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  1. How???

    There's thinking dirty thoughts and keeping them to yourself, or laughing about it and just acting stupid.


    In a way, it's similar to if someone wrongs you and you think, "GAH, I COULD KILL THEM!!" but not actually taking any action.

  2. I quickly get sick of people's minds always in the gutter. Can't anyone just have a decent conversation without someone being so bloody immature???

    Having your mind in the gutter and being immature about it are two different things.

  3. In the scene were Jareth is juggling his balls it isn't David doing it. He has a professional juggler behind him doing it or him.




    That sounds wrong...

    I was going to say that! :: pouts::


    I was -2 years old when it came out. o.O;; My brother was born that year, though! biggrin.gif

  4. Looked quickly and found that yes, the cover and main are are done by two different people. The covers are done by Kouyu Shurei and the manga art is done by Chris Lie.

  5. "When Bowie was 15 years old, his friend, George Underwood, wearing a ring on his finger, punched him in the left eye during a fight over a girl. Bowie was forced to stay out of school for eight months so that doctors could conduct operations to repair his potentially blinded eye.[18][19] Doctors could not fully repair the damage, leaving his pupil permanently dilated. As a result of the injury, Bowie has faulty depth perception. Bowie has stated that although he can see with his injured eye, his colour vision was mostly lost and a brownish tone is constantly present. Each iris has the same blue colour, but since the pupil of the injured eye is wide open, the hue of that eye is commonly mistaken to be different." From Wikipedia. That's kinda cool, I didn't know all of that. I knew it was from a fight, though.


    user posted image


    Haaaa, face.

  6. I have an itty tattoo (a little larger than a quarter) on the inside of my left wrist. It's a pawprint.




    Sort of a generic pawprint. The print itself looks closest to a wolf pawprint without the claws. I picked it because I love animals and most of my favorite animals happen to have paws. I do like cats more than dogs, though. o.o;


    Oh, and by the way, mine hurt like hell. T.T My brother had gotten a tattoo a week earlier and he was like, "Oh, it felt like angry mosquitoes." Pfft! Mosquitoes my butt! Felt more like a whole hive of angry bees. Thank goodness mine was so small and took probably all of thirty-forty minutes to finish. >.< But that spot is pretty painful.


    I'm mulling over getting another one. >.>

  7. Haa, cool! I was just checking on my dragons and saw the tiny basket and then I was like, "What the heck is that thing?! To the forums for answers!"


    And so I am here. ^.^


    Thanks, TJ. That's pretty cool.

  8. It's one of my favourites, along with 'Magic Dance' and 'Within You'.


    Maybe it's because I am a big softy at heart (pfft), but it's because those are the songs where Jareth reveals how he feels about sarah.

    Those two would have to be my favorites. I really love "Within You," because he's so sad at losing her. I love very emotional music.


    Oh, I really like "Underground," too. xd.png

    "It's only forever,

    Not long at all."

    Such a great line!

  9. RD Jareth more or less invites himself into Sarah's house (pretending to be the guy who wrote her favourite play), starts going through her parent's alcohol and then begins to hit on her.


    He gets worse at the end, actually taking her to his bedroom blink.gif

    Wow, that's uh... pretty bad, actually. o.o;


    I don't like "As the World Falls Down" that much. I love the scene, but I never really liked the song.

  10. I got 18, only 20 short. Did not get the one I wanted, but I got a few others I wanted. They are all pritty. Off to a shower and bed. Falling asleep in class is bad!

    Nah, man! Sleeping in class is fun. I'd always have weird/cool dreams whenever I slept in class. xd.png It wasn't until my junior year of high school that I ever slept in class, though. Aside from the obligatory nap times in kindergarten.


    And then I slept in a college class once... the professor was so boring! In was a bit auditorium, though.

  11. Why are we talking more about fetuses and babies and getting preggy?

    Well, the Easter celebration was originally a fertility celebration. That's one of the reason eggs are a symbol of Easter. :3


    I heard from a spriter that nothing will hatch from the eggs, but we will get to keep them.

  12. damn, the one day I don't sign into dragon cave because I was with my stupid family.


    Oh well, at least they are still around tomorrow. I know SOMEBODDDYY who is skipping school tomorrow! cool.giflaugh.gifninja.gif

    xd.png Skipping school just to hang out here?


    I think it's sad you have school the day after Easter. Pfft.


    34/38! biggrin.gif