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  1. Nope! We made the Nobleshields roughly a year ago I'm glad you like them!!
  2. Huzzah! I absolutely love the different colored hatchies. I'm thrilled that there's a puzzle involved, I think it adds an element of surprise and strategy to the game and makes it more interesting 😁 ....and now I'm getting ideas.... πŸ€” also I'm glad my hybrids got their unique s1 description finally πŸ˜†
  3. 🎢 Oooh Christmas wyrm ooh Christmas wyrm 🎢 Super duper late, but have some official Glystere art before the thread gets locked!
  4. Glystere is a re-spelling of glister, which means to sparkle 😁
  5. Oh! In that case, I don't know. I'm not sure if anyone other than TJ does πŸ€” But my assumption is that the cookie page will stay the same, with the distinction between what you've sent and what you've received.
  6. There is a "Cookies You've Sent" at the top of the cookies page that will show all of the cookies that you've made and sent to people, so it saves them there
  7. I used to be really against the idea, but now I can't wait! My fiancee and I are planning to start IVF before I turn 30, so sometime around 2022 All of our friends that are nearby just had babies, so I've got terrible baby fever.
  8. Please: Use the search feature before creating a new topic to make sure you are not recreating an already created topic. Look for the correct section to place a topic in before creating your topic. Read the pinned topics to make sure that any questions you have are not already answered. If you do not understand why this topic has been closed in this manner, feel free to contact me.
  9. As HeatherMarie pointed out above, this type of discussion belongs in the Site Discussion section of the forum, where there is already a thread of this nature (as she linked above). Therefore, I will close this topic. Please reach out if you have any questions!
  10. Well, just had to get my third Covid test this year πŸ₯΄ Yay. At least they FINALLY shut down the office again for a little while. We'll see how long that lasts. πŸ˜ͺ
  11. Omg. Like always, your art makes me wanna SCREEEEAAMMMM 😱 All of this is DELICIOUS. Look at that fantastic LIGHTING. And the LINES. And the SHADING. and the-- the EVERYTHINNGGGG
  12. Whoa. Can I use one of your staff meeting notes as my phone background??
  13. Bah. Covid has managed to push my wedding back twice, and now we're wondering it will happen next year, too. πŸ˜” It's an outdoor venue, but we have like 120 people on our guest list... Fingers crossed I guess. One of my moms got her first covid vaccine on Saturday since she's an ICU nurse, and my other mom (also a nurse) I think gets it soon. Technically my job is considered "essential business" and our safety officer said she's trying to get us on the list to get vaccinated, but my particular role is just an office worker. Even though we haven't worked from home since May (and a few of my
  14. Alfie had fun exploring the den the other night! I could hear his happy bruxes and boggling the whole time
  15. This topic (or the majority of the replies to this topic) has been deemed spam. Spam is not allowed per the board rules. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.
  16. Here's the bust I did of my other current d&d character, Rayvora! She's a sun soul monk
  17. Just gonna drop my Amalthean art here 😁
  18. Surprise! I scribbled the rest of the background to finish this on time 😁
  19. I'm not sure where the implication that white dragons grow their own staffs from their body comes from πŸ˜…. Their encyclopedia says they take branches off ancient elms and staffs can be passed down through the generations. Amaltheans simply absorb a small piece of that staff and grow that piece for the rest of their lives as part of themselves. For those who are separated early enough from their parents, they would likely find a branch from a tree they are most fond of and use that as a substitute. I imagine their magic would not be as strong this way, though, since a lot of the pot
  20. Thank you, I'm really glad you like them!! I have loved unicorns since I was a toddler so I knew I had to jump at the chance to make these guys. I am very proud of them! Since I've seen the question floating around a little, I'll clarify here: the horn is made of both wood and bone. As a hatchling, a piece of the stave from their White parent is removed and bonded to the hatchling as their power comes into being (in the case of Amaltheans with Amalthean parents, it would be a piece broken off from one of the parent's horns). This wood fuses to the dragon's bone and integrates into
  21. WHOOOOOOOO!!!! Happy Birthday DragCave and well wishes for everyone during this time! I haven't quite finished their official artwork yet, but have a birthday card in the meantime!! 😁 (And yes, Amalthean is definitely a heavy reference to Lady Amalthea from the Last Unicorn-- but also the name Amalthea in general means "noble goddess" and is the name of the she-goat that nursed the god Zeus when he was an infant )
  22. I'm losing my mind over this. You had no right to make this so freaking precious. I WANNA CRY LOOK AT THE GLOWY BABY 😭😭😭