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    Hey guise. c: In case you don't already know, I'm a friendly gal that enjoys Pokemon, Beyblade, drawing, and all sorts of things. Feel free to send me a PM for a chat or stalk me in the forums. I appreciate roleplay requests and will take a look at them, but because college is really bearing down hard I'll more than likely decline any more invitations. Also, I totally suck at one on ones, so it's up to you whether or not you want to give it a shot. x)


    ATTENTION: TINSEL LIST IS NOW CLOSED. Disregard information below.

    Also, about the tinsel:
    His new list is now officially open (nope, not anymore). HOWEVER. Before you click that PM button, you best read! I will be able to tell if you've followed the instructions or not, and if you haven't, I will not put you on the list. <br><br>First of all, do not just tell me what you want. Ask. Nicely. I'm quite tired of being told what to give people. As far as I'm aware, I'm trying to be generous by giving you a special dragon egg that I've taken the time to breed for you. The least you could do is word your request in a way that makes me feel like my service is appreciated. Also, I really don't like begging.
    Secondly, DO NOT PM ME. Instead you will need to use my E-mail. This is because my inbox on the forum fills up RIDICULOUSLY fast and I need that space for other things than just the requests. This also makes it easier for me to track who I need to breed for.
    Thirdly, in your request email, state your username on the forum and give me a link to your scroll. If you already have a 2nd gen of any tinsel I will likely postpone your request behind someone who doesn't. The number of tinsels you have overall, however, won't be a factor in this, as I feel it's rather easy to get a tinsel of higher generations. Title your email appropriately so I know what it's about- if you want a 2nd gen tinsel or if you want a 2nd gen tinsel fail. Details in the email are also appreciated.
    Fourthly (that's a word?), first come, first serve. Even if you've pmed me long ago, I will not give you precedence. This is because a LOT of people have PMed me and I hardly remember anyone but good friends of mine that I (hopefully) have already gifted to. So no whining.
    Fifthly, don't be scared. I probably seem like I'm ready to bite off heads (and I won't lie, it sometimes is a bit stressful), but I truly am a nice person and I usually don't get upset with anyone. Just please make it easier on both of us and make sure you're following my rules. <3
    Sixthly, you're free to choose the mate you want for my bronze tinsel. However- because I'm expecting a high volume of requests, I will only allow common mates until the common egg is produced. (I will keep breeding to the common if they do not yield an egg altogether) If the common egg is produced, then you must choose a dragon of a higher rarity so there is a better chance of producing a tinsel egg. Also; if I do not have the gender/breed of the dragon you want me to mate Brazen to, you must be the one to provide it for me. Seems like a rather fair trade, no?

    My email to be used is When I have sorted you into my list, I will return your email to let you know your slot number.

    If you have questions that do not pertain to the tinsel, please feel free to PM me.

    And don't worry about trading- I gift my eggs. <3

    I am not contacting people who have previously asked for eggs. It is your responsibility to get in touch with me once I have officially opened the list. I will be closing the list at 40 requests and will leave a notice in my signature and here when I have reached the cut off.

    I lied on kiff's profile, I'm definitely not stronger than kiff. ALSO VERY RUDE.