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  1. I was eating cereal and watching family guy and peter mentioned some of the milk not being milk and that he was a horse breeder. I was very sad : (
  2. Getting shot : (, two bullets in my chest and one in my gut *cries*
  4. meh, I got a job with mine. I just try not to wear anything that the other people can see while I'm at work. You should try that, and once work is over you can put the peircings in.
  5. I have a few peircings. I don't usually wear ALL of them at once but, I'll have fun with them everynow and then. My parents lol'ed when they first saw them X D
  6. "For twenty buck huh?......OK! : D "
  7. Can you make me a banner for the little poem in my sig? That is if you have free space?
  8. awesome thanks. I love green dragons :3
  9. can I has a pebble/earth/green dragon?
  10. lol you should play the one you sang that is in my sig. That would be epic.
  11. I'd be the one to take you out too. I can't stand that song O.O
  12. Knowing my luck and how many accidents I've had with foods/drinks, it will probably be "I don't know what this is but, it tastes good."
  13. Alumentum


    LinkinPark.......is still
  14. ((Ok X ( I need another recap. Ima do a time skip this time if that's alright with you?))
  15. ((well then, I guess I'll just continue where I left off if that's ok? He was about to eat breakfast and what not))
  16. A ray of sunlight shined into Dreax's room. In an instant, the black, menacing fog dissapated and seemed to be absorbed by Dreax's body. This woke Dreax and, as the last bit of the black veil sunk into his body, the red glow in his eyes faded. Dreax streatched, yawned and rolled out of bed. He shuffled into the bathroom, turned on the light, and stared at his reflection in the mirror. It was so pathetic that he smiled at it and the proceeded to shower, brush his teeth and hair and gather his things. With his books and a few pencils and notebooks in his bag, he walked out of his room and sauntered down the, hall half asleep, to the caffeteria.
  17. After a about what seemed like an eternity of walking and boredom, Dreax noted that the sky outside was darkening. A sly smile spread across his face. Dreax followed the signs on the wall which led him up a flight of stairs as the sun was going down. 'DORMS' the final sign said. Shrugging, Dreax started opening random doors to see if people were in them. One room had several villians having a bit of a party. Another one had a few misfits. The third was empty, and again with a shrug, Dreax walked inside. The room was dark and had a bed, a dresser and a desk. It wasn't much but, who needed more? The infestation begins at sundown.... With a nod to himself, Dreax went back to the open door to scan the hall. Seeing no one around, he proceded to make sure that no one else would enter this room but, him.