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  1. Zenobia: XDRS, storage closet UHP: 100% - Wristband: 100% A flash of light and a rift in the fabric of space-time itself and, in an instant, there was an imposing armored figure standing in the empty storage closet. Calm as could be, Zenobia looked around the small room, pistol drawn and ready to fire as sensors in her armor gave her a readout of the environment. She had heard of this organization sprouting up, these so called "X-Dreamers", but hadn't really bothered to see if it was hostile or not. Hindsight's always 20/20, after all. In any case, the area seemed clear of any threats. There was one problem, though. Something was missing. Or, rather, someone. "Apate?" she asked to no one in particular, lowering her gun and looking around. "Little guy...? Where'd you go?" No response. Exasperated, she stowed away her pistol and pulled up a program on her wristband. Of course, the excitable scout had gotten the coordinates wrong. She sighed heavily before using the wristband to ping her partner. If they were still in the same universe as she was, they’d be able to see it and ping back. At the very least, it was pretty unlikely that they had been warped somewhere they couldn’t survive in. A minute passed. No response. Just as the worry started to creep in, they pinged back. Then pinged again. And again. And again. “Okay, okay, I get it,” she groaned, pinging them back once before shutting the program down. “10-4, little dude.” With her sidekick confirmed to be very much alive and well, she opened the closet door and set off on exploring the base. She’d explain her presence when the time came. Besides, surely they’ve seen stranger things than her. --- Apate: XDRS, Gateway Wristband: 100% A flash of light and a rift in the fabric of space-time itself and, in an instant, there was a blob of pink goo half-stuck in the ground a few feet from the gateway. Oddly enough, despite being mostly trapped underground due to a few misplaced coordinates, Apate didn't seem at all distressed. Instead, they just started laughing, thoroughly amused by their own screw up. They didn't really seem aware of the gravity of the situation, or perhaps just didn't care. They didn't even seem to notice the absence of a certain someone until... Their laughter was cut off by a muffled pinging sound coming from underground. The scout immediately realized that it must have been their partner and got to work trying to yang their arm out of the dirt. It took a few tries and a bit of wiggling, but they managed to pull their arm from the dirt with no signs of damage. Opening the program, they pinged the officer back. Then did it a few more times, just to be certain. As they tried to get her attention, a flicker of movement in the distance caught their eye, stopping them in their tracks. There were others! Lots of others, at that. Smiling excitedly, the goo waved at the new faces, hoping to get their attention. They'd worry about finding the officer later. "Hi guys!" They trilled nonchalantly, still half buried. "Hey, am I in the right universe? I'm looking for the... Uh... XRDS? Yeah! I think? Hi!"
  2. Name: Zenobia Origin: OC Info: A space-time patrol officer with a lazy streak and a penchant for screwing around. She has a wide array of gadgets at her disposal and is a deceitfully good fighter with large stores of knowledge regarding the multiverse and how it operates. Abilities: Suit: Zenobia's armored suit, known as the Universal Hazard Protection Suit (UHP) is equipped with a multitude of physics-bending tools, and is the main source of her power. It's extremely durable with the ability to withstand otherworldly amounts of pressure, heat, cold, and radiation, yet still allows for decent mobility. It also has a built-in rebreather and systems in place to monitor vitals, which can be displayed on the front viewport if needed. In terms of extra tools, sensors can provide a basic readout of the environment to an overlay in the visor (things such as temperature, air pressure, radiation and toxin levels, suit power, hazards, etc), as well as basic information on a target (size, speed, temperature, distance, etc). The panel on her left arm can open to reveal a small portal to a small storage void, where she keeps weapons, tools, and objects she deems "important". The boots, when activated, can cling to most surfaces. The suit runs on a nuclear isomer battery which, though capable of lasting for extremely long periods of time without depleting under normal circumstances, drains much faster when in combat and in extremely hazardous situations. High voltage electric shocks send it into safe mode, where all non-essential systems are disabled to avoid damage for 30 minutes after the voltage levels return to acceptable levels. When power is fully depleted, it is essentially just a suit of armor. It can withstand a decent amount of physical damage, but nothing near as excessive as it can when charged. The battery cannot be recharged and must be replaced once depleted. Wristband: The wristband on her left wrist can allow for short-range teleportation, alter gravity within a three-yard radius, and deploy a temporary energy field that can protect her and stun enemies. Aside from that, it also functions much like a smartwatch. The battery is a graphene battery, so it depletes faster than the suit, but it can also be recharged and replaced easily. Marksman: Zenobia is extremely good with guns, particularly rifles and pistols. This includes laser variants which, though designated as highly inhumane and impractical by her unit, she isn't above using. She has a harder time dealing with recoil when her suit isn't powered, though. Unarmed Combat: When all other options are taken from her, Zenobia can hold her own when unarmed. Though she prefers not to, she can put up a good fight, and isn't afraid to resort to disgraceful tactics if it means making