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  1. Oh, so the Thelassians are new? I thought I was just being daft earlier and missed them. They're cool! I hope to learn more about their home and culture.
  2. He'll be in the same section of the map he started in, you don't have to go wandering all over the land. So just keep looking in that one area, and look for his wings or tail sticking out. He's been behind pillars and roofs in addition to trees.
  3. Code red! Bord isn't hiding in the same place he was last time! Crystals, move the square over the furniture and hit spacebar/enter. A little menu should appear.
  4. It seems the rugs going over other items has been fixed, bless you guys! And say, I wonder if that's how Magis always do their teleporting... "Alright little hatchling, just walk onto that teleporter." What frauds. xP Edit: Oooh, I have to redo all quests but the post office! I'm actually very happy, since now I get more stuff and I already know where the quests are and how to do them. Edit again: Wait, no, I have to do that one too. Does anyone know what the book is?
  5. Patch's sprite is so cool~. I found him earlier and loved him, I'm glad he got a little spotlight.
  6. Do you mean the logs? Those are walls. And you can move the default bed and dresser just like any other item, and if you return them to your inventory you can even place as many as you want like the other items.
  7. If you haven't fixed it yet, I'd like to see a screenshot of that mishap.
  8. Speaking of the dogs, I hope we get a quest involving them. Those face sprites are too gorgeous to not get more use out of.
  9. There are five quests at the moment. Look back in the thread for more information on them.
  10. TJ should probably just change it to "Click here to reset your location" and make it look like a hyperlink at this point, lots of people keep getting confused about it.
  11. What makes you think that? Just the prancing posture?
  12. Accidentally bred the wrong dragons... ''|D I wanted to breed the father of this egg to this female, but apparently I had too many dragon's pages open and was hasty... Hopefully someone will get some nice frozen hatchies out of those eggs, ha.
  13. Oooh, exciting! So I guess the items are just being distributed in random order? I'll try to avoid spoilers, then. And I hate to break it to you, but the Magi is a plushie, it's not alive. I'm pretending they're cute little hatchies taking board in those bunk beds, though. Thanks very much LaHaine, that map will be useful!
  14. Woo, I've finished decorating~. I had very many freezes, items seemingly randomly not wanting to be placed next to certain walls, items going underneath rugs, items randomly warping to other items' locations when I try to move them, items randomly warping after I refresh, and one time when I clicked on the pencil I was teleported outside my house. What an adventure. |D But I really like the fact that we can toggle some items and that you can place as many of a certain item as you want, I'm looking forward to tomorrow's items! If we get as many each day as we did today, I'm going to be wishing I had more rooms. At least if not, we won't have to spend so much time finding the quests. But if there's one thing I want, it's for rugs to be permanently beneath all other items, that would open up so many options. I stitched a picture of my house! Linked for spoilers.
  15. I'm pretty sure that's just shading on a single eye. Look at it zoomed it.
  16. Look for a young Gold dragon near the center of Alhira. He should be on some grey brick around a small planted area.
  17. My goodness, this decorating is buggy... @_@ Still though, I love decorating and the items are really nice. It's just taking a long time and a lot of refreshes. I wish there was a reliable way to move items above or below each other. And that it could be possible to put a rug in the center of either side room rather than it being asymmetrical unless you cover the whole floor.
  18. Phew, I finally found Bord under that roof. I'm assuming he has just a few set spots (maybe even just those three) and randomly moves to one. I think I'm done with questing now, so it's time to decorate! So, a primarily white Western with a gold mane/frill and green eyes? I guess it's a bit early to form judgements, but I'm still excited about the color scheme. I'm also excited to see what other markings it gains when it grows, since I'm assuming it won't just be mostly white. My guess is ribbon-like stripes, just based on the egg. Hopefully the green will be more of the foliar hue of the egg than the seafoam color that the eyes currently are. Also, green and gold are interesting choices for a snow-based dragon, assuming the codes are telling. Come to think of it, isn't it unusual for a Western hatchling to already have premature wings? I hope that means the adult will have very large and prominent wings, I love big wings.
  19. They're in Nulhora, somewhere in the northwest if I recall correctly. In one of the wild areas there's an NPC who says something about a dragon who really likes cats, they're in that area.
  20. Is Bord actually visible on the map? Or do you have to interact with trees and such? He's a sneaky little fellow... Edit: Also, does resetting really undo your progress? Or will you keep the furniture from quests you've completed? I've gotten stuck, it seems. Edit again: Resetting does not undo all your progress, and you keep your furniture.
  21. So, is anyone else scaling roofs? xP Edit: Alhira is lovely, but is it supposed to be so slow? My movement speed (both walking and running) is about half what it was in Nulhora.
  22. Oooh, green and gold!! I'm so excited, this dragon has such a lovely color scheme!
  23. I'm so excited. I found the perfect mate for a dragon I already had. Napkins in the wind, anyone?
  24. Whoops, I just now realized there was a release. The hatchlings all look really great, I'm excited to see the adults. Especially that skinny little drake, it's very cute. The bumpy lustrous egg looks really cool too.