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  1. Yay for limitation drop! Time to make more interesting lineages maybe.
  2. Maybe the dragon will be "projectile vomit" themed because V-day sucks
  3. Draikette

    Your Theme Song

    IT'S ALIVE!!!! OINGO BOINGO - Weird Science! -
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    Sleep music

    Believe it or not, this is actually pretty good for sleep... Artist: Combichrist Album: Everybody Hates You Why? Lots of harmonized dissonance (I know it's an oxymoron but trust me on this ) and white noise all put together in catchy songs.
  5. Draikette

    Old music anyone?

    You guys are such Rebel Rousers. ELO, the Beatles, and Jefferson Airplane are awesome! There are loads more but BLAH NEED CAFFEINE.
  6. ........the Mexican Hat Dance..............
  7. Cool beans! Grew up playing the concert flute, learned piano, then went on to pit instruments in high school and was the pit Major. I have been able to read and write sheet music since age 8. Nowadays I make 8bit covers of songs I like. I have made so many so far but there are select few I think are fit for listening lol These in particular are very new but... If you're curious, look up Draikette on youtube and there should be 3 of them on there: Doctor Who Theme -- New Order - Blue Monday -- Kraftwerk - Computer Love -- Just can't get the last one out of my head.
  8. Erm. Too bad I have an opinion. And it wouldn't have mattered if love was in the equation or not -- they burnt their CLOSEST FRIENDS too. And actually scratch my statement of it having to matter to just a promoter. How would you like it if you were in the crowd and the guitar player of a band you're seeing decided to SPIT on you? I'd suppose you'd worship them, you. If they actually LIVED by the wonders and characters portrayed, they'd be such better people. Hypocrites. And that's just it -- the great things you can learn from their music. Many of the songs deal with the inability to cope with being different from others. Hint bloody hint. In a way, it's creating the self-image as being robot or alien -- by that I mean not being able to feel emotions correctly and the feeling you're often very far away from others...even if you're "close." Introvertedness can make people feel very different and very alien from other people. Other songs inspire the child in all of us like Captain Albert Alexander. STORYTIME SONG YAY. Catch that train, duel those pirates, soar through the sky! Yes those are all different things from different songs. The WONDERS portrayed... Meanwhile... A thick git trying to talk to me like they know half as much as I do and whip out their "little guy" as if it means anything. Too bad it doesn't.
  9. You can't stop people from posting their opinions. And like I said: "But don't let this stop you from listening to their music." And actually the rest DOES matter if you're a club owner or promoter. Why? It HELPS to know if the band you're about to put on are or aren't going to wreck the place or be absolute jerks. I can tell you what kinds of bands I'd love to have back and some others I never want to see again. How would you like it if you were in the crowd and the lead singer of a local band deliberately threw a bottle of booze at you for no reason? You said that stuff wouldn't matter. Heh. Try explaining that to a customer who's got a bloody face and a concussion. Anywho. Yes. Their music is great. David and Mike were trained in music as they grew up. I still play the original Love World of Love to mess with people in the house. Another good thing? No propaganda in the music. That's actually the best part about it not being under a record deal by the music industry. The original sound I'd have to say has more heart in it. Lately, it's been...messed around with to go with the show. Lack of heart. Boooo. Wired Wrong is a song I used to relate to and it's as close to human that the robots ever got. Admitting to mistakes and not understanding what more there is out there because of the way you're made. Sad. And when we were dating, they were still street performers. Not exactly "famous". >_> I don't care if someone's famous. Fame isn't a problem. I've seen all kinds of people and the only language that matters to me is respect. Limelights don't turn people into snobs. In fact limelights have a tendency to magnify something that's already there. Yeah.
  10. Kind of wish you could see where SPG used to perform at -- Club Chrononaut The "steampunk community" here is interesting. Plenty of friendly people. I wouldn't call it a culture... it's ALMOST a subculture though.
  11. A penny would be my horcrux. A penny could easily be lost anywhere...the bottom of the ocean...or even among thousands of other pennies. Nobody cares to notice the small things.
  12. Stumped on this: How many cups of sugar does it take to get to the moon?
  13. This is the Dragon Cave forum. *flails around like a SPESHUL child*
  14. I was eating the fermented contents of the stomach of a supposed "Chupacabra" all stewed. I couldn't taste this but I could see a lot of things-- small human body parts, strange worms, junk. -- all partially digested. It was the most horrifying thing I've experienced so far. Joy. I have also illustrated the monster for you. https://scontent-a-sjc.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos...884793003_n.jpg It's not the fabled "El Chupacabra" exactly but there's another story behind it.
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    Rain on dry earth, old books, fresh bread.
  16. It's been my username EVERYWHERE for YEARS. With one exception: the Draikette on neopets is NOT me.
  17. I'd say if I had to pay for tickets, I'd like my money back. Funerals aren't exactly very fun. Not necessarily because of the ritual but the people who show up. They glare across the room at the wake as if to ask "who the hell are you?" and "how dare you be here" when I've never met them before in my life. So I say boooo. Different observation if you go to a funeral in New Orleans. Now that's a FUNeral!
  18. I used to have a newt..but that was some ages ago... ;-; Now I have a bombay cat and a white dwarf bunny (they get along enough to ignore each other). <3
  19. Draikette