it out alive. However, it should be noted that her physical strength and endurance is not much more than that of a trained adult human. Vision: On top of practically omnidirectional vision thanks to her eyestalks, Zenobia can also see infrared light. This essentially gives her built-in heat vision. Skin: Her skin is much thicker than human skin and harder to cut. It isn't impossible by any means, though. Personality: Zenobia is what some would call "easygoing" and what others would call "obnoxious". Chaotic good at heart and chaotic neutral to most others, she may be an officer, but she isn't above bending common perceptions of morality and law for the sake of the greater good. However, despite her well-meant intentions, she often comes off as immature due to her lazy nature and disregard for consequence. She's self-aware, which reflects in her deceitfully low self-worth and absurdist views. She also tries not to get too attached to others, despite generally coming off as friendly, for reasons unknown. History: Sent to the Borderworld Authority at a young age to ensure her survival of her universe's heat death, Zenobia learned of the temporary nature of all things early on. She has watched universes die and be born, and she's learned too much about the processes behind it all. Despite feeling that it's pointless, she still swore to defend the existence of the multiverse, if for no other reason than "what else is there to do". Link to wiki: N/A Extra: Not so much about her, but about the Borderworld Authority: think of them like police, but on a multiversal scale. They deal with threats to the multiverse, much like the XDRS, but are more concerned with individuals and organizations rather than anomalous events, and can be found helping monouniversal police units from time to time. Name: Apate Origin: OC Info: A goopy resource scout whose figurative heart is bigger than their figurative brain. They mainly tag along with Zenobia due to misplaced admiration and respect. Abilities: Goo: The goo that makes up Apate's body has some very strange and beneficial characteristics. It seems to be near-endless in supply, maintains physical integrity even under the harsh conditions of space, and provides a healing effect to those who touch it. It also numbs skin and flesh, and even causes momentary feelings of calmness and euphoria if ingested or just left in contact with skin for too long. It is warm to the touch, and has the consistency of liquid hand soap. Oddly enough, it doesn't stick to people unless contaminated, and supposedly tastes similar to strawberry banana yogurt. It can be cleaned through filtration, and seems to be secreted from their two stone-like eyes. Durable: They are extremely tough to kill. In fact, the only thing that could effectively kill them would be the destruction of their eyes, which are made of an anomalous material harder than diamond. Even then, if someone took the time to piece their eyes back together, they could theoretically be revived. They can consume almost anything to nourish them, even things that in no way qualify as "food", and fed purely on stardust before joining the Borderworld Authority. Wristband: They have a wristband just like Zenobia's. For better or for worse. Extension: The arms and legs of their suit are accordion-like in design and can extend through a change in goo pressure. They do tend to lose balance easily at maximum height, however. Craftmanship: No one knows where they picked up on this skill, but they have it. They can repair torn fabric with relative ease, and even stitch together new objects from unorthodox materials. They can build shelters with the barest of supplies (though how well they hold up is debatable), as well as make minor repairs to existing buildings. Overall, they have a knack for basic crafting, and often put it to work with enthusiasm. Personality: Happy-go-lucky and eager to please, Apate is something of a born sidekick. They aren't the brightest when it comes to thinking ahead or judging character, which can get them into trouble on many fronts, but they truly mean well. Always optimistic, even in the most dire of situations, it takes a lot to break their spirit. They're just as self-aware as Zenobia, but doesn't tend to dwell on it. In their eyes, life has a point simply by means of existence, and it's all worth preserving. Naturally, this leads them to be unhealthily pacifistic. Beyond their cheery nature, they're also extremely resourceful, and often use unorthodox methods to help the group. History: Originally part of a small, space-dwelling, nomadic colony of sentient goo beings like them, Apate broke away from the group and stowed away in the crevices of a Borderworld cargo ship out of curiosity. The officers, baffled by how this pile of goo survived hyperspace travel on the outside of a ship, decided against throwing them back to their colony, instead offering them a job on the force as a resource scout due to their incredible durability. They happily accepted, and the BA gave them a suit to contain their form. Despite their efforts, however, Apate refused to be trained in combat. They didn't want to hurt anyone, but that didn't stop them from admiring how others could. Namely, Zenobia. Something about her prowess and carefree attitude caused Apate to latch onto her, despite her glaring faults. Link to wiki: N/A Extra: Their voice is a little gurgly. Think the Inklings from Splatoon.
  3. Cause if they dyhfy vloxr, ddL close, gbdh light learn something The right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world.
  4. My brain says sleep but my legs say run a marathon
  5. Drako_tamer > CrypticAsterisk been wanting to change that for a while whoof Drako_tamer sounded cool to me when I was 11, not so much now
  6. Half-Life. The whole series, including Opposing Force and Blue Shift. They have a special place in my heart, and I love revisiting them from time to time.
