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  1. thanks for the notice TJ!
  2. thanks! im ready to headbutt some bluzies!
  3. Username:oooopoooo Side I chose:Red My special feature:my head is as strong as diamond (aka indestructable) Other: if you see anyone from this game: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=104579 in the blue team signing up here, please make me fight them. you can do my head diamond shaped or have a missle explode on one side with no effect or something like that.
  4. in spirit of halloween, i have decided that this year ill be a giver instead of a trick or treater and breed all my pumpkins and then abandon all of the eggs. smashing success! i bred 5 pumpkin eggs! on other news, i never do well in these little *insert holiday here* egg hunt. i got 1 out of 92 and its those cookies.
  5. i got one while checking the site, and only later i found this post. thank you TJ! i guess next year the easter bunny dragon will get released (i hope).
  6. maybe not but he has a perfect attendence record in all 3 SSB games! thats the game i love most with kirby. for fans of kirby AND SBB: wanna watch kirby in action, fighting other nintendo and amine characters? visit this link: http://www.mcleodgaming.com/viewflash.php?id=6&type=game wait for it to load, press play and fight as kirby! if you want to download that game instead of waiting for it to load every single time, visit this link: http://www.mcleodgaming.com/games.php scroll down a bit and download version 0.5b, the most updated version! have fun!
  7. thank you for the info! im gonna consider this later, its 1:30 AM right now so my mind isnt working.
  8. this game seems fun. is it free? what kind of computer do you need? etc, etc.
  9. i think the "patch up the pieces from the broken egg after the hatchling leaves" suggestion is a great idea! 1. people wont be grabbing, freezing and grabbing some more to clear the AP 2. it wont make linage people mad since the hatchling lives 3.there will be some hatchlings in the AP, and all hatchlings snatch up quicly. can someone change the poll to add the "patch up the pieces" suggestion?
  10. i started with pyramids, and since then im an addict! my favorite charecter is the one and only RinceWind! he is so funny in "Eric"!
  11. me gotz ideas! with what you said, how about that every dragon can find (altho very rare) a detailed page for the undead dragon and a different page for the neglected! i mean, the art of neglecting and killing is long gone (except those who know how, yet its not aloud to speak of it) so why not "revive" it by finding a "how to do" guide?
  12. thank you! if there is anything i left out, please mention it.
  13. its been so long since i have posted in this topic! O.O so, are we still picking up old pinks or only new pinks?
  14. so, its a contest between the hand holding pencil to the paragraph symbol. "HHP" (Hand Holding Pencil) pros: looks nice people will understand that there is a description here "HHP" cons: not everyone can see it (if you dont, its a box like the snow) may make a lot of spam asking:"why does my adult dragon has a box?" kind of thing paragraph symbol pros: all browsers in all fonts can see it will probably avoid almost all spam about asking what is that symbol paragraph symbol cons: not as understandable as the HHP symbol (i didnt know what it was until someone suggested it) doesnt look that nice if there is anything i left out, please post here to correct myself.
  15. how nice! if TJ will get those avatars in, ill switch mine to the silvers avatar,which i belive from looking around, is a mix of two pictures of the silvers alone good luck!
  16. this is so wierd. in your test page, i can see the 6 unicodes in plane 0, but not in the others with my IE6 that doesnt have the right font! so i tried coping into the replay, and it turned into boxes! this is strange. can someone explain this behavior?
  17. ok, i edited a screenie from my scroll to show you what i mean, in browsers that show unicode and have the right font, and those who dont: 1. IE6 (doesnt have the right font): 2. FF (does have the right font, and is able to show the pictures): these are just to show what i mean. frozen hatchlings with descriptions, will get a snow unicode and a X unicode.(havent decided yet, hand seems to be a popular demand) or they will get two boxes. adults with descriptions will get one box. by the way, they dont really have descriptions, i just thought they would be good for it. P.S. im sorry, looked and havent found any downloadable fonts/unicodes. my googleing skills suck. can anyone else get a better job?
  18. but TJ doesnt want an image as a marker, he wants a unicode. did the squeres ever bother anyone before? hold on, ill bring a screenie of what i mean.
  19. i know, but its already on. like the frozen unicode? i see it as a box in IE6 but as snow in FF. so, im gonna look for places you can download the fonts to see them.
  20. so, whould we look for more suggestions, or start a poll? by the way, i mostly use IE6, and i saw squeres instead of unicode(snow, the 6 here...) when i see a squere, i look with FF, and i see the real stuff, not squeres. so, list of browsers that can see the unicode: FF IE8 opera chrome ... (might be more)
  21. the options are: quills (TJ doesnt like them) Paragraph symbol (¶) alpha (α) triangle (but im not sure if its like the squeres) circle (same like triangles) ✒ ✑ ✐ ✏ ✎ ✍ (i prefer this one, too!) remember, the last 6 arnt that large, they could be this large tho if TJ implements this. if for the last 6 you see only squeres, download FireFox and look again with it.
  22. no, thats already the symbol for a frozen hatchling well, in IE it is. EDIT: i forgot to look in FF. you are right, i forgot them
  23. i have no idea what you just said so, you mean no quills? the options are: quills (TJ doesnt like them) Paragraph symbol (¶) alpha (α) triangle (but im not sure if its like the squeres) circle (same like triangles) ... (could be more) suggestions? preferables?
  24. maybe a triangle or a circle in IE. in FF, maybe the letter "Alpha" (in greek). alpha: α A: a
  25. can anyone answer me about this? i posted this almost a month ago (month minus two days)