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  1. Oh yeah, definitely excited to see the spriter's alts. ^.^
  2. Oh my gosh, they're gorgeous! And I love the description. Thanks for the extra info, Infinis. Congrats, Infinis and Birdz.
  3. Holy crap, that's one of the most beautiful dragons on here! Wow.
  4. Wow, a lot of these are so awesome! My fort looks very sparse in comparison. I'm building up more snow so I can deck it out and make it all pretty.
  5. I see that at level 25, there's no more "x experience until next level," but is the highest amount of experience really 98? That's weird that it's not 100 for max experience or something.
  6. Funtimes! I kept checking to see. I checked the forums maybe twenty minutes before the event went up! Then I was just cruising through the AP and did a double-take when I saw the Christmas eggs. I'm excited about the snow fighting and stuff! Thanks, TJ and helping staff. Also, more thanks for egg limit lift?! Whaaaat. Happy Holidays, everyone.
  7. Huzzah, I got my seven. And holy crap, these eggs are gorgeous! I'm so excited to see the hatchlings and grown dragons. Thanks TJ and spriters! And Happy Halloween, everyone!
  8. Just bred all my Marrows and threw them to the AP. :3
  9. Seems that way. Maybe there'll be a different result tomorrow. Kinda like how the fortune says to come back tomorrow for a different one. *shrugs*
  10. It's not a different message, just the one before you get to the graveyard. Exiting the maze right there brings you to the graveyard.
  11. I'm kind of sad that the maze is so small. But this event is lovely! I really like the art. ^.^
  12. Wow, seven new guys? That's crazy. I'm hoping at least one (or two) will be breed only so we can catch multiples.
  13. When I first caught it, the blackhole/golden egg was my favorite. Now it kinda annoys me. 'Cause I wanna keep watching the transformation, not stare at a pretty dolphin. That being said, I really love most of the eggs this year. I don't dislike any of them, either.
  14. Yaay, got my two. Happy Valentine's Day. Anyone else having trouble sending the flowers, though? :c
  15. I don't care what color they are, I just want them to be pretty. ^.^
  16. I've bred all my Valentines dragons so far, except for one Rosebud and my Heartseekers. Can't think of good mates for them. :/ Any suggestions?
  17. For some reason, I've never gotten a Blue Stripe. I figured I'd try tonight. OMG, I bred one! ... and then I read the message. I was egg-locked, so it auto-abandoned. D:
  18. Holy crap, those eggs are GORGEOUS! Thanks TJ and spriters. ^.^ Murry Chrissy Moose, everyone!
  19. Eeee, a release on my birthday! And holy crap, I think I recognize these eggs! If I'm right, I've wanted these for a while, now! *excite!* Thanks, TJ! And spriters, of course. ^.^
  20. Oh haa, thanks Shaydra. *goes fix that* They'll be an official news post with the Haunted Swamp info and such. Last Knife said, they're working on it and he hopes it'll be finished for October/Halloween, but doesn't know for sure yet. There will be some Halloween marking items, though. o3o
  21. Man, I kinda stopped coming to the DC forums entirely. ^.^; Felisfire has taken over my internet-life!
  22. Yaaay, new release! And eee, I know what the briny ones are! *wriggles around excitedly* I've been wanting them in the cave for a while, now! *goes hunting for eggs* Thanks TJ and spriters! And good luck to those hunting! :3
  23. I keep refreshing the cave, hoping it'll go into maintenance mode.