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  1. I donated a li'l! biggrin.gif


    But yeah, it would be nice to see a donation bar.


    ETA: Also, holy crap! I didn't know I was so close to 1000 dragons until I saw my siggy! I haven't posted on the forums in a while. o.o

  2. Haaa, I woulda said Gnosis, but that's one of my all-time favorite markings. <3


    And congrats on the Shuckbuddies! I don't have much luck with those. :/

  3. Man, I haven't posted in this thread in a while. Anywhere on DC, actually. o.o


    Anyway, I'm holding a raffle for a full set of the Easter Eggs. biggrin.gif Tickets are Balloon Berries, Eyun Creeping Vines, and Aloe Leaves.


    Handy link is here!

  4. Hurrah, new eggs! Happy birthday, Dragon Cave! biggrin.gif


    Too bad the warm egg is a hybrid with Spitfires. :/ I've been working on an ultra inbred thing with them, so all of the Spitfires I have are related to each other. xd.png I'll have to get another CB one before I start working on getting the new eggie.


    I guess this is a way to make the Spitfires less crazy common than they are. ^.^

    Off to hunt the other two eggs!

  5. Gosh, how do you get so many wild toms? xd.png


    To detach a minipet, click on the kitty that has it. Below their image is the name of the minipet. Click on that link, and it'll bring you to a new page. Somewhere near the bottom will be the option to detach. ^.^

  6. Wow, Winter, you catch some pretty wild cats. :3


    And congrats on the pretty tiger, Rai! biggrin.gif I like the tiger stripes showing over the belly markings. :3

  7. Give 'em time. ^.^


    As for sacrificing kitties, right now, it doesn't do anything (except sacrifice the kitty! sad.gif ) but eventually, more will happen with that. I actually haven't sacrificed any cats yet. I loves them too much! <3

  8. It really depends. If they're pretty, you can use them for their DNA. If they have a high hunting score, they can go hunting for you. Or you can revitalize them and have them breed again. *shrugs*


    I really like T-Rex! I like Warpaint, but I've never liked the "fang" markings it gives. I never thought to try to cover it with another marking. xd.png


    Also, I ended up getting five minipets from hunting for the Easter eggs. I think I ran into minipets maybe... eight times and ended up with those five.

  9. I think I found three Anomalous and was given one or something... No! It was from that newspost where Knife said the first some-number to post got one. biggrin.gif I happened to be online when the post popped up. ^.^ I only have two unopened left.

  10. Wow... o.o Yeah, 200 en is very cheap for a lady, no matter how ugly she is. xd.png Not saying yours are ugly, but I've never seen a female for sale for that low a price.


    Every day to get en, I do Alonya's Quest, Kyber Crafting, Luck and Timing (I got an orb from that, once! biggrin.gif) and Eggdoku. When I'm bored, I play Edgy Eggs. :3 And posting gives en, too.

  11. I only have one referral as well. ^.^ I'm glad I didn't get any more before the new prizes went up. biggrin.gif


    And yeah, with shops, you have to pretty much constantly check other people's prices and go lower than theirs. Plus, even after you put yours priced lower, it's always possible someone will come after you and price theirs lower. You have to keep on top of that. ^.^;


    I don't think I even have a Chetae yet. I finally got an Iuri, but that's only 'cause I bought one from a cryo sale.

  12. Awww, Kiwi is adorable! o3o Pretty good looking wild.


    I guess it would help if I posted more on these forums. ^.^; Or throw FF links around Facebook. I have a few friends that are addicted to random games, maybe they'd join.


    The site actually doesn't seem laggy to me at all. Watch, now that I've said that, it'll lag me to death. xd.png