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  1. Oh the sabertooth bulls are such darlings. Sweet pudgy wittle baby. I want to eat roasted mushrooms with them.


    Wing anatomy on the spotted teal is so pleasing to look at. I want to see the full-spread wingspan!

  2. 29 minutes ago, Wolfs_Bane said:

    @cbussiere  I have nothing to offer for a pair of them sadly. ><:


    Also I just thought of something, how are people who get these from the market supposed to get the orange ones? You can't trade market eggs.



    I mean people are swapping cantormaria. Basically a bloodswap. So if you have one CB egg and want it orange, you can just exchange it for a different CB and both people end up with an orange.


    And I guess the market thing is just a consequence of the game no longer being possible to 100% in singleplayer.

  3. Is the Itus Cantormaris the first strictly multiplayer dragon? Can't think of anything else that's not obtainable solo. I'm glad the trading center exists now to help with that. Not sure if I hope teleport is the last in the BSA hierarchy or not, on one hand I'm wary of my swapped egg already being precogged, on the other hand it would be annoying to not be able to trade for any of the other morphs.


    v Right, I forgot :P. So the hierarchy goes other user's actions < teleport < your actions? That's good.

  4. I'm getting sky whale vibes from the cantomaris. Love the particle effects on the sprite, they're really gorgeous and flowy. I think sophos/precog is my favorite, closely followed by itus/teleport. And does the iratus imply that dragons resent being hatched early? XD


    The nobleshields are super cool, I love their giant tail hammers. Makes me think of something I could cut off in Monster Hunter lol.

  5. ^^Yeah... the release was a day old when I started trying. I've only just now gotten my second egg. Don't even see one most drops. I wonder if it's because everyone's looking for many to figure out the different forms, or because they're rarer than usual, or if we're just supremely unlucky, or a combination?


    Is anyone else waiting for TJ's to grow to touch theirs? :P I can't decide which color I like best.


  6. ^You lucky duck... xD They're all specific to one biome except the Staterae, which are very rare and found in all biomes.


    Anyway, they're so cheap in the market. Is this an act of mercy? :blink: I bought one of each, except the Aso which is the only one I've been able to catch in the wild. Wonder if they'll go up to the same price as the other Xenos later.


    Edit: I also must mention that when I was looking for dropped xenos in the AP, I picked up three black eggs. One alted! My lack of luck in catching wild xenos paid off. xD

  7. 1 minute ago, Kiwiana said:

    I am so tired to even see and immediately click on a mana (no matter which), just to have it taken by someone else already (with a better connection). DC is so frustrating in this, just as with the monthly raffle *sigh*. But trying to get the noodles and because of that realizing A GOLD and later A SILVER was nearby (which I haven't seen for ages) bothers me even more than not getting the noodles :P

    I think for my mood's sake I better give up and start on breeding^^


    I've missed two coppers, lol. But I feel it, to have my mouse poised right over an egg when I refresh and still have it taken by someone else is frustrating, when my old good computer would have almost guaranteed me the egg. ;w;

  8. Oh my god I'm in love with the Obidar. Major props to Birdz for coming up with so many different poses for simple serpent bodies.


    Release continues to be pessimistic. On day 3 of trying and I've successfully taken one single egg, an Aso. Seen maybe 4 flow eggs total. Normally I do pretty well even if I missed the initial drop, but I'm on a slow laptop with slow internet connection right now. 😕

  9. This is one of those releases that makes me wish drops lasted a little longer. Been trying for over 2 hours, seen only a handful of eggs and haven't caught one. x_x Good luck, everyone!


    How do you breed the flow egg, by the way? The wiki says they can be bred from xenos? Is it just a random chance like regular xeno breeding?