her, and perhaps the Captain might have a chat with her about why exactly those bounty hunters wanted her so badly
  3. Athena closed her eyes then on, her arm on the injured side under her head as to keep it out of the way of Xiao. She didn't like seeing her own skin torn as being a companion it was her goal to be the perfect woman for her clients, she so hoped that the salve that she carried with her would erase the scar other wise she might have to go in for professional heath. "Hera." she tried not to move as Xiao examined her even with her cold hands they were steady and unfazed by the blood, she bit her tongue at the sound of her shirt ripping as well, the whole outfit had gone to ruins but that was the cost of being in her situation now wasn't it. "That was a very long time ago though," her eyes tightened against the memories flooding back to her, her side was sufficiently numb as she spoke and it caused her body to relax but she still shook her head to rid herself of the memories. "Xiao..." her voice became soft, "you are too talented to be on a ship like this.." the words slipped out before she could stop them and let herself fall into the open arms of the black behind her eyelids.
  4. Athena hissed through her teeth as she got onto the bed and laid back her head feeling light as ever and she closed her eyes against the light of the room. A thought skirted across her thoughts telling her she deserved this for bringing this down on the crew. That she ought to be the one harmed for being so selfish as to not take care of this herself. But it flitted away even as she tried to grasp for it and tell it that she had no choice. "Be absolute for death; either death or life Shall thereby be the sweeter." she quoted Romeo and Juliette for Xiao... Or was it Measure for Measure.... Either way she quoted the old man from back on the old Earth. "But lets not let that day be the day shall we?" she asked more to herself, realizing that she had asked a question a moment ago she answered, "No, no, no Doc. None of the above." she chucked slightly, "Not the religious type." her words were getting soft, all she wanted to do was sleep.
  5. Athena barely noted when she was shifted from one person to another. All she wanted to do now was sleep. Sleep soundly and pretend this whole mess never happened. Her thoughts drifted to the night that she woke up covered in someone else's blood rather than her own holding a blade that she had no recollection of having owned. At hearing Xiao's voice she stirred and focused more intently to the people and ship around her, "It was a good plan," she paused to take a breath and adjust her sticky blood soaked piece of cloth on her side, this made her wince, " Just didn't plan on the big brute being so resilient." She stated and bit her lip as she made an awkward move trying to stand a bit straighter but a shock of pain went though her. She truly hated being in pain like this.
  6. The companion managed a chuckle at the captains quip about her not fainting, but it came out as more of a groan. She felt extremely light headed and began to bite the side of her cheek to keep focused enough to stay awake. "The poison will last for 8 hours." Athena groaned in a sharp pain as she sat on the table in the medical room now, "6 more likely...big guy." she huffed out trying to say "he's a big guy" but only able to get the last words out as she brought her legs up onto the table. She closed her eyes tightly against the pain thinking about how big of a scar she would have when it was all healed but then again it seemed normal to have scars in this world that was so unlike the one she was accustomed to.
  7. Athena decided that the best thing she could do was focus on Jay's voice as she felt the throbbing pain corse through her. She knew her face was grimacing in a very none lady like way but she couldn't care less for once in her life. The companion groaned at the sound of her dress and a sudden pressure but Athena nodded and she did as she was told. Her eyes opened slowly with the sudden slap to her cheeks ,not realizing when they had started to fall in the first place. "You..." She attempted to take a deep breath and instantly regretted it but keeping her eyes locked to Jay's even as she bit her lip in pain and started again, "Y-You ripped my dress." She jest but she couldn't care less about the fabric nor could she care if his words were a lies or not.
  8. Everything was happening so fast for Athena. Her mind was racing. She had caused this mayhem, this fear for other people's lives that she could not protect with the simple bat of her eyelashes. This caused her strong wall inside of her to slightly crack. She actually cared about what happened to these people and how she effected their lives. The world seemed to move in slow motion as she watched Jay find Jake and make sure he was okay and breathing. But when she turned back to the assumed paralyzed bounty hunter she gasped seeing a gun aimed at her. She heard it before she felt the bullet go through her side hitting no bones to cause it to stop in her body. "Oh bloody hell..." Athena felt like she was in one of those old movies that they showed on wealthy planets. Putting her hand to her side as she felt blood start to soak her priceless silk clothes turning it from blue to a sickly purple. Falling to her knees she managed to knock the gun from Jacks berore she let herself lean back heavily with a groan of pain on one of the many crates as she heard footsteps approaching and looked up to see Jay. The corners of her vision began to become fuzzy.
