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  1. Jessseal2 Jessseal3 Not too shabby but I rarely need to look at the keyboard to type now anyways
  2. I've got a spreadsheet that seems to be functional!! Woo! I also have 5 eggs/hatchies out of 64 I need to get started! 2 of them could be a potential pair too, just hope they gender right!
  3. 22 here in the UK! Had a brief stint about 5 years ago, and only just got back into it - on the same account
  4. Thanks Ruby - having a look on the wiki now! Need to get a list together for the CBs I need! Got to find out the egg descriptions too! Got so much work ahead of me! I've got a vague idea on a naming system, but it's more for the 1st born males and females from each pair. I might go for roman numerals to mark the generations, and I'm getting a spreadsheet together too! I have too much fun with spreadsheets....
  5. Hello, Thought this would be the best place to go - I've not played in 5+ years and can't remember a thing! Apart from my logins surprisingly! Anywho, I restarted my scroll and I have an idea for a huge lineage project - involving 8 separate lineages that will eventually get combined. Shyeah - probably bit off more than I could chew. But I would like each lineage to be even gen, and to get to the 4th gen before I start combining them. I don't think I even attempted a lineage before - just bred and bred to my heart's content. So has anyone got any advice for starting off a lineage (or 8)? I've got the themes sorted for each lineage, but just need to decide on the breeds - I'm thinking checkerboard for some, which will be fun getting the gendering right. So ramble, ramble, ramble... This sounds like a lot of work already, so what's the best way you've found of organising lineages and keeping track of generations and inbreeding? (Would love to avoid inbreeding if possible!) Thaaanks!