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99redwaffles.png bi2lmq.gif gryff_hat.gif I have an early Pottemore.com account! :D If you have one too, let me know your username when Welcome emails are sent out!I return ALL PMs. It's called common courtesy. If I send you a PM, I expect the same in return, especially when it concerns trades. Treat others like you want to be treated, yes? :) Please email if inbox is full!Wishlist: In profile

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    Hello! I have been a member of Dragon Cave for a long time and at one point made this forum account but neglected to use it (except to ask some questions early on). I recently became interested in trading thanks to Teleport so here I am, on the forums! Feel free to PM me, I like meeting new people :) I am currently working on a bachelor's degree in English and hope to graduate in December so if I am hard to contact during the fall, that is why!

    Some things about me: Well, I'm an anime nerd and, yes, a big time BL (aka: yaoi) fan. I love reading and hope to someday be a published author myself =3 I'm also recently obsessed with Supernatural... :P



    * Tinsels =3 (dream is to have a 2nd gen of each color.. plus one from Penk <3 lol)
    * 4th even gen Gold Tinsel (with only Gold/Sunsong in line)
    * 4th and 3rd even gen Silver Tinsel (with only Silver/Nebula in line)
    * ND
    * CB Gold/Silver
    * CB Blue/Purple Nebulas or Nebulas with beautiful lineages
    * 2nd gens from spriter's alts
    * 2nd gen tinsel fails
    * CB stripe
    * CB black
    * Pink hatchlings
    * Red hatchlings
    * Magi hatchlings
    * Purple hatchlings
    * Any eggs/hatchies with beautiful lineages
    * Eggs/hatchlings from clever Harry Potter/Anime/Supernatural lineages XD

    IOUs/Breeding Lists: I do not keep "breeding lists" for my dragons but I sometimes give out IOUs for them if an appropriate trade has been made. I never give out more than a few IOUs at a time and I always fill them. I consider IOUs from others but only if the list is short :) Don't be afraid to offer me an IOU!

    IRC: I can be caught there most of the time when I am home. You can usually find me in dctrades as either Waffles or nekomoon (an old Jr. High nickname of mine). Also, though my sister does not use the forum, she HAS started using the IRC. You can find her there as icanhaspancake (but I will ALWAYS be either Waffles or nekomoon)

    Pottermore: I was able to get an account on the 2nd day of the Magical Quill promotion and my username is FeatherSpirit161 =3 Add me or whatever when the site is up! ^_^