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  1. Guess what. I'm here to rain on the SPG parade. But don't let this stop you from listening to their music. I used to be their promoter down here in San Diego. That's right. And guess what? Guess it was a big mistake to date Chris. Woohoo. A good handful of people -- their actual IRL friends ended up being burned after getting them out as far as we could. Primasylph, Cyclops, my cousin, and yours truly ran the original forum for them way before they decided to start up the Cavalcadium. Once their forum was up and running, we were recruited to work on THAT one instead of ours because they only considered THEIR site to be "official". Eventually we got replaced by "robots". Pun intended. Bots that would search the site for foul language and whatever. Thanks to yours truly, they ended up getting a few shows hosted by prominent DJs here. And now? Disney won't touch them because they consider SPG to be "unwholesome". That's how they are with friends, family, and "annoying fans". Yes, they don't like their fans. I've heard it several times from Chris and David's mouths. Why? The level of "creepiness" these people go to get their attention. One guy at Balboa Park once came up and asked "would you like to see my flea bites?". And hey. Who can blame them? People are gross. Still no excuse to act like jerks. Fun trivia. - For hours we played around giving Walter's cat silly faces before settling on one. - There were FOUR original members: Erin Burke (Robot name: Upgrade. AKA "the pretty one"), Jon Sprague (Robot name: The Jon. Because "toilets are funny"), and the Bennetts who INSIST that THEY are SPG, that Erin and Jon never played their part as much. Well someone sure sounds modest. *sarcasm*. - Steve was never a main character. Ever. And to me he never will be. - The song Honeybee was written for the ex girlfriend before me. SUPRISE. -Before Jon and Erin "left", Chris and I were working on a song "Ghost Grinder" which I have no rights to. No "thanks" on their 2nd album either although my friends were. - Album One was considered the "Haunted Album" because of so many unexplained sounds during recording. Many of them were editted out or covered before they reprinted them for sale. I have the original copy. - And below (my signature) is the original SPG snapshot logo of the FOUR original members. You're welcome. Ps. There's no actual thing as "steampunk music". It has NOTHING to do with the punk movement of the late 70's to the early 80's. Steampunk is actually an ART STYLE deriving from Dada, Surrealism, and Futurism. Pretty much everything is nowadays.
  2. Marvel Avengers Alliance! Working on getting the Doctor Doom lockboxes!
  3. I could tell you about the skunk that falls in love with a fart but...I'm not sure if anyone's ready for that. ..ahahah.a......short joke...whatever
  4. My totally inbred "Onyxia Ressurected" (Zombie dragon) to fit the WoW boss. ..... Yup.
  5. There are SO MANY cat dragons! It's like they breed...LIKE CATS!!!! Also it's as if people have the ability to hold others hostage for UNCOMMON eggs they call rare. It's like trading their magikarp for my charizard. Doesn't work.
  6. Gotta say my faves are Lee Presson, Swedish Chef (of the Muppets), and Pocketfullofposiez or however you spell it. I'm tired.
  7. Bestow your eyes on my teeny weeny basket that has very little eggs in it...
  8. Heh, dang. Well, this is interesting; I got the silver trophy. You never know, new stuff is always inevitable.
  9. Draikette

    04/01/10 - MAYHEM

    Well, yeah...the people here are grabby fruitcakes--taking their absolute fill so nobody else can.
  10. Draikette

    04/01/10 - MAYHEM

    Managed to get one amidst the grabbiness of people here >_>
  11. "Brass Goggles" by Steam Powered Giraffe
  12. Woohoo! I FINALLY got my Venomhide raptor mount! Took forever, it did!
  13. Well...I first started playing in the late December and my main character is already at level 65! (undead warlock) I really like it so far Lots o' stuff to do!
  14. Draikette


    In all honesty when I saw the movie, I hated the casting. Mouths draping open 24/7 are NOT attractive. Also thought that it was extremely shallow. Then I read some of the book and found that it too was shallow. Another thing...exactly WHAT is it about the vampyres in the story that make them vampyres? No fangs. They can't use magic or control the dead...or shapeshift. So having sparkly skin just makes me think they're more like elves. Sure the story might be cool; the idea of a human and a vampyre falling in love and that several badjillion fans couldn't be wrong. Or so I thought. This is America; we have people driving into drive-ins who NOD at the speakers.
  15. Eh, I thought KH was ok...loved the plot. Got really bummed when I got to TNBC world because I KNOW they could have done a MUCH better job...(especially after playing Oogie's Revenge)
  16. Whatever is done, I don't mind. It'd be a good thing for collectors I suppose.