  9. Awesome! Sorry for my extended absence guys! Welcome Narvix! Glad to have another character. I think your character will fit in to the story well. The exchange is going well I think. But should we have a casualty? I was thinking about having a bullet that ricochet hit Athena, maybe from Jill while she leaves to cover her butt.
  10. The whole situation had Athena's tights in a knot but at least it had gone as planned, she had made sure to push Atlanta back and away from danger as the dart did its job and caused Jack to become numb and to fall from Jay's punch, their faces were usually the last to become numb. Kneeling beside the paralyzed man she spoke in a dark tone, "Alright heathen," she grabbed him by his chin barely even glancing as shots fired around her, "This poison will make you paralyzed for the rest of your pitiful little life unless you tell me where we can find Jake." ((Back!))
  11. ((Oops Just realized that Atlanta has the ice blue eyes and Athena has the dark blue ones. I'll fix that. )) Athena smiled softly as she finished her hair, looking at Atlanta in the mirror seeing that they contacts worked perfectly to make her eyes look like Athena's own. "Well, being a companion means acting like a person that everyone is in love with, how you felt when you were in love with that certain someone is how you should assume everyone is around you... Now the fun stuff, makeup." she sat down on a stool next to Atlanta, "This is harder to explain than I thought... You have to act like royalty among her subjects. But she dose't regard them any less than herself. She even thinks of them as equals no matter who they are. But in their mind you are the exotic creature that they have never seen before or ever see again." All the while she was talking she was working swiftly with her foundation, covering up any blemishes as well as contouring her face to match her own. With just the base layer of makeup on Atlanta looked like a ghost but she continued, adding bronze and blush, and starting on the eye shadow to make her eyes more of a cat eye like her own giving her dark wings of liner. "Does that even make sense?" she asked as she paused in applying the fake lashes, "Hopefully we will have time for you to mimic me as practice before they arrive." "Can you walk in heels?"
  12. ((It's the best lol)) Athena Combing Atlantas curls with an ivory brush Athena couldn't help but smile at the precious innocence that she so admired. She began to take sections of Atlanta's hair and wind them into tight buns on her head, flat enough and small enough to hid under the wig. She did this methodically as she thought of how to proceed since Atlanta had never experienced what the action was truly like and how it was an amazing thing. "That is nothing to be ashamed of." She told her looking into the mirror at the scientist with a kind smile, she opened the drawer in the vanity and pulled a thin silver case that held her contacts in it, she opened it and inside there were sixteen small pools of liquid each holding different types of contacts to change Athena's eye color. "Can you put in the last pair in while I do this?" She asked as the last pair would make her eyes as light as Athena's while if Athena herself put them in it make her eyes almost white, one of her clients liked the sort of angelic way she looked, the light eyes only enhanced that. She returned to her brushing and pinning, "Then let me ask you this... Have you ever thought someone was so...beautiful that you were sure that they were carved out of stone? Like if they gave the time of day to talk to you that you would be the luckiest person alive? Well I guess I'm asking if you have ever loved someone?"
  13. Athena "Come along my dear, sit so we can begin." She gestured to a vanity table and small chair with all of her make up laid out before a large oval mirror. She pulled out some hair pins from a drawer and a brush to begin pinning her hair up. "how to teach a girl to become... Like me in less than an hour... Oh by the gods." She mumbled as she pulled out one of her most similar wigs like her own hair, just as llight blonde as her own but not as long, she would have to pin their hair up. "You are a scientist aren't you Atlanta? Have you ever been with a man before? Well or a woman I don't judge." She had no time to skirt around the quickest way to get Atlanta to know what it was like to be a Companion.
  14. Determined Companion-Athena "Then we will prepare both." Athena's features had returned to their composed visage, "I'll need all the time I can get with Atlanta to get her to look similar." She started up the stairs to her shuttle, "Come along Atlanta." She said over she shoulders she went though her shuttle door and began to rummage through all of her things, makeup, expensive wigs all similar to her own hair, contacts to change her eye color. All these things she used to become more exotic or attractive to her clients, she would bend to their every desire and become something more to them something that they could have for only a night.