    Sad songs

    Goodbye Blue Sky is excellent especially to those who understand which happening it was written for. As for the music video... A peaceful dove getting shredded apart by the German eagle (from the flag) says a LOT. HINT HINT. Very powerful. My absolute tear jerker has gotta be....the original version of Mad World (written by Gary Jules for the movie Donnie Darko) before the band he was (Tears for Fears) in did a full version
  20. 60's underground rock and punk from the 70's and early 80's. Huzzah.
  21. Anything involving modern hip hop, rap, new country, and so-called "indie" -- which it isn't. So all your Kesha, Tupac, Beaver, and whoever else today....It's all terrible. Why? Music industry has turned our listening enjoyment into the same chords over and over again. Look it up. There actually is a master chord progression that is in a LOT of pop music out there. "Music" put out by these companies is NOT to make an artistic statement. It's made to put out an image the industry wants to sell. The most popular sound in "rap" today for instance are sounds that are made to intimidate people. Heavy bass. The words are all about money, drug wars, babes. It's not like how it used to be. "Old School" had SOMETHING WORTH LISTENING TO. Little people against the power. Women's rights. Heck, rights in general. Why the drastic change? They discovered they could rig ways to buy buy buy their music and buy buy buy anything else associated with the image they create from the artists they put out. Don't be naive and think that your favorite artist isn't allowing propaganda in their albums. If the contract says so, they have to. In order to sell records, they actually do auditions....but it doesn't go how you think it does. They aren't looking for talent. They can fix you up with fake electronic voices. Teach you choreography.... In fact they do tell what they are looking for. They tell you to come back when you have it or are willing to do what they want. Not what you want. Fun fact. Live shows for most of these bands aren't very live either. They play recordings of songs over your pop artists to make it look like they are performing their hits. My favorite was a mistake Britney Spears made in Mexico. The recording was still going on and she was talking during it. I HAD NO IDEA SHE HAD TWO VOCAL CHORDS. NO WAY. When she decided she was going to throw her adult sized tantrum, she cussed out her audience on stage and left. Huzzah. Sure that was more than needed to be said but I'm in a ranting mood.
  22. Draikette

    One Direction

    It's not just a "boy band". It's music industry swill. What do I mean? They are a band made to sell, not to make good music. The music is the same as it's ever been granted the companies have the copyright so they can have 2 bands who play the EXACT SAME SONGS and people would still listen to them. This hasn't happened before you say. WRONG. Remember N*SYNC and the Backstreet Boys? It was VERY EARLY for cover songs but their initial albums had some of the EXACT SAME SONGS on them. I would cry out "hey we just listened to this!" and the other kids would go "nuh uh, it's a different band". I am thoroughly disappointed that those kids were never the sharpest crayon in the briefcase. The music industry can do this sort of crap to see who is actually paying attention and to my suprise, not very many people have been. Joy.