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  1. I've been away from this thread for a while. So, it is confirmed that there are 38 different eggs?


    Does anyone know if anything happens to them or whatnot? Will we always have them? ^.^;;

    Sorry if I'm repeating questions already asked. >.<

  2. Pfft, I think I'll catch two more, then go to sleep. I promised my mom I'd go to sleep hours ago. >.< It's after four o'clock! D:


    My favorites in my own basket so far are the first one (blue and purple pretty) and the blue one with the butterfly. I really want the one that looks like a bubble. xd.png

  3. And I thought I was too old for easter egg hunting.

    xd.png We're going to my grandparents' for Easter and when all the kids were younger (me, my brother, and our cousins), we would do an Easter egg hunt.


    I jokingly asked my dad if we were gunna have a hunt this year and he was like, "You're twenty-one years old! Grow up."


    At least now, I get to hunt eggs. ^.^

  4. Wow, that`s an amazing thing for Easter! Thank you TJ!


    But I could only find 2 eggs so far. Where are all of them?

    I timed it, and they seem to pop up in random spots all over DC every eleven minutes. biggrin.gif


    I want the swan one, too. ^.^

  5. Yeah, there's definitely a time thing. I was opening my dragons in different tabs and when I started clicking through them, like ten pages had the same egg in different spots, but after clicking all of them, I only got one egg.


    This is really cool! Thanks, TJ. ^.^


    Happy Easter! biggrin.gif

  6. OK, somebody take a break from squeeeing and tell me, WHERE are you seeing the new hatchies???

    Front page of this thread.



    @Mustangs: A few have actually grown up already. o.o;;

  7. I'm entirely too excited about these sprites hatching. :3


    I should be in bed right now! I missed my chance at watching my nightly Doctor Who because I was here chatting with you guys and playing around with Eggs Around the World.

  8. adult male and female

    s2 male and female



    ninja.gif 'd

    Haaa, sorry.


    No more WoW for you? :3


    *EDIT* Another hatchie! ::dance::

  9. Is it odd that TJ has four of each egg? Normally he only gets three; male, female, and S2. Hmm..

    There's probably a male and female s2 sprite. :3


    ::dances:: Aw, the cute hatchy!

  10. "This egg radiates the heat of a fell flame."


    Should "fell" be "hell"?

    Nope. As mentioned earlier, "fell flame" is an archaic way of saying "hell fire."


    Oooh, ninja.gif'd.