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  1. Ah, the DC Wiki says that there's a rumor (read: not proven! Don't quote me on this. ) that they may be able to breed with Vamps come Halloween because the spriter of the vamps said there were plans for them.
  2. Maybe they smell so bad, vamps don't wanna bite them? ^.^ The adults are pretty! They look a little familiar (I lurk the completed thread every once in a while). Can't wait until mine grow up.
  3. Haa! That is so fantastic. I can't get two of them, though. :/
  4. Ooooh! *wriggles around* I can't wait to see the adults! Grow, hatchies! GROW! >
  5. Tribes can be fun. The one I'm in is a land tribe and all the people in it are really friendly and nice. We talk a lot and help each other out. We really do have a lot of fun together. ^.^
  6. Yeah, there are moments of crazy-lag. Not now, though. Of course, there aren't many people on, so. ^.^ Hurrah, I convinced a friend of mine to join the tribe I'm in!
  7. Hurrah, my little guys are hatching! *pokes at them* Best of luck to those still hunting. :3
  8. I'm not really good at naming, myself. ^.^;; For when they get injured from fighting, Navani Leaves cure them of that. They're found easily enough, or sold for 10 en in the main shop. I've been having trouble getting on FF all day, though.
  9. Warg, why am I still awake? I'm locked and can't catch any more. Best of luck to those still hunting! Can't wait to see what these hatch into. ^.^ G'night, everyone.
  10. Doya know which these are, then? :3
  11. One technique a lot of players use is to turn off Java and images for your browser when hunting. It helps the pages load faster.
  12. I was trying that technique and it wasn't working for me. All the taps slowed it down. x.x Then I started click, alt+back, refresh, click. rinse, repeat. Got four eggs.
  13. Saw my first drop but missed all of them because my computer is being super laggy lately.
  14. The number of eggs. If there's dimorphism in adults, there are three eggs. If adults and s2 hatchlings, there are four eggs. 'd!
  15. Heh, figures there'd be a new drop when I let my guard down. ^.^ Luckily, there's been enough time between my last eggs getting caught and now, and that they were all ridiculously common ones I wasn't sad to part with. Now to snag some of these new ones! They look kinda like the Pac Man Easter Egg from last year. o.o Thanks TJ and spriters! *runs off to catch eggs*
  16. Oh, man! Give me your luck on making ladies! My cats bred me an omni before a chick, but I still get more guys than gals. You can either leave the meat in there and the cats will automatically eat what they need, or you can extract the excess and put in in clan coffers or even try to sell it. I generally never have to fill my nest coffer because they go off and hunt! I currently have this: Colony Coffer: 418/82. Crazy cats. ^.^ Another good technique is to clear the gathering area of all the items except an R10 or R20. Finish or quit that gathering session, but remember where that item is. On the next gathering session, start with that spot, then go nuts and try to spam the area to get any rare items. That's one of my techniques. ^.^;;
  17. Winter is so pretty! No, not an Easter thing, though if it happened when the eggs were still catchable, it was AWESOME!
  18. Oh, I love Sunny Days! They're so awesome. Oh wow, congrats on so many kits! I've had twins a few times, but never triplets. Your BS must be going up pretty fast. :3
  19. Try gathering a lot when you get the "Sunny Day" notification. It gives you fifty chances to gather per gathering session, usually for a whole twenty-four hours. :3 I used to get it all the time when I was new, but I haven't gotten it lately. That's generally how I did most of my gathering. Other than that, when you gather, just make sure you have enough energy to gather all the scrap items. There's no way you can really avoid it.
  20. I try to at least put 200 en in the bank every day. Then I use the rest for whatever, or save it up for the next day's 200. Your first kitties are pretty, Pillow!
  21. Right, but you should save a few until you get the hang on the game. I mistake I made. T.T I made my cats all at once and I wish I hadn't. Ah, well. Welcome to FelisFire! I'm sneakyDragon (#8691) on there. You can drop me a line and I can help any way I can. ^.^
  22. They're actually one of the eggs I have the most of. Besides the Bulb eggs. x.x
  23. Also the Ink eggs... whatever they were called... They have the Midnight Butterflies. I collected a lot of those (and the Albino eggs) because I love the markings they have. :3
  24. It gives the Ball Python marking. <3 It probably has a wild tom daddy. But that is pretty weird. o.o
  25. That's pretty cool. I haven't had the courage to use Belljuice on any of my babies. ^.^;; Though I did use Shuckbuddies once and turned a Feli into an Igneo. I was hoping for Xano or Iuridon, since I haven't had an Iuri yet. Buuut, he looked pretty cool as an Igneo, so I left him.