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  1. Huh, I've used them and never saw them move. Do they move within the zombie territory or only in friendly territory? I wonder if I've never seen them roam because I've only used them in the front line.
  2. As the event closes, my formation is finally being breached. Wonder if they'll make it. o_o
  3. Omg @Dirtytabs. Good luck! @Diamondinmyeye The trio dragons summon it! You must have either an ice, magma, or thunder on your board. Not sure what exactly it does though.
  4. Check the biomes on the 5-minute intervals (xx:x5, xx:x0). There are some in there right now. Or as said above, trawl the AP for abandoned CB ones (lots of people do it for late-comers).
  5. I'm really excited for the post-Halloween AP wall. I hope it lasts for a long time!
  6. Operation Stall! I want to see if I can just keep teleporting the zombies to the back of the board until the Soulpeace can zap them.
  7. I love the new dragon's colors. Welcome to the artist team, Dohaerys!
  8. First time breaking 100 rounds! Started late. ;w; The formation used to be entirely surrounded by greens. I'm really impressed with the Soulpeace, but I really wish she would die already so I can unlock the trio and start another game...
  9. I wish we could keep playing the tower defense game after Halloween! It's so fun to plan out anti-zombie strategies. But I haven't been able to try out many arrangements, since the games take so long if you're doing well. Haven't even unlocked the trio yet since I started a bit late.
  10. I LOVE tower defense. Really excited about this minigame. The art in the first post is awesome too. Edit: Does clicking start over reset my EXP or just let me go back to round 0 and place new dragons? Because my arrangement of greens & reds is holding up well, and I'm impatient to unlock the higher-level dragons.
  11. I'm from 2009. I took a break for a few years too before coming back to the site, heh. You have lots of catching up to do!
  12. Hi, I need help understanding something I just witnessed... So I noticed yesterday that 2G Thuwed eggs had been bred and would be hitting the AP during my waking hours. I watched the time on the egg I wanted all morning and when it matched the AP's time, I sat there refreshing for 30 minutes with the hopes of claiming it or a different 2G. It got down to 3d11h, and then the 3d11h eggs in the AP gradually disappeared... but it and a few other 2G Thuwed eggs I checked didn't appear to have owners (no listed owner or hatchery-typical increase in views). What's odd is that a lot of the current batch of 2G Thuweds do have owners (many have already hatched), but to my knowledge, I didn't see any of them go by. The hour cohort was all the same few breeds while I was watching, and I was specifically watching for any different breeds since they might be a Thuwed. I'd assume they were just grabbed before I saw them, but my computer is decently fast. I saw a couple of coppers and xenowyrms go by in the higher-time section of the AP, and I've grabbed prizes and metals from the AP before. It didn't look like many people were deliberately watching the Thuwed eggs either, since they were pretty much all at 1/1/1 until they were claimed... So what happened? It's possible that the egg was taken but the owner's scroll is hidden and they haven't added the egg to a hatchery, but why would I have not seen ANY Thuweds? Are people somehow obtaining them before they hit the AP? Is that even possible?
  13. I think what makes the male coral pygmy look odd is that there isn't any momentum to suggest a headbutt. If he were thrusting himself forward to butt you, the wing on the ground wouldn't be at a forward angle, or it would also be off the ground. Note that the hindlimbs are stretched backward, so he isn't coiled and ready to strike either. If the grounded limbs are oriented like this /---\, there isn't any potential for the body to stretch or jump. It would be a very stable position if all four limbs were on the ground, and the stretched wing further removes the headbutting look by making the only potential movement a sideways tip. If you look at pictures of goats or bucks butting, they only go into this dragon's pose (minus the up wing) when they're head-to-head with an opponent... but there is no other dragon on the other side of his horns. So to me the sprite looks most like he's trying to intimidate a predator or rival by showing his horns and stretching his wing so he looks bigger. I actually rather like the pose after analyzing it. xP The female coral pygmy has a strong and effective pose, she looks ready to fight. And the shading on the Tercorn is lovely. PS: Hey Jojo fans, check out my Tercorn's code
  14. Very bad luck, I bred all my prizes that have compatible mates and only got 1 bronze and 2 gold shimmerscales. But kins dropped include a copper and a blusang!
  15. I went with female. ^^ I realized the horizontal tail on the tinsel looks best as the bottom sprite. A lot of male-tinsel lineages looked top-heavy to me.
  16. Two pink coastal dragons with bad tempers? Interesting release theme.
  17. AAAH I WON, what a fortunate occurrence after frustratingly just missing last month's entry period. 3rd place Western! I can't wait to breed it. Those of you who've won CBs, did you influence it? Mine is precogged male and I'm not sure if I want to make him female or let nature take its course.
  18. What?? It's not August yet. How misleading.
  19. Crossposting from the raffle thread since I figure I should ask a mod. Edit: I've been informed that the August raffle started today. I'd strongly suggest updating the raffle's wording to indicate that the last day of the month doesn't count. Right now it says "On the last day of the month, winners will be drawn from all entries" but that made me assume the drawing occurs at midnight between the two months since, well, a digital raffle doesn't require a full day to draw winners.
  20. Didn't mean to post this, please ignore :'D
  21. Does anyone know if there's a delay with updating your raffle requirements? I got the 3 dragons just in time, and they grew up last night. Thought I made it, but my raffle page won't let me enter. Double checked and they are all from the coast. Thought maybe pygmies didn't count, but one was western and it still says 0/3. One Pyralspite and two Kovos pygmies. ._.
  22. Really hope this isn't a wall 'fix.' Glad it sounds like the AP is intended to go back to normal.
  23. I have a CB Pyro Xenowyrm, a CB Cheese, and a CB Black Truffle (are uncommons actually worth anything?). I initially planned on trying to trade the xeno for a CB Blusang Lindwyrm (or maybe a copper), but I'm not sure if it's too little with just the xeno, or too much if I add in the cheese. Are a CB xenowyrm and a cheese worth a blusang, or could I get more? Would adding the truffle affect the lot's value at all?
  24. Is there a thread or list anywhere with general trading values? Like if a CB X is equivalent in value to a CB Y. Edit: Thanks! Shame there's no rough guide, I guess I'll just keep observing to get a better feel for it.