  15. I think she, Athena, would be good at it too. Even making herself look slightly more like Atlanta to make it look more convincing. Do we want this to go well or have a few hiccups along the way? Because I feel like everything would not go all as planned.
  16. conflicted companion- Athena "Atlanta..." She ran a hand through her blonde hair, "You realize what you could get hurt right? Or worse even killed in this process..." She needed to say it out loud to the younger woman in front of her as she locked eyes with her, "I won't allow that to happen. The only think I could see as acceptable in this sort of situation, " she broke eye contact with Atlanta to look at the others as well, "We could use the snipers, because why wouldn't we? They aren't going to expect anything less from us. I'll present myself to them and we make the switch, but the distraction would be Atlanta coming out of my shuttle looking like me, from far away they won't be able to tell if it is really me." She told them, in her head thinking of ways for her to make herself look a little more like Atlanta, "The confusion would be the thing I need to throw them off and administer the substances myself." She didn't want any one else to get harmed but even so there was always a chance to fumble in crazy plans like these.
  17. Athena was pacing, her thoughts racing, she was intelligent being as she was taught for many years what to do in all kinds of situations. But why was she coming up with a blank now? She started to think out loud, eyes closed and still pacing, "Captain is right, although I do have the skill to make us look alike, that would be foolish, confuse them for a moment but foolish none the less." Her nails dug into her hands, "Who were they? I'm going to make an educated guess and say it was those two hooded people from the bar..." She remembered their clothing, "Well paid, known, they might have been on the road for a long time. Still, two people that's not a lot, but they are most likely skilled." She could feel blood in the palm of her hand, she was so mentally upset that this was happening. "A distraction! That's what we need! And I have.... Substances in my possession that I am the only one with an antidote. If I can get close to the two and administer it then they will have no choice but to save their own lives."
  18. Athena restrained herself from shearing a tear of pure amazement as she heard the words of the crew as she felt a swell of courage. These were amazing people and she wouldn't take back her actions that got her here. The companion managed a sarcastic laugh for Jay as the Captain greeted them and she strode ahead of the group to tell Teela of what happened, "Captain, Jake has been kidnapped because of me. We have an hour until they come for me to trade for Jake. I'm guessing that these people are bounty hunters, only finding me on some whim of luck because there is no way that any one of the worlds know where I am or that I'm even still alive." She decided not to say anything more because there were many details that she did not wish to have to explain in such a short time.
  19. Looking from the analyzing eyes of Xiao to the feirce blue ones of Jay's she couldn't help but feel guilty for bringing this upon the crew that she felt so deeply in dept to now. "Jay-" she hurried after the determined stride of the the pilot. Placing a gentle hand on his shoulder as they went off to the ship, "You don't have to do this. Jake is part of your crew... I'm not." She smiled sadly, "I don't deserve your kindness." She told him as they stepped into their docked ship. Athena's mind was running miles per second. How they had found her and how she could get herself out of here without anyone getting hurt. She had some extreme measures that she would use if the situation got out of hand, after all the bounty hunters wanted her alive... Well that's what she was assuming.
  20. Athena- Companion- worried for once The Companion's calm visage shattered in the split second that Jay turned to her... She had been caught. By some bounty hunters she assumed by the violent matter of the alternate kidnapping. How could they have her file? No one should even know who she is anymore... Unless someone talked. But she had paid good money and called in many favors for all of the illegal things that she did. Rarely did the Companions true emotions show though as she looked around at the fellow passengers and crew of the ship, "I see..." She choked out as she stood, "Did they say nothing else?" She asked in a last hope to see if this was simply just because she was a companion far from home. (Very good scene all together!))
  21. I think Jake is very capable of doing any of those. I personally would love to see a fight
  22. I think that's a great idea! I was thinking that Athena had fake id that said the person they were looking for was her twin sister. That was my great plan. So even then the J&J wouldn't believe that I'm sure.
  23. Happy Halloween everyone! Be safe! And I enjoy this RP with everyone, we have a great band of people here. And who are we waiting for? As well as I have a plan for getting Athea out of this situation. Should I keep it to myself for now?