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  1. Yeah, the Minted eggs are safe to open. They just give en, though. They were supposed to give en and an item, but that wasn't fixed. Be careful! It still has the option to add to your collection, but it doesn't work. It just gets rid of that egg.


    And no word about the egg collections. ^.^

  2. Hi! biggrin.gif It is fun. ^.^ I mainly use the Zapper, though, which is also fun!


    Also, I haven't heard of the Faecat before. I WANT IT! So much. *grabby hands*

  3. *hops in* Ohai! I joined FelisFire sometime in February, I think. I... am... addicted! D: My boyfriend makes fun of me because of it. Last week or so, I unlocked the gencoder, so I've been playing with that. :3 Funtimes.


    It's being really slow to load, lately. *kicks the site*

  4. o hyes, thansk i see theres a divider between so there has been three of these i geuss

    Yeah, this is the third one. That's actually where the badges started. There was a bigger basket icon with the first Festival, but after Easter, people still wanted to be able to get to their pretty eggies. So, thus was born the badges. biggrin.gif

  5. its cool :3 well so last time i had this my account was banned (after the event and not from the event xd.pngD) so i was wondering if i did have my other account (and in genoral) does the eggs from last years batch and this years all go in the same basket (combind?) probably right? im just making sure

    You mean all the eggs from each Festival on one page? Yeah. You can look at my scroll and see. ^.^

  6. I did something similar to Nuwame last night. I was going around, breeding a bunch of my dragons and lost track to how many eggs I had bred. I get to my golds and think, "Eh, why not? They haven't given me a gold in years."


    Sure enough, I got a gold egg... but I was egg locked. D:

  7. This is awesome and hilarious. Happy April Fools! biggrin.gif


    Also, I noticed something. I have my Leetle Tree linking in my profile on another forum. There, it shows up as the broccoli, but if I click it or look at it from my scroll, it's the regular spring tree.

  8. Got my two and the past valentine dragons I got finally grew up! Quick question though, why does it say that they last bred tomorrow?

    So you can't breed them until next year. ^.^;;


    I got two eggies for me and two for my boyfriend, so I'm heading off to bed! Happy hunting, everyone, with joy and random Valentine's. <3