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  1. Aaaahhh!! I really want to learn how to knit and/or crochet. I've been wanting to teach myself for a while, now. I just spent about an hour looking at patterns on Ravelry. I got a nifty idea for a gift for my boyfriend on Valentine's Day; if I can teach myself to knit, I found a simple pattern for hearts. :3 In any case, I've done some cross-stitching before and really loved it. Don't have any pictures, but I cross-stitched a poem and a pretty border onto a pillow. ^.^ I saw someone cross-stitch some of the DC dragons before, which also seemed pretty awesome. ETA: I also really wanted to start making felt softies after seeing patterns designed by the Shishi Girl on deviantArt. ^.^
  2. I just got Scribblenauts for the DS! Eeeheee ha haa haaaaa!!! <3 And just started playing Portal 2 on Ecks bawks. :3
  3. Phew, I am finished with college and the like... unless I decide to go back and learn more things... which is actually likely. I went to a college for two semesters in early childhood education... I decided that, though I love kids, teaching isn't for me, especially since there's a really strict program... I'm not good with following strict rules. ^.^;; After dropping out, I went to school for massage therapy. I finished and graduated in the summer of 2010, and I am now a licensed massage therapist. Whoo hoo!
  4. Oh gosh, I'm just now seeing this thread. Congrats to the winners and Happy New Year to all! May 2012 bring better things than 2011.
  5. ^ Very true. Gaaaaahh, mum annoys me so much when she stares over my shoulder. >.< And my contribution: http://www.safenow.org/ Caution signs and their possible interpretations. :3
  6. Omigosh! This dragon is so beautiful! It is so amazing! I am in love. <3 Amazing job, Earthgirl. ^.^
  7. Thanks for this thread. It has made me happy. ^.^
  8. Awww, the hatchlings look so cute! o3o <3 I can't wait to see them as adults. ^.^ Thanks again, TJ and spriters. Merry Christmas, DC! Now, I'm off to finally decorate my wreath. ^.^ ETA: HOLY CARP! Merry Christmas to me! I finally had a successful summon! Omigosh! *splodes from the happy*
  9. Holy carp! Merry Christmas, guys! Thanks, Teej and spriters. :3 I caught my two on my second and third try! My easiest seasonal catch yet. Good luck everyone and have a great holiday. ^.^
  10. Eee, I am excited! I'm also excited to see what wing-colors my boyfriend got on his Snow Angel. ^.^
  11. I can breed you one if you like. I haven't bred my second one yet.
  12. Some people try to Earthquake them to get them to hatch. Too impatient.
  13. I'm actually very surprised that the public library's computer is faster than my computer at home. Hopefully, I'll see another Holly. ^.^;;
  14. I've only seen one Holly in the AP, but since then, I've gotten on a faster computer. I've been able to joke-click other Christmas eggs, so I'm pretty hopeful if I see one, I can grab it. ^.^;;;
  15. Well, crap. I haven't seen any of the sixth season yet and managed to avoid spoilers until the Rory gif. D: It was funny, though. So, here's some HP spoilers!
  16. Hrm, so I'm scanning the last few pages but I was wondering; which is more common? I seem to be catching mostly blues, but I see some people catch mostly oranges.
  17. Wait, do webcomics actually count? Someone had posted them. o.o;; If so, I went through some serious archive binges recently. Would be great if they counted.
  18. Oh, thought of another horrible movie. Teeth. Big waste of time.
  19. Just read through this whole thread ('cause I'm bored) and was surprised Howard the Duck only got one mention. OMG, TERRIBLE. Interesting fact about it, though. It was produced by George Lucas, who was in debt and hoping this movie would help him get out of debt. Naturally, it bombed, and Lucas had to start selling bits of his company. One bit in particular eventually became Pixar. So, thanks to this terrible movie, Pixar came into creation. Anyway, more terrible movies. Basically ANY of the later Stevel Seagal movies. Ugh. I agree about Worlds Greatest Dad... terrible. I didn't like Dylan Dog. Timecop 2. My favorite part was seeing TJ Thyne (<3), who was just an extra. 6 Angels Burn After Reading Stepbrothers Left Behind There are probably other ones, but I can't think right now...
  20. If he changed his name to Rainbow Dash, I'm preeeetty sure he's gay.
  21. This is completely relevant. Even the Devil likes MLP.