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  1. Moved to Multimedia Fantrolls are cool I have fankids instead I'm terrible
  2. Merged with the full minecraft thread ~
  3. Cousin got me playing DragonVale and I am not patient enough for this lol. please add me I am desperate for gems
  4. changes post at the last minute because reasons.
  5. Popeye's chicken tenders. Mild, none of that spicy nonsense.
  6. Moved to Site Discussion~ Also, "wrath", not wraith. Latter is a kind of ghost, iirc.
  7. Whoa I'm actually here it's a miracle. :3 Let's see if I remember how to do this!
  8. Omg yes the freaking Crimson Sphere subplot was way more important and should have been in the main story. Totally agree with everything else (except the massage game COME ON THAT'S SO GREAT I don't get the hate for it I think it's hilarious whatever I'm weird), especially the NPC models. I don't think I ship anything non-canon in the FFX 'verse ha scratch that Auron/Rikku is a thing. Damn look at all this heteronormativity I think Baralai, Nooj, and Gippal were just ineffective? Like, they do the CS, then become leaders of the ~*shining hopeful new world*~ then completely screw that up by running off to fight, leaving the people they're supposed to be looking out for. The only group that doesn't fall into chaos is the Machine Faction, which can basically be attributed to them being Al Bhed (per the commsphere); also the Leblanc Syndicate, because ladies get stuff done.
  9. Coming from you, Fortune, that's kind of hilarious (<3) I liked Paine, and think it's sad she's usually only viewed as "the badass/stoic one". Lulu wouldn't have worked for a few reasons, I liked the role she played on Besaid.
  10. Well. That's a really stupid argument. The point of X was "change happens now". Breaking out of the spiral of death (the world is literally called Spira like did they miss the whole "stuck in death" thing or). X-2 was a realistic portrayal of the aftermath of such a huge shift: how some people don't like it and try to hold on to the old ways, how people take advantage of the unsettlement, how some people capitalize on it, how some people get left behind or eradicated, the reliance on military power to enforce peace/settle discontent, etc. Yes, it's a lot more humorous, but I don't see how that's a bad thing. And a lot of it is skippable if one isn't going for 100% completion. Issaru. Issaru, Issaru. Not wanting to be pulled between old ways and his own sense of justice again so completely avoiding the factions? Sure. Still wanting to be close to Zanarkand, to protect it, for spiritual reasons or out of respect? Sure. Growing out of Yevonite prejudice against Al Bhed enough to partner with Cid? Sure. Tacky quiz? Probably Cid's idea to bait people into buying the clues and I think maybe the English VA had. A little too much fun doing it? But if it made people entertained, why not? Also, I love Leblanc and will fight like hell for her. Sometimes it feels like a lot of X-2 hate is just misogyny, thinly-veiled or not.
  11. What's wrong with the plot/characterization?
  12. I feel really dumb for just noticing, but I like that Riku is /so/ FF and Kairi is /so/ Disney and Sora is this rlllllly great blend of the two like. /happysigh No PS3 for christmas but it's ok I don't have the money for anything anyway ha ha h a I'm still considering replaying 3D even though I don't have the time. Bad life choices. Yes this was an exercise in thread revival don't hurt me 8y
  13. Free! Iwatobi Swim Club No idea how much of that is the actual title (is it just Free! ? Is there supposed to be the exclamation point?). I fully blame tumblr for this, I just want to figure out who all these people are and such since I see so much on my dash. Same reason I watched AoT actually and that was meh. The manga might be more interesting but I don't have the patience/time for manga?
  14. 80% of my gifts can be categorized into FOOD and CLOTHES. I am totally cool with this because holiday has best food.
  15. Okay lol. I wasn't exactly keeping tabs on everything. I figured it was some kinda important since it got so much attention in the scene. And the whole deal I guess? I think I was wondering more why he was being controlled in the first place. I'm still sort of confused on that, even though I'm about halfway through D2 (getting the third huge materia). I'm shoehorning in Vincent and Tifa whenever I can. I think I literally only used Cait Sith in the one scripted battle or something.
