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  1. I am SO upset at myself for not even getting on here on Saturday!!! I was too busy trying to organize my birthday gathering (that fell apart anyway). I have t missed a dragon, nor event, since I joined.
  2. I Would Like to Update My List! Scroll name: dawnshyne Forum name: cajunsun Birthday: April 2nd Revised List: 1. A 2g from my WISHLIST 2. 3g EG PB Gold or 3g Gold Checker with Female Silvers or 3g Silver Checker with Female Golds 3a. Anything else from my WISHLIST 3b. 4a. 4b.
  3. I lost a Valentine Egg on a lineage I've been working on because I bred the egg and then went to bed. Got on my scroll this morning to find a dead egg.
  4. Ugh... I just realized I can only get the views for the encyclopedia Zombies while they are visible. And I'm not up that late or early! Blah.
  5. Is anyone having success with making zombies right now? So far 10 have been fails... I have a few left to do but don't want to if they will all be fails! EDIT: NEVERMIND... GOT A FEW TO TURN.
  6. He looks like he's sitting with her knees up, pouting. hehehe
  7. Sooooo this Zombie sprite isn't in the spreadsheet... help?
  8. The slowness of the cave has been getting on my nerves for days. Geesh.
  9. Is it me or is the clock ticking WAY too slow?!!!
  10. Yes, it is a Dorkface and Thuwed. If you scroll down and look to the right you'll see the CB Thuweds and CB Dorkface... if you click on a Thuwed and you aren't sure it's a Thuwed, it's page will say "Verified Thuwed". I hope this helps!
  11. Misclicked and got two of the small blue ones but THIS ONE made up for that: http://dragcave.net/lineage/h9uRS A time one with the code that looks like hours!!! <3 Thank you Sock! I couldn't remember which way to do it. <3
  12. Wow, mine was 15/1/1 (from my notes I keep)... I THOUGHT I had a screenshot but it was back in January. I keep the codes though --- not that you'll see the views: TMqne & MlfBq
  13. Grabbed this baby because I know someone who would love it! Thanks!!!
  14. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand there is nothing at all dropping right now... any clue as to why?
  15. Yes YEs YES!!!!!!!!!! Whoooohoooo Thank you TJ!!!!!
  16. Would it be possible to add the Spriters Alts to the encyclopedia? It would be nice to have them as a reference of what they look like. For example, I didn't realize there were more than one Spriters Alt of the Desispis.
  17. Go here: http://www.allureofnds.net/NDER/Stats enter your scroll name and it will tell you your oldest dragon and the day you caught it. That's the best I know of... Your oldest dragon was caught on 12-22-08
  18. I joined 12-25-08 My scroll # is 236255
  19. I did the same trying to get a 2g Blusang... ended up with 3 silvers and nothing else. >.<
  20. I grabbed the eggie. Thank you!!!
  21. Aaaaand I think the only way out is to "click to reset location" and it warns me that I will have to start my day over. wahhhhh So now I'm just chillin'. EDIT: I hit refresh and he said the same thing but didn't kidnap me. I'm FREEEEE!!!!