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  1. Here's a group with Aeons, Bolts, (dark) Luminas, and Celestials. As of posting this, several Aeons and all the Bolts are activated, all but one of the (dark) Luminas are naked, and 2 Celestial hatchlings are corporealized, for anybody who needs it. Also if anybody else has naked Luminas I seem to be a few short still.
  2. (Original Post) Update Summary: Acquired several more dragons for Big Blue Blast Most other breeding were the wrong egg or didn't result in an egg Additional: Edit 3/19: Created a group for the end results of my lineage projects
  3. Ah, good. I'd worried it was something on my end. Well, I'm sure things'll be taken care of as soon as they can reasonably be attended to.
  4. Urf... But that one is the first one that falls under two categories... Which do I do it under? How it's obtained? Or what it can be paired with? Or... Do I create a brand-new category? If so, do I do it as "limited pairing, special obtainment" in general or do I do one for each kind of pairing limitation? Dangit, I just... Have no idea where to sort these stupid things...
  5. Anybody have any suggestions for bringing gender up with traditional, religious, christan family members? Especially the concept of being non-binary? And finding doctors that won't decide you're crazy/making stuff up/confused/sick/etc.?
  6. Could just use an Internet Hug or something right now. Just saw my psychiatrist not long ago and said I was doing well on the meds and didn't wanna change them. But stuff happened, life's real stressful and scary and worrying, and I'm slipping back pretty hard... I don't wanna get back to where I was before my new meds, I spent a week in a psych ward because I didn't feel safe with myself anymore... I want to talk to my family about some of it, but I can't. I don't know how to bring any of it up, especially since my mom'll be like "what do you mean, that's BS"... I don't feel entirely safe sharing some of the stuff, but I don't know how much longer I can deal with it as I have been...
  7. oh man i heard this was bad but this is a colossally terrible adaptation holy im kinda laughing at how bad it is like just this was a huge mistake, lmao
  8. Oh all of you just shut the [blank] up. All y'all gettin' up in arms about "but it's a story that's got an abusive relationship portrayed as good!" as if you don't ship something with [blank]ed up abusive dynamics yourselves. All y'all shippin' a character with the character that bullied them for multiple years as if that won't leave permanent emotional scarring and they would have a healthy dynamic after a "change of heart" or whatever. Just because your ship is same-sex doesn't erase the craptastic dynamic and the fact that you love to [blank]ing ignore the way that bullying is a form of abuse and it leaves permanent damage on the victims Like dear sweet sky, all y'all ain't got a [blank]ing leg to stand on.
  9. Last Updated: 12/20/2016 Summary: Lightning Storm:LINE COMPLETE. Cold Hellfire:No Updates. MALE LINE COMPLETE. Stripes and Bands:No updates Regal Galaxies:Produced 4th gen egg, waiting to see if genders correctly A Rainbow of Stripes:All breedings produced wrong colors Rigid Dreamscape:Bred replacement for refusal, waiting to see if genders correctly Eternal Crimson:LINES COMPLETE. Eternally Rosy:FEMALE LINE COMPLETE Starry Coldfire:No updates Blue on Blue:Breeding produced wrong egg
  10. how does it take 12.5 hours to sort something and send it out for delivery i wish i could just drive to their ing warehouse and pick it up myself gdi
  11. I'm stuck being mediator between my brother and my parents because my parents have no idea how to handle what happened with him and he's worried/scared about talking to them face to face. He accidentally outed himself last night, which... Isn't actually the reason my mom freaked out. We've sort of figured for a while now, and my friend and I have been calling it for years. The reason is that he's dating a guy literally twice his age who could be his father, and he's not exactly the... Brightest when it comes to being careful? So she's just worried about him being taken advantage of? But I'm kinda stuck in the middle as the "responsible" one who also isn't straight so like... I'm the one passing messages between both sides? I ended up coming out to my mom last night along with it and I'm basically just tired and want a nap and everything is kind of a confusing mess. @_@
  12. so what r you gonna do 2 stop the people who wanna kill people who are non straight, who are not christan, who are noght white? because soooooo many trump supporters wanna kill muslims and gay people and black people and mexicans trumsp supporters are full of hate the kkk supports him how is that stopping htate lmao also again please explain to me why u think i dont deserve to be treated with equal rights.
  13. thanks america for deciding that i dont deserve basic human rights, if you ovted for trump contgrats u think im less than human and dont deserve t obe treated the way you do.
  14. i really wanna breka the kneecaps of everybody that voted third party in florida because if htye'd just sucked it up and voted hillary trump wouldn;t have basically won the state im having a panic attack and im honesty considering just drinking to oblibion instead of dealing with htis
  15. I'm just so terrified, I can't handle Trump winning. If you voted for Trump, congrats on not seeing people like me as fellow humans who deserve equal rights.
  16. Yes, it's very frustrating sometimes.
  17. Last Updated: 9/29/2016 Summary: Lightning Storm:LINE COMPLETE. Cold Hellfire:No Updates. MALE LINE COMPLETE. Stripes and Bands:No Updates. Regal Galaxies:No Updates A Rainbow of Stripes:One third-gen egg of correct color finally bred! Rigid Dreamscape:No Updates. Eternal Crimson:LINE COMPLETE. Eternally Rosy:FEMALE LINE COMPLETE Starry Coldfire:No updates Blue on Blue:2 CB Glaucus eggs hatched, precog male on both
  18. Long exhausting story short, had another fight with my mom over my mental health, because she just cannot understand so much. I think there's a decent amount of willful refusal to understand rather than just inability, too. She just doesn't get that a lot of my issues actively stem from various things like my OCD, or my depression, or my ADHD, and that it's harder on me than it is on her when I can't do something. She just doesn't get it, we argue, and she turns it back around on me as if I'm being lazy or spiteful and it's just. Completely exhausting and there's just no support and I just could use a net-hug.
  19. Seriously what choices brought me to mistaking my water bottle with the one that has vodka instead.
  20. Yeah, since it's my only proper job I was gonna leave it on. I'm actually asking the current manager for a letter of reference, because the call was over their head and they were really not happy about having to fire a few people, plus a few other ex-coworkers who left that I could use as references.
  21. Any suggestions for job hunting, and filing for unemployment, if you've been fired? (Before any "oh I'm sorry"--got enough from the family--this was the best dang thing to happen to me in a long time for my mental health. Happier and more stable than I've been in ages)
  22. i just cant wait to get out of this godforsaken cesspool. im not going down with the ship, that's somebody else's job not mine.
  23. KageSora


    #TeamCallie repping~ Gonna have to take part in this one. (Admittedly they're both amazing, but Callie's a liiiittle more my style)
  24. Jesus christ that is probably the most pretentious thing I have ever written. Never. Again.
  25. The problem is they're an online friend, so moral support is really all I can be. :< And any messages tend to be latched on to, becoming a long, drawn-out interaction which takes more than i have right now. Which, I don't blame them for--it's part of what they need help with. But when they get into their worst point, they don't always take it well to have just moral support without being available 24/7. Again, this is part of their issues that they need professional help with, so I don't blame them for it. It's just hard knowing that any attempts to help will take more than I have to give right now, when I want to help...