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  1. *sigh* I did it again and stopped posting books as I finished them. >.< So I have a lot to post. Book Number: 28 Number Of Pages: 167 Book Title: Snakecharm Author: Amelia Atwater-Rhodes Rating: 4/5 Book Number: 29 Number Of Pages: 443 Book Title: Seize the Night Author: Dean Koontz Rating: 4/5 Book Number: 30 Number Of Pages: 183 Book Title: Falcondance Author: Amelia Atwater-Rhodes Rating: 4/5 Book Number: 31 Number Of Pages: 198 Book Title: Wolfcry Author: Amelia Atwater-Rhodes Rating: 4/5 Book Number: 32 Number Of Pages: 294 Book Title: Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Author: Ann Brashares Rating: 4/5 Book Number: 33 Number Of Pages: 263 Book Title: The Wee Free Men Author: Terry Pratchett Rating: 5/5 Book Number: 34 Number Of Pages: 278 Book Title: A Hat Full of Sky Author: Terry Pratchett Rating: 5/5 Book Number: 35 Number Of Pages: 446 Book Title: Wintersmith Author: Terry Pratchett Rating: 5/5
  2. AWESOME! This is fantastic, TJ! Thanks so much. :3
  3. His face... is kinda frightening in that animation. o.o;; But YES! It's getting closer and I'm so excited! *bounces around*
  4. I was thinking the "and more" would be another egg release. I mean, with all the new slots, why not give us something to fill them faster with?
  5. Aaaaah! This is so awesome! Can't wait for next Thursday. :3 Thanks TJ!
  6. I know this was in the old thread.
  7. ... Was that an actual commercial... like on the real station? o.O;;
  8. I think my favorite bit is that their ship is triangular... :3
  9. Still can't get my brother to watch it. Sadness. Even though a great deal of his friends (who have watched it) say that yeah, he'd like it. His excuse is that he has too many other shows to watch.
  10. Whoo, congrats on summoning! And the paper. Apparently, complaining about not catching one let me catch... three. I have two brights and one heavy. I also accidentally caught a Swallowtail and Fog in the process, but vamped and repulsed one so I had my slot back.
  11. Yeah, three fansites is a bit much, anyway. o.o; Sticking them in more won't make them hatch faster, just get sicker faster. The crimson hatchy looks a little familiar. All the hatchlings are cute, though! :3 If only I could catch one! D:
  12. Still haven't caught any of the new guys, but I've already seen some older eggs with the drops. D: By the way, I don't think I've ever seen the AP completely empty. o.o;;
  13. It is scary how fast an hour goes by when you're trying to catch new eggs in the cave. o.o;;
  14. Man, these are proving harder than normal to catch for me. Still, they're really awesome and I can't wait until they hatch. :3 Thanks TJ and spriters!
  15. Whaaaaat? Aw, man, I just meant to pop on before I went to bed. Now I have to try an' catch some new eggs. :3 And I saw TJ mention DC's birthday in some thread, but I didn't think anything of it. Happy Birthday, Dragcave!
  16. Oh yeah, definitely. You see her that one time, then poof, she's gone. But we see Celestia all the time. And I didn't mean seeing the elements every episode, especially since running around with something like that isn't practical. Just that it was weird that there was no mention of them after the pilot. Maybe Celestia has them on display somewhere... or something.
  17. I guess that makes sense. I just thought it was odd that we didn't see or hear about them at all.
  18. Well, one of my guy friends is still deciding on whether he likes it or not. And I recently went to a party where a vast majority of the people there are bronies, so that made me happy. :3 I started rewatching from the beginning and I was wondering, why don't they mention the Elements of Harmony necklaces/tiara again? I mean, we see them once and then they're gone and not mentioned. Or did they just mention them in another episode?
  19. I call myself a brony, even though I'm a chick. I've been trying to get a few male friends of mine to watch it, but they refuse. :3
  20. I had a dream a few nights ago where an internet friend of mine (whom I've never met) and I were at a big house with Samuel J. Jackson. o.o; For some reason, SLJ was trying to kill himself, so basically the whole dream involved me and my friend trying to prevent him from doing so. It was really weird. o.o;;
  21. And to top it all off, Spike was right! What's up with that?
  22. I think that episode sort of sucked, compared to some of the others. o.o;; One thing for sure, don't leave Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie by themselves. They have enough psycho between them for a whole herd. The beginning just made me think of Impossible from Roger and Hammerstein's Cinderella (song starts at 5:07). I know it was poking fun at Cinderella, but now that song is stuck in my head... which isn't a bad thing. :3 Speaking of R&H's Cinderella, I much rather the one from the 60s than the one with Brandy. I thought that one sucked... but then again, I grew up with that version, so. Rather, my mom grew up with it and always played it for me.
  23. I just watched Party of One as well. OMG, Pinkie be crazy! D: I laughed at the end shot of Gummy, though, gnawing on the balloon. :3 ETA: I read Cupcakes last night. o.o;;; It wasn't as bad as people made it out to be, definitely cringe-worthy... But you kinda have to think about the people who write this kind of stuff. I mean... wow.