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Currently seeking: CB Staterae (willing to send multiple eggs/hatchies - please message).

Additionally seeking: CB Neglected; 2G SAlts; 2G Prizes; 2-3G Thuweds.


Now accepting breeding requests for offspring from my Shimmer.

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    Somewhere in the Mountains
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    CURRENTLY SEEKING (highest priority in order of preference):
    *CB Stat
    *CB ND
    *2G Prizes, Thuweds & Spriter Alts.
    *CB Gold & Silver


    IOU’s OWED:
    None at this time.

    BREEDING REQUESTS (to be gifted):
    Want to be on this list? Check out my scroll and PM me!


    Thank you to everyone who has gifted dragons to me! Your generosity is appreciated :)
    Also, thank you to everyone who has traded IOU's with me! I appreciate your trust in me!

    > This list does not include every IOU ever done as I decided to keep track late 2013 (more specific in 2014)

    v **anyone can be contacted as a reference! ** v

    -(1) 2nd Gen. Silver
    -(1) 3rd Gen. Silver
    -(1) Green Stripe Egg, 2nd gen Frill X Stripe
    -(1) Gold Egg (2nd generation, crossed with Jura or with Frida)
    -(1) 2nd Gen. Silver
    -(1) 3rd generation Kalta x Argine (Silver)
    -(1) 2nd Generation Black x Gold (Gold)
    -(1) 2nd Gen. Gold (Old Pink X Gold or GW X Gold)
    -(1) CB Blusang egg (1-14)
    -(1) 2G PB female Black Alt hatchling (kaelaboo24) (2/6)
    -(2) 2G 09 Val eggs - horse mate and frill mate (donated to Jocosa) (2/14)
    -(2) 2G HeartSeeker offspring - one with Pink mate and other with Red (to jerzeeshadow) (2/14)
    -(3) Purple Dorsal Hatchlings (to Angel of the Inferno) 2/20
    -(1) 6th Gen Silver Tinsel egg (for Vday hatchies) 2/20
    -(1) Silver Shimmer Egg (for Vday hatchies) 2/18
    -(1) Gold Tinsel egg (for Vday hatchies) 2/16
    -(1) GW egg, any lineage (for Vday hatchies) 2/20
    -(1) Chicken egg 2/22
    -(1) Purple Dino 2/22
    -(5) CB Lumina hatchies to thomasgold19 on 2/23
    -(2) BSA hatchlings 1 orange & 1 red (to mikako17)2/24
    -(5) Tri Horns (to isstiautng) 3/1
    -(3) CB Pink Hatchlings to PonyTales delivered 3/1
    -(5) CB Lumina hatchies to thomasgold19 delivered 3/4
    -(1) Crimson Izaya V shimmer egg (to Jocosa) 3/6
    -(1) 2G PB Blusang Hatchling (to Kùtötu) 3/6
    -(9) Fever Hatchlings (to Arra)
    ---> 3 delivered 3/4, 5 delivered 3/8 & last delivered 3/12
    -(12) BSA Hatchlings ~ 12/12 delivered as of 3/12 (to OceanBlues)
    -(1) PB female Black ALT (to TnB) - completed 3/19
    -(3) Male Horse Hatchlings (to Kojote) - completed 3/20
    -(5) Brute Hatchlings to Marek - completed 3/20
    -TO harpuiapwnsyou for 2G Shimmer from CB Shimmer Libby=
    (1)Purple Dino, (1)Blue Dino, (1)Gold Tinsel, (1)Misfit (m), & (1)Nocturne (f), (2) Blunas (m,f), (1)Olive (f), (2) Messy Bronze Tinsels (u,m), (1) Messy Silver Tinsel & (3) Blusangs (u,m,f), (2)Brimstone (m,f), (2)Brute(m,f), (1) Female Canopy, (3)Fever(u,f,m), (1)Purple Dorsal(f), (3) Brown Copper (u,m,f), (1)Canopy(m), (1)Swallowtail (f) and (2) 5th gen Silver Tinsel from Penk (xAutumn=hatchie sent 6/8) xHellfire=hatchie sent via pm 6/1)
    -TO harpuiapwnsyou for 2G Silver Shimmerkin from Libby= (1)Bronze Shimmer (m), (2) Silver Shimmer (m, f), (1) Gold Tinsel (m), (1)Gold Wyvern (m), (1)Geode (f), 1)Gold Tinsel (f), (2)Gold Shimmer (m,f), (1)Ice (u), (2) Ridgewing (m,f), (2) Nhio (m,f), (1) Spitfire (m), (1) Ultraviolet (u), and (3) Howlers (m,f,u)

    -(1) ALT Vine hatchling -any gender- to Sarxh 4/6 - finally fulfilled 5/29 (thank you for your patience while the Vines were being so stubborn!)
    -(1) Avatar - male GoN x female Falcon (IOU to ZzelaBusya) 6/23
    -(2) 2G Holiday x Trio (IOU to djengis) 7/6 (09xMagma & IcexSolstice)
    -(1) Gold x Frill to soulchaser (7/16); (1) Silver from female GoN x Silver 10/15
    -(2) Avatars of Change - GoN x Solstice (7/18) -- ~Avatar of Change from Radiant Angel (to WatersMoon110) 8/15
    -(1) Silver egg from CB Old Pink to lazybug (fulfilled 1/21/15) - I am so sorry for the delay - Old Pink has never been that stubborn before - but thank you for your patience!

    ^ ** anyone may be contacted as a reference! ** ^