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  1. Epic! First time I got all of them on the same night!
  2. Honey Boo Boo, Toddlers and Tiaras, 16 and pregnant, Teen mom honestly needs to go. Also has to go? All those shows that glorify looking like skin and bones with boobs the size of your head. Same with shows that depict high school as only surviveable by the popular bimbos. Also saw an ad for some show a long time ago, making a comedy out of some dude with eating disorders. I could probably make a 20+ item list of why that show needed to die, with the top one being "making a joke out of a serious issue". Me nor a friend of mine take joking about any serious issue lightly.
  3. I typically keep my inbreds, but I have a naming system for them (All my inbreds have Desu in the name, as part of an in-joke with a friend), so that I know not to breed "gift" or "trade" dragons with them.
  4. My first vine was an alt So one try. My first black was normal, second one an alt. I guess I was lucky?
  5. "She killed me....jail her...."
  6. they're stubborn little buggers! Most of my eggs do fine on 3 fansites but these guys won't even crack!
  7. Managed to catch 2 of the new eggs, CB nonetheless, and I didn't need to hijack a different computer!
  8. MY GOD I ACTUALLY GRABBED 2! This is the first time I've ever accomplished something like this. AND they'll total 200 once they grow!
  9. I found the prettiest egg. I WANT IT HAVE IT PERMANANTLY
  10. Hehe too funny! That would be cool if it was a real site, I'll join it!
  11. I'm gonna take this with a grain of salt.
  12. that would be a great idea, and I've seen on other forums of this variety that had a small group of smilies in the box next to your posts, but then a link that said "more" below it, where you would get the full list. The Wiki already has the images, so you'd just have to get the images from there and code them
  13. It gendered male. Right now I might just start breeding some for trade fodder
  14. My black egg hatched alt. Right now I just hope it's male. if it genders female, I'll trade it for anything on my wish list
  15. My 2 winters bred but no egg. (to each other) 2 of my 3 springs bred, egg just hit AP (again to each other) My Autumn and Summer bred, no egg (again to each other) Bred my last spring with my CB thunder and they showed no interest. So maybe you have to breed springs with springs?
  16. right now I have a bred black egg. Right now I just hope it's male, cuz I need male black normal and alt
  17. ^Thanks for the offer, but I kinda don't have anything I wanna give up atm
  18. I'm in need of a male black alt. ANyone with one wanna send me one? XF Also in need of a male black normal, but will deal with that once everything evens out. Either way this is awesome.
  19. I have 2. An Adult named Cheese of Vash, and a frozen hatchie named Cheese of Erika. GL Guessing my inspiration for the names
  20. I am sitting here, with so much stuff to be done, yet all I'm doing os playing games on Facebook. WHY ARE THOSE LITTLE GAMES SO ADDICTING!?
  21. 32/38 Any plans for these particular eggs, spriters?
  22. I sort by rarity, with the occasional showcase at the top, with those that aren't defined, and my first dragon