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  1. Funtimes! I kept checking to see. I checked the forums maybe twenty minutes before the event went up!

    Then I was just cruising through the AP and did a double-take when I saw the Christmas eggs.


    I'm excited about the snow fighting and stuff! Thanks, TJ and helping staff. Also, more thanks for egg limit lift?! Whaaaat.


    Happy Holidays, everyone.

  2. When I first caught it, the blackhole/golden egg was my favorite. Now it kinda annoys me. xd.png

    'Cause I wanna keep watching the transformation, not stare at a pretty dolphin.

    That being said, I really love most of the eggs this year. I don't dislike any of them, either. laugh.gif

  3. Oh haa, thanks Shaydra. *goes fix that*


    They'll be an official news post with the Haunted Swamp info and such. Last Knife said, they're working on it and he hopes it'll be finished for October/Halloween, but doesn't know for sure yet. There will be some Halloween marking items, though. o3o

  4. Yaaay, new release! And eee, I know what the briny ones are! *wriggles around excitedly* I've been wanting them in the cave for a while, now! biggrin.gif

    *goes hunting for eggs*


    Thanks TJ and spriters! And good luck to those hunting! :3