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  1. There's nothing wrong with rewatching episodes, you know. :3
  2. Tee hee, just got Kila's squidy egg, so dragon_mando's mountain is the last for me. :3 Good luck to those still hunting!
  3. Ooh, I only have two more to go! I'm missing the SQUIDY egg and one more, I don't know which one. Thanks again to all the Spriters and TJ! This is so much fun. ETA: Oh, it's the mountain one by dragon_mando that's the other one I'm lacking. :3
  4. That seems to be a common trend. I said I was going to sleep, but I lied, even though I really need to. o3o I think I'm at 46/53 or somesuch.
  5. I don't... remember getting Layn's egg... o.O;; Weird. Well, I am half asleep. Anyway, at 44/53. I think I'll find one more, then off to sleep.
  6. Since yesterday was Easter.
  7. That... is really scary... o.o;; 28/53
  8. Nope, just the one basket. There's a border separating this years from last years. You can look at mine to see.
  9. I just saw a cheese, paper, and a gold in the same drop. I missed all of them, but when I missed the gold, I got another Easter egg.
  10. Just got back from some family Easter-ing and I'm ready to hunt! These are all so amazing, thanks spriters and TJ! 19/53 Phew, I have some work to do. ^.^;; ETA: 20/53. Just got the potato egg.
  11. I was just wondering, did the cave ever come back up since the routine maintenance at 3AM EST? Or has it just been down all this time?
  12. Well, I guess this is a good time to go to sleep, then. ^.^;; Hope the site comes back up soon and those hunting can get more eggs! See you guys later.
  13. Tee hee, my eighth egg is the chicken crossing the road. Are there any other animated ones?
  14. I think I found a page you can't find eggs on. The lineage pages. I was on that page because there's no room to scroll, but after a while with no egg, I clicked another page. Sure enough, the egg was there. To test it, I went back to the lineage page (without clicking the Easter egg) and it wasn't there.
  15. What I do is go to a smaller page that has less images and room to look. Like just a dragon's page or an egg's page. That way, the Easter egg is a LOT more obvious. Plus, the page loads faster.
  16. Ooh, just got my third egg. It is very pretty!
  17. Wishful thinking, but probably not. I think the reason is there may be a lot more eggs this year than there were last year.
  18. Man, I guess I'm getting a late start. ^.^ I only have one. Hibiscus egg. Also, I was wondering. I know there are different basket colors. Are there different adorable borders?
  19. Oh, fantastic! I kept checking the news to see when the hunt started. :3 The little border is ADORABLE! I'm looking forward to collecting the eggs, too.
  20. I like Heavina's design! You draw really well, too. I found the pony maker a long time ago and completely forgot about it! It's pretty cool. Here's my random pony. ^.^ ETA: And not random as in I hit the random button a lot (which is totally what I'm doing now).
  21. I figured I'd find this after seeing all the MLP sigs. :3 I've always loved MLP, but I never watched the old show. I had a few ponies that I had to get rid of as a child (broken or whatnot. D: ), but a few years ago, whenever someone asked me what I wanted for a birthday/Christmas gift, I would immediately say, "A purple pony!" just because I didn't know what I wanted. Eventually, my mom got me a purple MLP for my birthday (this was... at least five or six years ago.) So after that, I just changed to saying, "A pony!" anytime someone asked. Sure enough, next year, a friend got me another MLP. Hurrah. Then I bought a MLP coloring book for myself to practice coloring styles. I didn't even know about the new FiM until I saw someone post , a mashup of FiM clips and the audio from the Starcraft 2 trailer. AWESOME! Anyway, I've been hooked since then, and have gotten a friend of mine hooked as well. :3 Last episode I've seen, however, was Over a Barrel. I also have the Winter Wrap Up song STUCK in my HEAD...
  22. ^^ That is so creepy, I don't even know what else to say... There's an image I'm looking for that was in the old thread before the wipe. It was one of those images where it zooms in on a face, then everyone has the same face. I shoulda saved it... The face was a guy in the back of an audience, it looked like, and his eyes were SO WIDE. It was my favorite one. Help, please? ^.^;;
  23. Yeah, that book was a bit confusing. I didn't really like it all that much, either. I did like another book by that author, How to Ditch your Fairy. It's completely different, though. Reading the two books separately, I wouldn't have been able to tell they were written by the same woman.