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  1. I hate when people I live with gobble up all my food. It only takes maybe a bit less to feed myself on $60 a month but dang... I spent over $300 on food just to get scraps and for roommates to snarf it all. Rude.
  2. Pancakes with strawberry syrup.... :3
  3. Planet X Ok ok fine Gallifrey. The trees there are so pretty.
  4. Tiga was viciously attacked by COW-SIZED fleas and sucked dry. Ew.
  5. ....methinks the chirpy thing is suspicious *hides*
  6. A big roach flew in through a crack between the door and the doorway then died on the floor. Good thing we still have some of that roach plague here.
  7. Exactly. Example: I'm a girl with androgynous appearance -- I don't look too feminine but also not too manly -- (grrrrr!) My asexuality just means for the most part, I don't participate in any form of courtship. People are just not attractive. But no really. Any of the people I had been attracted to, years and years ago, it was usually women who are obviously women. Only once, a man but they are a cross-dresser.
  8. hmmmm....fish are nummy.... especially salmon nigiri sushi mmmmmm....
  9. For the most part, asexual... People can be pretty gross... But if /when the time comes, I've been attracted to either gender, though I prefer girls at times. Come on, they tend to be prettier oHo
  10. A nummy nummy donut filled with custard....oh and cheese :3
  11. All life is important, but I will not become a vegetarian.
  12. Old internet username of mine. Draik -- dragon ette -- feminine use of name
  13. Yay for yummy bee vomit! I am a lover of cheeses Muenster is currently in the fridge (used to call it "monster" cheese) and making a candle out of recycled cheese wheel wax.
  14. Stupidity, grass, silver, bivalves (things like oysters), octopus, squid, juniper, peanuts(?), chocolate, cats (but I own one anyway <3 ), and crab.
  15. Just got this done today: UV ink of bones on my left hand.
  16. Ooooo...I'll take...4 of these and 3 of those <3
  17. Had no idea it was ok to post adults / zombies / frozens. Assumed it'd be safe just to not post any dragons altogether but okie doke.
  18. Alright! A Sweetling with a rather nifty lineage (black sweetlings abound!) WIN!