  16. Every time I think about Peter Pan, I get a little angrier. Writers what the hell stop retconning you're only in the third season damn that wasn't even close to necessary. I want this Neverland arc done. Let's go back to Storybrooke so we can see what they'll pull out to let both Henry and Rumple live. "Undoing" being so immediately and repeatedly translated to "death" means that 100% it will not be about death like come on let's just get this ~!*mysterious plot mystery~!* over with. Or to the Enchanted Forest so we can see Mulan/Aurora/Philip/Robin remember those characters exist and have fresh and interesting arcs??? I'm still annoyed about Henry and consistency, even in the same scene. I keep switching from "aw yeah go Henry verbal smackdown you so genre-savvy" to "damn it why are you so stupid right this second you know better that's so transparent!" Once is becoming a show I love to hate, innit. :/
  17. On to Disc 2 wheee. Did I lose any Materia equipped to Aeris when Sephiroth killed her? I think I did. What was the one in her hair that took like five minutes to fall into the water? What is Cloud's DEAL with being mind controlled?? I want more of the optional characters but my brother that likes to watch me play insists I make Barret one of the party members all the time. And like, he's ok, but I want to hear more from the other people. But maybe not Cid, he's too...abrasive? for me. Maybe I'll replay later with different parties, the Materia system makes things pretty flexible even if I still don't really like it.
  18. Puzzle and Dragons is my favorite phone game. Had it a little under a year and still not bored with it. Also have Little Alchemy, which I plan on restarting next time I play, Flow Free, the free version of Fruit Ninja, and Final Fantasy Air Brigade, which is ok, but more a time killer with lots of ff references as opposed to a real ff-feeling game if that makes any sense).
  19. I changed it in Config but now I was sort of used to the backwards way so I accidentally switch them up sometimes whoops. I think I already lost the thread of the story and I'm still on disc 1 of 3 double whoops. Following a guide so I got all the side characters so far and I'm withholding judgement on them for now because some seem so popular and I'm like "????" but then, 1 of 3 so. ETA my brother also found the color changer a little while ago so I'm rocking a weird diagonal rainbow looking thing on the menus 8D
  20. Two semesters in college I volunteered at a local high school for about 4 hours a week and I really loved it. Wasn't allowed to interact with the kids, but I observed the teacher (who was super awesome) and graded papers and put them in the computer. She said I was one of the most reliable volunteers she'd seen and was really helpful. Even if it was busy work I really miss it.
  21. I'm playing 7 (finally) and oh my the crossdressing mission. (Cloud is canonically a super hot lady who fooled even Tifa so great) But screw the inconsistent button setups I'm so used to X=confirm/O=cancel and it's messing me up. Also don't like that you don't control when you limit break. And Materia seems really...inefficient? Maybe it's just because I'm at the beginning. Some of these dialogue options make Squall seem downright chipper though like damn.
  22. So are they not showing up orrr am I being ignored orr what because that's like 5 or 6 posts gone unreplied to ???
  23. Education is really terrible, at least in most of the US. There's still so many misconceptions about sex, like ways to prevent pregnancy or that someone can't get pregnant on the first time. Not to mention the extreme sexualization and objectification of female bodies in the US. Lots of pressure to have sex, from media to people who think it's a "right" and force partners or even casual acquaintances. People feel like they can't say no even if they don't want to, and rape is on a roll since it almost never gets punished. Implying the internet is always a reliable source of info and not filled with other misinformed people spouting word-of-mouth whatever. People are a lot more likely to ask people they trust about sensitive stuff like that, who might not know anything or might just spread more wrong information. Nobody wants to get caught googling sex stuff since it's embarrassing for messed up reasons. If you ask an adult, it's possible you get accused of having sex or you get written off as "just don't do it" or "you're not old enough" which is a whole lotta crap. That's awesome and I am jealous because I learned most everything from the internet too. (And a lot of it was wrong, but I think I got it right.) At 22 I've never been to a doctor for sexual health. I've never seen any magazine seriously address sexual advice for younger kids/teens aside from horror stories. (Even the adult magazines aren't much better) Oh man, yeah, that would never happen here. US so weird. Adults channels are all payperview, at least with our satellite. And there are legitimately people who would call child abuse on giving children/teens access to porn.
  24. I never got to play BBS or Coded though, so 2.5 would be good for me uvu Plus. Final Mix version/s. yee.