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  1. Yeah, that's what TJ says in the first post.
  2. I love the alt text for this one: "Try this with your friends! If it doesn't work, it's because one of you didn't believe enough." Different webcomic fun:
  3. I just... saw a Rosebud egg in the AP. o.o Someone actually got them to breed?!
  4. Yeah, hopefully something can be done. ^.^;;; I wanted to gift my boyfriend some Vday eggies, especially the Rosebuds. I saw a couple of 09 eggs zooming by in the AP, but no other Valentines.
  5. I'm wondering that, too. I tried them first, before checking the forums, and both of mine bred one egg each of their mate. Shoulda just tried one. :/
  6. Yaaay! Valentine's Day! I'ma breed some V-day eggs for my boyfriend. <3 Also, ooohh, an event! Valentine's related, I hope. :3 Can't wait to see the new eggies. Thanks for the update, TJ. ^.^
  7. Still makes me laugh, every time I see it.
  8. Oh my goodness, the female wyverns are GORGEOUS! I love both of the dragons, male and female versions, but... wow... those golden females are so beautiful! I remember seeing the Royal Blues in the completed list a while back. Glad to see them in the cave, now. :3
  9. AWESOME! Now, to catch some. :3 Thanks TJ and spriters.
  10. I finally started knitting (using the Lion Brand videos and other internetty tips) and I'm making a simple scarf using the garter stitch. What I'm really excited to try, though, is this really cool free pattern I found for tiny heart plushies! I'm gonna knit up several (if my skills can improve that fast) for my boyfriend for Valentine's Day. ^.^ Here's the heart pattern if you're interested.
  11. Ah yes, I support. :3 I definitely like the idea of newest being on the top, as well.
  12. Man, last night, I had several dreams! The only one I can remember right now was my mom knocked me down and I fell into this giant bush... Some dude was talking at me and right above my face was this giant, red spider. Something happened, and the spider ended up falling on my, and I was trying not to freak out too much. o.o
  13. But... but... copypasta! I saw the "sweet" one and it reminded me of how I tend to mis-type/write sweet and sweat... so sometimes I have something like, "That tasted sweat!" ;p
  14. Ugh, MOM! You are destroying our relationship! I am not a little girl. I am twenty-three years old... Lay off.
  15. Yeah, I'd like it to be reopened as well. I was sort of finished with mine, though I wanted to change a few things. My boyfriend, however, wasn't able to decorate his wreath at all and is a bit jealous of mine. So, it would be awesome for the decorating to be open again. ^.^
  16. So many thoughts... I wish my boyfriend paid more attention to me than his xbox. I wish we had another controller so I could actually play xbox with him... I wish he were more forward and that we could have more "alone time" together, that he initiates... I wish I had more friends, more close ones. This is actually more wishing... but it's still current thoughts.... Bleh. I wish I had friends on DC so I didn't feel like such a creeper, floating around and posting in threads. ETA: Bleh, I hate feeling all emo. x.x
  17. I had a really huge file saved with lots and lots of quotes. Some were funny, some witty, some thought-provoking. ^.^ Oh! I also collect keychains.
  18. I know of girls that have used ace bandages and just wound them pretty tightly. Never EVER use duct tape, especially on bare skin. I've heard horror stories of people who have done that. >.< Always be careful with wrapping, though. If you wrap too tightly, you can restrict your breathing or even break ribs. I suggest you do some more reading, like on cosplay websites.
  19. Ah, right! I also have a massive collect of incense. I have well over 300 incense sticks in about 100 different scents. I also have a good bit of incense cones as well. ^.^ I also like to collect quotes. I have said for a long time that a perfect gift for me would be a book of quotes, but I've never gotten one, yet.
  20. I collect crystals and gemstones, stickers, unicorn figurines, bookmarks, and movie-ticket stubs. :3 I used to collect unsharpened pencils from everywhere I went. I sort of collect foreign coins. I've got a tiny little velvet bag with a bunch of coins in it. ^.^
  21. The holidays just aren't festive to me without eggnog! I love it so much. <3 And true, some brands are disgusting, but others get it done right. I've only had spiked eggnog once and wouldn't mind trying it again. :3