  7. am I allowed to question the 3 AM nocturne wall or
  8. I liked the part where he called tax evasion smart tbh I'm not sided with either of the main candidates?? Trump is inept and Clinton is corrupt. We're either one flavor of screwed or another flavor of screwed depending on who gets elected. I'll probably put my vote towards a third party candidate, maybe Jill Stein. I might be wasting my vote, but at least I can say I chose who I thought would be a good fit. I'm not one to start firefights over political siding, though. I'm willing to hear all sides out, even if I might not agree with them on all fronts.
  9. Hello, it's me. I'm back from yet another huge inactivity spell. I'm just looking to do a casual 1x1 with someone to help get back into the writing mood. I'm not going to be the most active partner for a wide variety of reasons ranging from college to mental health, but I'll try not to abandon ship! I prefer original plots over fandom-based ones mainly because I'm not active in a lot of fandoms and prefer worldbuilding as I go, but I would be willing to do one loosely tied to one of these fandoms if you'd prefer: - Pokemon - Half-life - Portal - Fallout As far as original plots go, I'm not too picky. I do have a few preferred themes, but I'd be willing to deviate if wanted. My preferred themes are as follows: - Dystopian - Fantasy/Modern fantasy - Sci-Fi - Post-apocalyptic - Anything that has to do with really supernatural things in otherwise mundane settings tbh I'm open to RPers of all skills, and I don't mind if your English isn't the best. Just know that I'm only going to be writing in third person. You can write in first person if that's what you're comfortable with, but I prefer third person writing. I also have a tendency to introduce new characters on the fly, so be warned. Feel free to share plot ideas if you're interested! I'll make character sheets after we have a rough idea of the plot.
  10. I should sleep, but I really don't want another one of those dreams.
  11. Accidentally viewbombed the lot of my new release eggs and killed them...
  12. I accidentally viewbombed my new release eggs and a bunch died... *slams head into desk*
  13. I have a few. -Would the spells used on dragons (freezing and reviving) work on humans too? Or would it result in some unimaginable horror? -Likewise, could some BSAs be used on humans? I know not all of them would be practical in that sense, but I could kind of imagine the influence and fertility BSAs being used within the monarchy to help ensure that their bloodline would continue. -I can think of most alts as rare color mutations for dragons in canon, but I'm scratching my head over the black and vine alts. Why do they look so different from their normal counterparts? -This one's kinda silly, but can purple dragons move the noodly appendages on their heads? Because all I can think of right now are two purple males wiggling the mustache-like ones in an attempt to impress their mates. -Also, do pillow dragons puff up like cats when threatened?
  14. For the first time in literally a year, I managed to snatch a CB rare.
  15. It looks great! Though, I think I'll be sticking with the Portal skin. It's a bit easier on the eyes for me.
  16. Okay so the structure isn't impressive but HOLY BALLS FOURTH GEN THUWED. EDIT: Sweet mother of checkers...
  17. This little egg really likes robes. All lowercase letters and has the word "fins" in it. Apparently, this hatchling thinks it's a Powerpuff Girl. I don't know why I like this code, I just do. A blue what now?
  18. Two pretty checkers. Thanks, breeders! I only wish I had the resources to continue them!
  19. I wanted to start a Nebula/Royal Blue checker with an egg I found on the AP, but forgot to check how many eggs I had and accidentally auto-abandoned the potential mate. On a related note: if you see this little bugger on the AP by chance, could you catch her for me? I'll try to snag you something nice in return if you're willing to return the egg. EDIT: Just today, I was AP hunting. A water hatchie and a gold prize egg showed up. Guess which one I clicked? Hint: It wasn't the prize. Then, to add insult to injury, I decided to check the lineage in an attempt to tell myself "well, maybe it wasn't well-lineaged" and... Frick
  20. Neat! I gotta ask, are you any good at drawing humanoids?
  21. First egg from that pairing, and first child from that gold! Boy, am I glad that worked!
  22. Okay, I know this may be off-topic, but it concerns the Creepypasta and Slenderverse stories, so I thought I would share it here. Two 12-year-old Wisconsin girls recently attempted to murder their friend. They stabbed her nineteen times, nearly hitting her heart in the process, but she lived. She has been reported to be doing well, and has been released from the hospital. The two girls are being tried as adults, and may face 60 years in jail if convicted. Now, how does this concern Creepypasta and Slenderverse, you may ask? Well, the reason the two girls planned the attack in the first place was to, wait for it, impress Slenderman. I kid you not. They hoped that, by murdering their friend, Slenderman would reveal himself and take them in as proxies. I cannot find the original version of the article I read, but it has been all over the news. Search up "12-year-old Slenderman" or something along those lines, and you'll find articles of all sorts. To save your time, I found one for you. Click here for more information.