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  1. *spins around in circles with a pillow in each hand* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!
  2. You were doomed to spend eternity as a student. A goodie-goodie, brown-nosing student. I wish for a sammich.
  3. If we had little wheels on our feet, we could just roooooll around.
  4. Well it's about time, I suppose.
  5. It's what made me interested in watching the abridged series of Sailor Moon and Dragonball Z. Funny stuff right there.
  6. This new bedroom doesn't resemble anything like how I would normally decorate; it's rather minimalistic. At least for now. What I WANT to do once I move all my stuff here is decorate with my plastic bats, band posters, and dragon toys Hey. Just cause I'm 24 doesn't mean I can't make it look like I'm still a kid on the inside.
  7. Once lost my pet caterpillar "Fuzzy"..... *sniffle*
  8. Heya, it's been a while since I showcased what I've been up to here. Since last year, off and on I've been making strange things out of polymer clay. It's really easy to do, safe to use, and fun So what is Whosawhatsits? (Incoming FB picture-link) It's what I've decided to call all these weird little creatures and characters I've made. You know, like do-dads and thingamujigs. The logos of choice include Beanz the faerie and Marvin the octosir (as featured in avatar, the above photo, and signature below...at least their faces) Chrono the cat is also a character: Other creations include various faeries, bottlecap monsters, and whatever else I decide to cram into this teensy tiny world. Many don't have names yet though... Blah! Anywho new content/creations are posted almost weekly. I just got a new jerb so my hands have been a bit tied for a bit. Please check out the link, browse, and give a like or two!
  9. Can't play Minecraft til I get a new computer ( ) So in the meantime, playing Marvel Avengers Alliance. *cries*
  10. After the longest time of saying "no way, Jose" to my cousin, she still bought me Minecraft as a birthday present some months ago. SO FUN. SO ADDICTING. I can't believe I was saying no to this! After a while I started asking my cousin if there were ways to add your own content to the game and she said yes and introduced me to Techne. Since then, I've been making my own hats and masks for the Hats Mod. Pokemon, promotional Whosawhatsits stuff, moon and sun masks, Luna's Gryffindor Lion hat from Harry Potter, cats, and a ghast mask (get it? bad pun...) with more along the way. (INCLUDING BEANZ'S FAERIE WINGS) If you have any suggestions or requests I'm happy to waste my time doing that Or if you have the hats mod installed and would like me to send you hats / masks I've worked on, let me know.
  11. I once dreamt I was living on the surface of a coffee mug (and was really tiny). Take that, Ms. Frizzle.
  12. Beanz the faerie is my current avatar and is now my life. (??? what's that supposed to mean?) As in it's a character I made among many others as part of what I showcase on facebook. (need to make an etsy soon) If you're interested, check out the Whosawhatsits link in the signature (click on the picture).
  13. Swedish steak (seriously, that exists? Yes and it's yummy ) and mashed taters mmmmm
  14. Absolute fondness of leaky pens. Why? Because every now and then they make cool splotches as I write or draw. The bad news is... they make a mess. Yay for messes I guess
  15. There was the occasional dollar bill that's been lost to the washing machine... Drawings too...
  16. Ughhh I know right?! How thick could a person get?! Like, lady don't you realize what you're getting into? Oh wait... If stupid people allow themselves to die, we end up with a smarter populace. I like this.....? Is it bad that I like this? Gonna sit in a corner and think about it.
  17. Be the very best like no one ever was
  18. Sea salt is definitely preferred to regular salt... Oh and cloves go well on honey-basted ham...mmmmmmm... Otherwise? GARLIC AND CHEESE ON EVERYTHING DANG IT
  19. Hominids have been eating meat (and other things) for centuries. It's part of our natural diet. Yes. Everything dies. Animals die. Plants die. It's sad but it's true. Stuff is already here in our market and died so we can stuff our mouths. So appreciate it if or while you can and enjoy it.
  20. It all comes down to the fact that it's a choice. I don't want kids and have been single for a while because hey, it's just not for me. A girlfriend may be nice but oh well. *shrug*