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  1. I didn't know Kila posted them, but I saw when someone else did.


    Eeeh, thankfully I was preoccupied when the spoiler pick was posted. ^.^;;

    ETA: Someone posted a picture of the adult sprites.


    Waah, I'm unlocked again! ::hugs her newly grown up red:: Plus a new, unused Incubate! xd.png

  2. Yep.

    Glad I didn't try it, then. ^.^;;


    I'm floating around EAtW ('cause I like clearing the fogged/dead/frozen/adult ones. :3 ) and I see loads of nebulas, and very few of the others.

  3. WHAT?!?


    A dead one already? *sniffles*

    Probably someone who used EQ to hatch their other eggies. Otherwise, that's really odd...


    Speaking of EQ, if you have fogged eggs, does it have a chance of killing them as well? o.o;

  4. welp, im off to play wow a bit :3

    (maybe xd.png)

    in hopes itll keep me entertained enough to NOT want to abandon anyhting for more eggys >.>

    Hey. I'm going distract myself with s'more Doctor Who! :3


    I don't want to abandon any of my little babies. >.< I mean, I do, but I don't...

  5. Ha! Just desserts for poisoning our cake tongue.gif

    Well, at least during my fighting with my mouselessness and restarting the computer, I missed seeing the adult sprites. Even though I remember what the BBW looks like. :3


    ::unpoisons the cake and hands some to everyone::

  6. *Invites you to the locked party* xd.png

    Muahahaaa! Unfortunately, the cake is poisoned and all their dragons will be MINE! MUAHAHAHAAAA~!


    Wait... did I just say that? :3

  7. I remember that Male BBWs looke dawesome, if they were males, so...



    *debates influencing* Eeeek.

    Yeah, I remember the males being awesome, too. I love their pose. biggrin.gif


    ::waves at Gil:: Welcome to the Mayhem. :3

  8. I'm really scared, I might get locked any minute now. D:

    My gold egg is about to hatch, and I already have three other hatchies; My first Thuwed Dorkface, A stripe, (I happen to LOVE stripes) and my sunrise hatchling, who hasn't grown up in the past three days. My sunrise had already gendered yesterday, and he has almost 9,000 views, (No DBZ reference intended) which is more than ANY of my dragons in my whole entire scroll.



    Fog your gold so it doesn't hatch yet.


    *EDIT* ninja.gif'd

  9. Ah no, sorry, typo.

    1 BBW.

    2 nebula, 1 BBW and i'm mainly after a sunsong.

    It's 6:30am for me and my brains like: nuuuu.


    I'm probably not fit to give information at this time.

    Hopefully you've slept, right? Right?!


    That's crazy to stay up that late... though I've done it. xd.png

  10. Is this going to be like when the canopy, limestone and electric came out for a couple of days of just the new eggs or is today the only free for all before it goes back to normal? blink.gif

    I hope the cave keeps dropping only these for a few days at least. xd.png

  11. hell fire, nebula, bright breasted, and a purple sun wyrm thing jeru made ohmy.gif

    I don't remember the hell fire and the last one, but I LOVE the bright breasted and want it so baaad. ::paces s'more::


    Gragh, I want to unlock.

  12. What's EQ??

    I'll probably be ninja'd, but it's the pebble/green's BSA of earthquake, having a chance to hatch your eggs early or kill them.


    ::paces s'more:: I want the eggs! They're so pretty. D:

  13. Of course, of course I have to be locked right now... And I don't want to give them up, not even my pink one. >.<


    The eggs look so awesome, though! Ugh! I want them. ::paces::

  14. When I was seventeen, one of my friends discovered that my brother and I hadn't seen it yet, so she sat us down and put it on. We really liked it, but I can't see anything to do with the movie without saying "DAVID BOWIE'S PACKAGE!" My brother called the Bog of Eternal Stench the "Swamp of the Quivering Sphincters." xd.png He's two years older than me.


    Another friend of mine had watched it when he was a kid and he said the fieries (SP?) gave him nightmares. ^.^;