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  1. For what it's worth, I totally prefer the new look. Long lineages in particular are FAR easier to read and trace, and the different segments of messy lineages are beautifully separated, so now they don't even look messy, just patternless. I don't think the readability of different styles of planned lineages suffers at all, and the brackets make parental pairs much clearer than a bunch of boxes smooshed together did. Personally the spaciness of short lineages doesn't bother me, I don't think it's too spaced at all. I can see why some miss the really compact lineages that used to be formed from short names, but I think it makes it clearer to read. As for long names without spaces being too long and being broken into two lines, making the text size for those names smaller is the best solution I can think of, but it might disrupt the look of the other names. And I don't support making the text size of every name smaller, because I have poor eyesight and text can be difficult to read as it is. Automatic hyphenation could be an option (like in books), but that wouldn't look much better than it does now. You could also consider expanding the horizontal space between generations, but if people already think it's too open, that might not go over well. Instead of having to change the URL to see the old style (which would get annoying), or not seeing it at all, why not have an option in the account settings page? You can already choose things like how many dragons you see on a page, the site theme, and other cosmetic things, so this wouldn't seem unreasonable. It's really not much different from a theme. @Odeen: I would love it if the generation was stated on the dragon's page. It could just be in a line below the "View Lineage" link, or after it, like "View Lineage (6th generation)."
  2. The female's got a slight hue shift, slightly higher-contrast shading, and a softer and less coarse texture to her fur. The male has more tucked and fluffy elbows and some more definition around the ears, nape, and back. They're pretty slight changes, but they do look nicer!
  3. I've got one of each, and two of the two-headeds because they seem a bit rarer. I can't wait for everyone to hatch, I wish I logged on yesterday but this will have to do! Edit: Sylph, on the current release page on the wiki it shows all of the sprites, and which group they correspond to.
  4. There's so much new content that I won't even bother commenting on it all individually. All I can say is that I love it all! In particular, I really need to get killing for those beautiful new zombies, and the new biome art is gorgeous, convenient (because you can easily tell where you are), and makes hunting more enjoyable. On one hand I'm very excited to have so many new and returning breeds, but on the other hand I can't get a pair of each before getting egglocked! Hopefully the flood will last a good few days. All in all, a spectacular tenth birthday! Thank you!
  5. I think that with lack of interest considered, 1-4 eggs per month would be applicable to both dragons. Both have the potential to produce 4 eggs, but they won't always do so. Unless Celestials have the same chance to not have interest as normal dragons do, which could get pretty rough. It's probably too early to determine how well they'll breed, they seem to be doing fine now, but it could be the ratios. Edit: Congrats, Nightwalkerkey!
  6. So my first just grew, and I bred her. I only got one egg. She also returned to incorporeal form after breeding and cannot be corporealized again for 28 days. NotBambi: I know, I just meant that four eggs can still be produced per month. Though apparently it's 1-4. I wonder if they always only produce one Celestial egg, or if that's just a coincidence so far?
  7. Multiclutches are fun, I'm glad. So considering the length of the cooldown (I assume it's the same as the hatchlings'), they'll be able to reproduce at the same rate as any other dragon, just in bursts instead. It'll be interesting to watch lineages change. Like stars blinking in and out, heh. Edit: Wait, if you corporealized, why is the sprite incorporeal? Does breeding reset it?
  8. Oh wow, it looks like they and the turpentines were made for each other. And I still love this. The incorporeal form is trickier, I think it's difficult to work with such pale dragons because any darker colors just dominate the lineage with the site's pale background. I like the Aegises best so far. I put a few other things into AoND when TJ's were still incorporeal, they looked cute with Sweetlings.
  9. Ooh, I love them even more now. These guys are really great, I can't wait for mine to start growing up so I can breed them. I'm having fun with names in the meantime. By some amazing chance, half of mine have gendered and they're all female so far. Good thing there will probably be a lot of swapping going on. By the way, for those who are having trouble catching them, I have a lot of luck with the desert.
  10. Ooh, they look beautiful in this form too! I love those chin stripes. (Spoiler for adult form) I thought this would look lovely and it does. On one hand it's too bad that this form probably won't last very long, but on the other hand, I'm glad they'll be in that wonderful starry form most of the time.
  11. I kind of like the chin, it's unique. The blockiness makes them look like great chunks of ice.
  12. Oh, he looks like a little ice sculpture. ;u; I was going to freeze an S1 and S2, but now that we know they'll be breedable after all I think I'm going to wait. My little S1 will just have to play by itself for now.
  13. Woah, these guys are gorgeous. I love how they look like the embodiment of a constellation, and with the brightest star right at their heart. I can't wait until ours grow up and we can see what their corporeal form looks like. Very glad I have a good few. Personally I'm very fond of slender dragons, but I certainly don't mind a big, powerful beast like these every now and then. <3 I'm liking that bulky ribcage.
  14. I'm probably going to breed these guys with the Antareans. They're both otherwordly and it seems like the colors will complement each other very well, perfect match. Also, in case anyone's having trouble I have the easiest time catching them in the desert. People are grabbing the Antareans that are dropping there so it's moving pretty quickly, but there aren't a lot of people. Last time I checked a lot of Celestials (or whatever they are) were dropping there.
  15. I thought I heard that the hatchlings switch between the two colors? Or was that just TJ manipulating them? If not, does anyone know if they stay that color when you freeze them?
  16. Oh wow, that's a big hatchling. These things are so cool, I love them already. Since they're not breedable, I'm getting a bunch so I can freeze a couple. I wonder if the prank is that they're normal dragons after all.
  17. Ooh, these are so cool! I'm interested in seeing what will happen with them, I hope they're real.
  18. Woo, got them all! I'm looking forward to seeing the artist credits, as always the spritework on some was very well-done. I think my favorite is the terrarium, I love those itty bitty plants. The little chicken on the egg is very cute, too. But the ones for the new Fire Emblem games make me wish I had the time/money to play them, haha.
  19. I love the evolution and terrarium ones!
  20. Edit: Sorry about that! Here are the holiday parents: http://dragcave.net/progeny/aqY9 http://dragcave.net/progeny/DNHr http://dragcave.net/progeny/UDBpA http://dragcave.net/progeny/e6C2Y http://dragcave.net/progeny/7mK9q http://dragcave.net/progeny/hQYCz http://dragcave.net/progeny/NqWN0 http://dragcave.net/progeny/POcOL http://dragcave.net/progeny/OUkd http://dragcave.net/progeny/gjLv6 http://dragcave.net/progeny/WWbgx http://dragcave.net/progeny/gA13x http://dragcave.net/progeny/RD4Dq http://dragcave.net/progeny/1ybIu http://dragcave.net/progeny/mssju http://dragcave.net/progeny/OyZzo http://dragcave.net/progeny/r9akA Will continue to edit as I breed more, I'm just keeping track so I can easily check later to see if I did provide mates. <3 Edit: That should be all of my CB holidays. I don't have decent mates for the vast majority of my bred ones, so I guess I'm done.
  21. About the name talk, they're quite shiny and rich in color, like a cut gemstone. So even if the color isn't quite typical of a common sapphire (they're a bright teal for me too), they very much remind me of jewels. I think it's quite fitting in that way. But then again, something like "jewel dragon" would have worked too.
  22. Since it's very sudden and extreme, and almost no other dragons are dropping in the desert, I'm pretty sure this was intentional. I can't imagine these guys becoming notable caveblockers even if they end up being common, it seems like they're very popular and loved.
  23. Lovely reference, I was looking forward to that! And I forgot to mention it when the first ones grew, but the shading on the sprite is absolutely gorgeous, so vivid and deep and detailed. Definitely among the best-colored dragons on the site. I also love the idea of a dragon singing like a bird.
  24. Woah, that was an amazing drop, I still managed to miss every single one I clicked though. |D Edit: And another beautiful drop, and I got carried away. I'll probably AP the extras in a few hours.